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Part Time Money PodcastIn today’s episode of the Part-Time Money podcast, I speak with Steven Sashen of . We discuss how to start a shoe business. Steven stumbled upon a unique shoe product idea associated with a popular trend in the running world: barefoot running. Steven makes “invisible” running shoes based off of the traditional Mexican running sandals of the Tarahumara. Here’s what Steven had to say about his part time shoe business pursuit:

I started a side-biz on Nov 23, 2009 making “barefoot” sandals (at Actually, I have to back up. Id been making running sandals as a hobby. Then a coach suggested I do it “for real.” I pitched this idea to my wife, who totally shot it down. “Youre right,” I said to her. And I waited until she went to sleep and built a website 😉 We started making money right away. And then within 4 months, our “side” business became our full-time business! Now were about to do a retail expansion that should take us into the mid 7 figures within 12-18 months.

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Shoe Business Owner Steven SashenHere are the questions I ask Steven in the podcast:

  • Why did you want to start making part time money?
  • What made you choose shoes/sandals?
  • Describe the shoes for us.
  • How did you actually make the shoes?
  • Was there anyone else doing this?
  • How did you catch the wave or trend of barefoot running?
  • How did you make the shoe business take off?
  • How did you promote the business online? What sites did you use?
  • What did you build the site on? What about the e-commerce site?
  • How do you manufacture the shoe?
  • How much time did you spend on the shoe business?
  • How soon did you generate income?
  • What skills did you have going in?
  • What gave you the confidence to go into business on your own?
  • What about structuring the business? Did you formalize that?
  • I notice the site has a toll-free number? How do you handle customer service?
  • How are you supporting the culture in Mexico?
  • What mistakes have you made along the way?
  • How do you drive traffic to the site? Organic or Adwords?
  • Tell me about your call to action on the homepage?

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