Disadvantages (and Advantages) of Getting a Part-Time Job

Disadvantages and Advantages of Getting a Part-Time Job - Do You Love It?

What are you doing with your “other eight hours”? Taking on a part-time job on the nights and weekends certainly has a few drawbacks (time away from family, more work and stress, etc.).

But I think they have more benefits than drawbacks. And they have huge potential to create a better life as well. Let’s first look at the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of a Part-Time Job

Here are some reasons to skip the part-time job:

1. It Will Take Most of Your Free Time

If you’re fitting this part-time job into your nights and weekend then your employer might want as much of that as you can give. That leaves little room for other things.

For instance, if you work a full-time job during the day and a part-time job on the weekends, you will probably have very little time to do your normal fun activities or rest up. And you’re definitely going to have less time to spend with friends/family or chase hobbies, like golf.

But if this is a temporary thing then you might not mind this that much.

2. You Lose Your Work-life Balance

It’s going to be a bit overwhelming at times and you’re going to lose any semblance of work/life balance. It will be all work, all the time.

For example, if you are working long hours and have little time to rest, you may feel burnt out and may not have the energy to engage in activities outside of work.

Of course, if you love the work, this might not be that big of a deal.

3. You’ll Be Tired and Stressed

It’s natural for your body to go through a bit of fatigue or stress due to this increased work load. Your physical and mental health will be challenged more.

For instance, if you take on a part-time job, you might not have time to work out, and your eating choices may suffer because you’re choosing convenience over healthy options.

Finally, the additional stress of working at two jobs like this may lead to some issues with your relationships, your concentration and memory, and a general increased risk of developing physical health problems.

Advantages of a Part-Time Job

Let’s look at some reasons to love the part-time job:

1. You Create Income Security

On the surface level, when you pick up a part-time job or start a business, you are going to bring in some extra money, and more importantly, have another “source” of income.

If you were to lose your primary job, then you’d have the new part-time thing to prop you up for a bit. Simple diversification.

2. You Create Extra Money for Faster Financial Freedom

If your spending stays the same after you take on the new part-time opportunity, then you’ll obviously have more money to throw at debt and savings.

We’re a perfect example of this. In the past three years, Mrs. PT and I successfully paid off our student loans from college, our car loans, and we’ve saved up a solid amount in our retirement accounts.

We did this all while Mrs. PT went back to school and made the transition to being a stay-at-home Mom.

Had I not started my part-time business, I’m confident we would still be in debt, and our savings wouldn’t be on track.

3. You Become a Producer vs a Consumer

This is probably my favorite thing about a part-time gig. Your focus shifts from consuming to producing. With an idle eight hours of time in our day it’s easy focus on consuming. Even if you’re not out consuming financially, you’re consuming too much entertainment, too much food, etc.

A part-time gig (especially a part-time business) really creates a mindset shift that I think ultimately leads you to be in a better financial position.

So even if your part-time gig isn’t producing real money (e.g. a purely creative pursuit), it’s keeping you from living a life where you’re a slave to things and stuff.

4. You Build Skills for Tomorrow

Lastly, a part-time job is going to help you develop the skills you’ll need for tomorrow. You’ve heard the saying, “always be learning”. Having something part-time is a learning experience that will benefit you down the road.

Even a simple part-time retail job can be a stepping stone to something greater. Take the example of Cheri Bourdo, a long-time employee of Cousins Subs. She recently opened a store of her own.

“Bourdo, a Wisconsin native, has worked with Cousins Subs for nearly 26 years: she started out as a member of the Cousins Subs work crew and worked her way up to supervisor, where she oversaw operations for several different Cousins Subs locations. As a working single mother, Cousins Subs put Bourdo through college and when the time was right, she decided to purchase her own franchise. Bourdo plans to keep the Cousins Subs tradition within the family with her son managing the new store.”

What a great example of someone making the most of a part-time, seemingly “throw-away” retail job.

Think about your free time and what you could be doing on a part-time basis to help improve your financial situation.

Need some ideas? Be sure to check out the Part-Time Money podcast and our post covering part-time jobs with benefits.

Resource: Part-time job search engine

If you have a part-time job, what do you love about it?

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  1. I actually have both. A part-time gig and a business. I definitely love both since they provide me with an amazing sense of flexibility.

  2. Avatar Kylie Ofiu (Aspiring Millionaire) says:

    Love your 4 reasons and agree with Krantcents, my part time gigs keeps me from spending money.

    Working part time for me has meant I can bring in income for the family, without taking away from our family time and it has meant when my husband had hardly any work this year, I was able to increase my efforts to help get us through.

  3. Avatar cashflowmantra says:

    The part time work that I do blogging keeps my mind active and engaged rather than waste time watching television.

  4. Avatar krantcents says:

    Staying busy with a part time gig keeps you from spending money. I started blogging about a year ago and thoroughly enjoy it. It is an opportunity to influence lots of people and interact with them too.

  5. Avatar Briana @ 20 and Engaged says:

    Right now I’m working on making my attempts of entrepreneurship from part time to full time. I enjoy it because it allows me flexibility in doing other things and running other errands.

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