Think You Can Pick Better Stocks Than Me in 2015? Join Me in the Grow Your Dough Throwdown 2.0

Important Note: 99% of my investing is boring, focused on retirement, and involves tax-advantaged accounts and low cost index funds. I love it! What you’ll read below is not part of that strategy and is just for fun and education – to show how easy it is to get started investing.

In 2014 I participated in the Grow Your Dough Challenge – a year long “investing” challenge with several other financial experts meant to raise awareness about investing. I made 33% on my investments using a single stock speculation strategy…and I won the challenge. Yay me!

Think you can beat that? Think you can beat me in 2015? Alright, give it a shot. The Grow Your Dough Throwdown is back – 2.0 style! Guess who’s up 13% on the year already? 🙂 You’ve got some catching up to do.

Grow Your Dough Throwndown Motif Leaderboard

The 2.0 challenge is being hosted by Motif Investing. They’ve given 20 financial experts $500 to invest with. Motif Investing is a bit of a different setup than regular discount brokerage investing (which I did through Capital One Investing last year).

A “motif” is a group of stocks focused around a trend or industry. You can invest in motifs that have been built by others, or you can create your own motifs of up to 30 stocks. The cost for each motif is $9.95 (no other fees to manage, etc.). So, you can invest in up to 30 stocks with Motif Investing for only $9.95. That’s a good deal! We’ll be sure to add a full review of Motif Investing to the site in the coming months.

For this challenge I’ll be investing the same way I did in 2014 – single stock picking using market signals found here. Therefore, my motifs will actually be made up of one single stock. Same strategy as 2014 – if the stock rises by 35% or loses 10% or neither for one month then I sell. From what I understand, trades within my motif will be $4.95 each.

My first pick of 2015 was Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EGRX). It’s up 13% as of the publishing of this post. It’s got 4 days left to improve to 35% or I’m selling it and starting up with a new stock.

Think you can hang with me? Want to join in on the fun? Open an account with Motif Investing and get started.

Bonus Offer: Motif will give you $150 to get started if you: fund the account with $2,000, do a motif trade within 45 days (if you do at least 1 trade you get $50; at least 3, $75; at least 5 and you’ll get $150).

Open an account with Motif Investing – $150 Bonus

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  1. This looks fun, I want to get involved.

  2. The Bearded Accountant says:

    I think that the disclaimer at the top of the article pretty much sums up what you said James. I don’t think there is anyone out there who actually does invest that would say single stock portfolios are great ideas. I think the bigger picture here is to try to get more people looking into investments and trying to understand how the process works. Many people are scared to invest because they do not truly understand the system. This type of challenge would give people an opportunity to dive into the markets and start to become familiar with some of the terms and processes and then hopefully give spark to the them wanting to learn more about investing and the proper ways to do so.

  3. James at Market Map says:

    A beginning premise to teach novice investors is that one should not drive their decisions through “excitement” / individual stock selections / “challenge” ( inciting limbic system changes and impulsivity ). yet, they should use a carefully disciplined risk mitigation and long term “time” return compounding approach. Utilizing an empirically tested tactical allocation process that allocates between a low fee investment vehicles ( ones that contain a universe of stocks that, over many decades, have proven return premia), cash equivalents, and intermediate term bonds, can alleviate the behavioral biases that crop up and create difficulty when trying to select and manage individual stocks.