5 Ways to Catch Up on ABC’s Lost for Free

I have a confession. I’ve recently become obsessed with the TV series Lost. I tried watching an episode or two in the past, but just could get into it. It’s really one of those shows you had to be watching from the start to appreciate.

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago ABC started running the previous week’s episode an hour before the new show (I watch TV for free…I get ABC over the air via antenna). And they included sub-titles to give you some context about what was going on. That was enough to get me hooked.

I love this show. It’s got everthing you could want: action, sci-fi, drama, mystery, romance, and a bit of comedy. And it’s got a story that just gets you hooked. Bill Carter, television reporter of The New York Times, defined Lost as “the show with perhaps the most compelling continuing story line in television history”.

So, I figured if I was going to watch this final season, I better get cracking on the 1st five so I could have watched them all by the time this one finished. That gives me around 5 weeks to watch over 80 episodes that I haven’t seen. My wife jokes that she’s lost me to the Island. 🙂

I could have just ordered the Lost: The Complete Collection [on Blu-ray]. But that would have cost me almost $200, and it’s not available till August 2010. Instead here’s five methods I could use to catch up on the TV show Lost right now, for free:

ABC.com – You have to do some digging around, but right now you can watch all the old episodes here. I did this for a few episodes but the commercials and small screen eventually got to me.

Hulu.com – Same as ABC. Just different commercials, I believe. The “dim the lights” feature is pretty slick.

Library DVD Rental – If watching on a computer isn’t your thing and you’ve got that nice flat screen TV you need to put to use, just grab the DVDs at the library. I visited my local library last week and found that they had the complete season sets for seasons 1-3. More ways libraries can help you save.

Borrow from a Lostie – If you have a friend or relative that is such a fan of the show that they bought the DVDs then you can ask to borrow from them.

5. Find it in Syndication – It appears that Lost is currently in syndication on G4TV in the U.S. and on the Space Channel in Canada. If you’ve got a Tivo, I’m sure you could quickly catch up on the shows this way.

Netflix – While this isn’t a free method, some friends suggested it as a place to watch them all pretty quickly. You can get the DVDs through Netflix or watch them all commercial-free online with your access at Netlfix.com. Now that I think more about it, you could actually sign up for the Netflix 2 week free membership and cancel once you’re done watching Lost.

Are you hooked on Lost? Did you give up after the first season? Let me here from you if you’re just as obsessed as me.

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  1. Mrs. PT says:

    the first step is admitting you have a problem…i’m just saying…

  2. I am just as obsessed with it! I got hooked sometime last summer and watched all 5 seasons on Hulu. I’m currently enjoying the final season and hoping some of the greatest mysteries are answered!

  3. Good to know that it keeps you hooked through all the seasons, Lakita. I’m not sure how I feel about getting to know the “others”.

  4. I’ve been watching Lost from the start and am still hooked. One of the seasons got kinda draggy (3?), but it got better the next year.

    This season is very good and starting to bring it all together.

  5. My wife and I got hooked on it last year after we discovered it on Hulu. We actually watched a couple of seasons that first weekend we discovered it.. we were obsessed. We’re now all caught up – although i must say i prefer watching a whole season all at once!

  6. I can’t stop watching the damn show! I would also recommend EW online – they have some guy that recaps each episode (when I say recap I mean they are 10 pages and go DEEP into the story).

    It isn’t the same as watching it, but they are amazing to read

  7. Thanks man. I’ll have to check that site out.

  8. Jason @ One Money Design says:

    PT, thanks for mentioning my current series. Oh yes, Lost is awesome! I’m sorry to report to you that I’ve watched every episode from all seasons. But, I’ve thought about going back to watch them again. Maybe someday. I think you should take the next 2 weeks off and work 40 hours each week watching the episodes. In 2 weeks time you’re caught up (this isn’t even including weekend time). You can then get back to work and kick off a post series about what Lost has to do with personal finance (?). But then again, you might just end up getting people lost.