My Favorite Online Freebies

In case you missed them earlier, here are some of my favorite freebies. Some are new. Others have been around a while but I’ve just recently discovered:

Free – If you’re buying something online, go here to see if you can get the shipping for free. They have a huge selection of stores.

Free Photo Editing – – I love this online photo editor. I use it for most of the pictures on Prime Time Money. No download required and their basic (free) tools are great for making average pictures look great.

Free High-Interest Online Savings – – For two-thirds of the year I promoted that other online savings account. Over the past few months though, FNBO Direct has come on strong as my favorite high-interest online savings account. How could I not like these guys? They have the best rate, they were voted best in online savings, and they’re giving me $5,000.

Free Budgeting – I use Mint to track all of my spending, savings, and debt. While I don’t use it to budget in the full sense, I go there to see the complete picture of our financial situation. I’ve used Bank of America’s Portfolio for similar purposes in the past, but Mint is just plain easier to use and better to look at. I also love Quicken for download-able budget software.

Free Tax Filing – This past year I actually paid for a TurboTax CD. A waste. I could have done everything using the free online software at There you can complete and print your 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ for free.

Free Books– My Local Library – Sorry, had to go offline here. Nothing online touches the convenience of my local library for free books. Not to mention they have movies, CDs, and internet access, all for free.

Free Credit – This is still the only true way to check all three of your credit reports for free. I love it.

Free Phone Calls – I used skype for free computer-to-computer video calls a ton this fall while travelling for business.

Did I miss a freebie? Share it in the comments below?

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  1. I just wrote a piece on It’s a free alternative to MS Office.

    I heard a lot of praise for GIMP which an open source alternative to Photoshop.

    As for the Library, you didn’t really go offline. My library offers some e-books/audiobooks online. And I use their online interface to put books on reserve. I still have to pick them up but I can get books from other locations.

    I love Picnik for quick photo editing. If I’m doing more I prefer to use Google’s Picassa (also free).You can clean up pics pretty easily without getting too technical.

  2. Great list!! I’ll definitely check these out!

    Mint is stinking INCREDIBLE!

  3. Christine from TurboTax here. In case you weren’t already aware, we do have a free federal version of our online product as well. You can find it at if you’d like to check it out.
    -Christine Morrison, TurboTax