PTM 016 – Working Multiple Part-Time Jobs with Joan Concilio and Adaptu

Part Time Money PodcastToday's podcast is brought to you by Adaptu, the free, online money management tool and community. They were kind enough to find someone in their community, Joan Concilio Otto, to be on the podcast. Joan is the online and community news editor at the York Daily Record. However, Joan has several part-time businesses and jobs. Not just one or two…five plus.

Joan was a pleasure to interview. She really shared some great entrepreneurial insights, and explains why it might make sense to hold down multiple money-making opportunities. Her list of gigs includes:

  • Freelance Project Manager and Virtual Assistant (which she does for Baker at Man vs. Debt)
  • Weight Watchers Leader and Receptionist
  • Amazon Used Book Seller
  • Mary Kay Independent Senior Beauty Consultant
  • Freelance Web Design

Visit Joan's website for links to her many online pursuits.

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Some of the things Joan and I discuss include:

  • Why hold down multiple part-time gigs?
  • Her financial battles and how she's overcoming them.
  • How to become a Mary Kay consultant.
  • How to turn $500 worth of books into $8,000
  • How she makes time for all of this and her family.

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  1. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    Thanks Philip and Joan for a great podcast!

  2. Thanks, PT! It was really a pleasure to talk with you!

    • Philip Taylor says:

      Joan, it was great having you on. You were the perfect guest…a true part-time hustler living the life you love and improving your finances.