Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money

Kevin Trudeau Free Money

Check out Trudeau’s new book.

Have you seen the late night infomercials featuring Kevin Trudeau’s new book Free Money “They” Don’t Want You to Know About?

If you think you’ve seen Kevin before, you would be right. He’s been doing the late night infomercial thing for quite some time. He’s probably most famous for his book on natural cures. A book that got him into a lot of legal trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau does not appear to have the kind of past you would hope for in someone giving you financial advice. A quick glance at his page on Wikipedia will show you all you need to know about this former criminal.

Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money Reviews

From the reviews I can find on the web, this book, Free Money, appears to be a rehash of information you can find already for free. The “free money” Kevin is talking about is mostly unclaimed money.

Jason from One Money Design put together a great list of the unclaimed money sites in his recent post on where to find missing money. The book also touches on government grants.

You can go sort through all the available government grants at right now.

Just before he released Free Money, Kevin published Debt Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Dough Roller did an excellent review of Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures and his past.

Basically, DR points out that the book itself isn’t bad, it’s the sales tactics around the book that consumers find troubling. To avoid these sales tricks, just buy the book at Amazon instead. But know that you could probably dig around the Interwebs and find the same info on your own.

There are no secret cures. I won’t tack on much to what DR said, but I will share this video I found about Trudeau. It’s a piece John Stossel put together for ABC News.

Did you read Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money? What did you think?

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