Viewing other people's money profiles and success stories can be very interesting and a great way to motivate yourself to better handle your finances.  Check out these real-life examples of people on their way to Millions:

The Complete List of CNN Money’s Millionaires in the Making – It took me a while, but I tracked down every single one of the CNN Money Millionaire in the Making profiles online and have assembled them by publish date.  Browse through this Prime Time Money exclusive!

Facts, statistics, trends, and favorites from the CNN Money MITM Series – After compiling the complete list above, the nerd in me took over and I decided to do a short study on the statistics and trends of the group as a whole.  Check this out for further insight into what it takes to make your million.

CNN Money’s Extreme Savers & Tycoons in the Making – CNN Money has also created two other sets of online profiles based on people they consider “extreme savers” (people who live frugally) and “tycoons in the making” (future real estate tycoons).

Other MITM Profiles/Series’ (not CNN Money) – While doing my research I stumbled upon several other millionaire-type profiles online.  Visit this page to see that list.