Question of the Week: How Much Do You Spend on Auto Insurance? recently commissioned a study to find out what it costs to insure different vehicles. The results are pretty interesting. The least expensive vehicle to insure is the Mazda tribute at $1,070 annually. While the most expensive is the Porsche 911 at $2,940 annually. The study was based on:

“coverage of $300,000 for all injuries, coverage of $50,000 for property damage in an accident and a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage”

Here’s a graphic of the average auto insurance premiums for common vehicles:

Next week I’ll be looking into ways to lower your auto insurance premiums to make them more affordable.

My question today is simple:

How much do you spend on auto insurance premiums on a monthly, bi-annual, or annual basis?

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  1. MyFinancialObjectives says:

    $1172 a year for a 99 Ford Contour. I think it may be time to do a little shopping around…..I do have Geico…

  2. Money Funk says:

    My little ole’ 2005 Hyundai Accent costs me under $600 for full coverage liability insurance. Love Wawanesa. Awesome prices and customer service.

    Now that my son is almost hitting his driving age… I fear the day I call my insurance company to ask how much. *eeks*

  3. What is everyone’s threshold for dropping down to liability only on a car? I’m think it might be time on my 1999 F-150.

  4. We pay $1300 a year for four vehicles with liability coverage only. We also have two teenagers. We get credit for not having any accidents/losses; for being homeowners; for having multi-cars. I shopped around a couple of months ago and no one could come within $300 of our premium. Nice!

  5. We drive a 2001 Chrysler Cavalier. My husband had had his license revoked when he couldn’t pay a judgment against him. So now he’s on SR-22 insurance, but we have him as an occasional driver. So we pay about $340 every 6 months.

  6. We were doing full coverage on a 2004 Saturn Ion and 2001 Mazda 626 for around $1100. Now we have dropped comp and collision on just the Mazda and we are down around $800.

  7. Jason Unger says:

    We spend a ton less. For two cars (2008 scion and 1997 tercel) it’s about $1400 per year. It helps that the Tercel isn’t worth much, and that I work a home — so it doesn’t get used that often.

  8. @Ron – The study said minivans were the cheapest to insure.

  9. @KC – I would agree that those numbers in the chart seem high, even if you were to factor in multi-car discounts.

  10. $1700 per year for a 2008 Nissan Altima and a 2009 Nissa Frontier truck through esurance. We’ve had them for the last few years and have never had a problem. I even had a guy who wanted to sue me b/c I rearended him (going about 5 miles an hour on a parked freeway!) but esurance took care of it and my rates weren’t even raised. Yay! From the numbers you posted, some folks are getting ripped off!

  11. Before teenage drivers: $600 annually
    Post teenage drivers: $1,572 annually
    Cars: one 2005 Honda Odyssey Minivan (full coverage) and one 2001 Nissan Pathfinder (liability only)
    Discounts we take: multi-car, multi-line, good student, accredited 2 week driving course through the local college

    Adding a teenage driver hurts.

  12. We spend $1200 on 2 cars, a 1999 F-150 and a 2003 Honda Civic.

  13. We spend about $2400 per year for two vehicles: 2002 Dodge Ram 4 door pickup and a 2000 Dodge Stratus. We have a note on the Ram and the Stratus is paid for. Ends up about 97 per month for each vehicle. Full coverage. I’ve thought about lowering the coverage on the Stratus (my car; the truck is used by my husband for work), and that would drop our bill by about 50 per month, but my husband doesn’t want to, in case something were to happen.