My Experience with Life Line Screening: Fast, Informative, and Cost-Efficient

Disclosure: Life Line Screening is an advertiser of mine, and they have compensated me for creating this content. However, I want to emphasize that the opinions expressed in this blog post are entirely my own. With that said, let me share my firsthand experience with Life Line Screening, starting from the moment I signed up through their website at

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Life Line Screening is a provider of preventive health screenings designed to detect potential health issues early on. With a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health, Life Line Screening offers a range of non-invasive and painless screenings, including ultrasound tests, EKGs, and blood screenings.

Their screening packages cover various areas such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, cholesterol levels, and more. By making these screenings easily accessible and providing prompt results, Life Line Screening aims to equip individuals with valuable health information and promote proactive health management.

My Experience with Life Line Screening

Registration and Scheduling:

On June 21, I registered for Life Line Screening through their website. I was impressed by the ease of navigation and the intuitive interface. The website allowed me to choose a convenient time and location for my screening. I opted for a location only 20 minutes away from my home and found an available slot for the next day, June 22, at 11:45 AM.

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What Did I Get? The Screening Package:

I opted for the Vascular Screening package along with the “6 for Life” package. This comprehensive screening package included three ultrasound screenings, an EKG (not conducted on the day of my screening), cholesterol and diabetes blood screenings, and a BMI screening.

The price for this package was initially quoted at $218, but upon reviewing the website, I noticed that the Primary Screening, which I believe corresponds to my chosen package minus one screening, is listed at $159.

If you use my affiliate link to sign up, it includes five screenings for $149, so it’s less expensive and has an extra screening.

Appointment Confirmation and Preparatory Information:

Shortly after signing up, I received an email confirming my appointment. The email contained a pre-screening questionnaire, which I promptly completed. Life Line Screening also provided links to instructions for preparing for the screening, an informative article about what to expect, and directions to the screening location.

Arrival and Screening Process:

Following the provided guidelines, I abstained from eating for eight hours before the screening. On the designated day, I arrived at the screening location, which happened to be a church is a rural area.

After checking in at the front desk, I was asked to wait until my turn. The waiting time was around 30 minutes, after which I was called back to begin the screenings.

The Screening Procedures:

I was escorted to a curtained-off area where I laid down on a table. A Life Line medical professional performed the screenings, which included a series of ultrasound tests and an EKG. However, due to a delay in equipment availability, the EKG was not conducted on the day of my screening.

After the initial screenings, I was directed back to the waiting area until the medical professional was ready for the blood testing.

A simple finger prick provided the necessary blood samples, and I received the results almost immediately. I experienced no pain or discomfort.

Results Notification:

Life Line Screening impressed me with the efficiency of delivering my official result notification. On June 28, just six days after my screening, I received an email containing the detailed results of the tests I had taken.

Results and Comparison:

Considering my personal health situation, I wasn’t surprised by the screening results (see my dashboard below). The tests indicated no immediate concerns with my arteries. I do, however, need to lose a few pounds, which was no surprise to me.

In July, I visited my general doctor and shared the results of my Life Line Screening. He poured over them quite a while.

While my doctor confirmed that the results looked good, he still recommended doing his own blood work, citing potential differences between in-person testing machines and lab results (which his clinic has access to).

A few weeks later I went to my doctors lab and did the bloodwork. Thankfully, it also came back normal and my doctor was able to provide positive feedback through our portal.

No issues, like with the Life Line bloodwork results.

Cost Comparison: Life Line vs Doctor’s Lab

It’s hard to make an apples to apples comparison between Life Line Screening vs cobbling together a bunch of other tests.

For instance, I looked through my medical bills and before insurance discounts, my doctor’s bloodwork and analysis cost $245.

I did not receive an EKG or ultrasound from my doctor so I’m not sure how much that would have cost me. But it’s got to be in the range of $200 to $500.

The bottom line is that you’re saving a significant amount by using Line Line Screening vs trying to go through your doctor and paying cash for these procedures.

My Overall Satisfaction and Positive Experience:

In conclusion, I’m pleased with the service and experience I had with Life Line Screening. The appointment process was simple and convenient, with minimal waiting time on-site. The medical professionals were courteous and accommodating throughout the screenings.

Most importantly, the results were delivered promptly, enabling me to take proactive steps toward my health. While I did not undergo the EKG due to equipment availability, the overall experience was positive.

What Others Say About Life Line Screening:

Life Line Screening has received a range of reviews from customers, and opinions vary. Some customers have expressed satisfaction with their experience, highlighting the convenience of scheduling appointments, the professionalism of the medical staff, and the prompt delivery of results. These positive reviews often mention the peace of mind that comes from early detection and the ability to take proactive measures for their health.

However, it’s important to note that there have also been mixed reviews and occasional negative feedback. Some customers have raised concerns about pricing, the accuracy of test results, or the recommendation of additional testing by healthcare professionals following Life Line Screening.

As with any service, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research and consider individual circumstances before making decisions about preventive screenings. It’s also recommended to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice and interpretation of test results.

Opinions among doctors regarding Life Line Screening are varied. While some healthcare professionals acknowledge the potential benefits of preventive screenings for certain individuals, others express concerns or reservations.


Life Line Screening provided me with a fast, convenient, and informative screening experience. From the straightforward registration process to the prompt result notification, the company demonstrated professionalism and efficiency.

While each individual’s experience may vary, I believe that my positive encounter with Life Line Screening speaks to their commitment to helping individuals proactively manage their health.

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