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When the credit score was introduced more than 25 years ago, few thought it would have the impact that it does today.  As it stands, that three digit number controls a lot of your financial life and knowing what it is, and how to improve it is a crucial aspect of personal finance.

If you're not familiar with your credit score or how to check it on a regular basis, allow me to introduce you to one of the many websites that provide consumers their free credit score. currently provides customers a look at their Experian credit score, absolutely free.  The word free can be used loosely I suppose because if you do not cancel your free-trial service with the 7 day period, you can be billed for an additional month.  I'll gladly take you though the steps of obtaining your free credit score, as well as canceling well within the free-trial period. Sign-Up Process

After visiting, you're asked a few basic personal questions like name, email address and phone number.  The form is as simple as the one you see below:

From this page, you will then be directed to the main hub of  You see, the website is simply a subsidiary of the larger company, so if you have received your free credit score using the website over the last 12 months, you will not be eligible to obtain it this time around.

After entering more personal details (such as mailing address, social security number, credit card info and birthday) you then approach the final state of the application, which is to answer a few security questions.  Answer these questions wrong and you will be provided a second set.  Answer those wrong and you will be locked from the ScoreDirect and FreeCreditScore system for a period of 12 months.  Once you've completed this last step, you can then view your free credit score. Free Credit Score

Immediately, consumers will land on a page that shows them their free credit score.  This score is taken from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus and a credit report does not accompany this information.  Should you want to purchase your credit report, you can for $4.95 but it is not recommended as there are ways to obtaining your free credit report as well.

As you can see, my credit score is less than impressive but know just 12 months ago, I was sporting something much MUCH worse.  Back to the information you see above, pretty much all of the options you have to the left of your credit score are in-accessible unless you upgrade your account for a fee.  However, you do have information located below your credit score, such as negative accounts, length of credit history and public record filings that can help you determine why your credit score is as low, or as high as it shows.

As you can see, my credit score ranks in the very poor category according to Experian and based on the information provided within my account, I'm satisfied that the information they have on file is accurate.  Using a variety of other free credit score services, I plan to check my credit score every couple of months without having to pay a penny, however for a guy like me with a lot of debt, a credit monitoring service probably isn't such a bad idea. Cancellation Process

To cancel your membership, simply call 1-877-300-2506 and after providing a few details to confirm your identity, you can request your account to be cancelled.  The customer service representative will certainly attempt to up-sell you their credit monitoring service at a discount but after a few polite “no thank yous” you'll be off and on your way.  Should you every want to re-activate your service, you can do so by calling the same number above.

Knowing and monitoring your credit score is crucial to maintain a healthy financial life and checking in as often as possible makes sure that your credit report is 100% accurate.  Use for this purpose and you will certainly be satisfied with their 7-day free trial offer.  Just make sure to cancel on time and record all of the information within your account before canceling, as you will lose access after the 7-day free trial period.

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  1. Why go through the hassle of canceling a trial you didn’t want in the first place when you get your credit score for free – really and truly free – without the catches or trials? There are just a couple of websites that provide this service, no strings attached, including

    To me, it’s not really “free” if there’s some obligation tied to it or it requires me to do extra work (i.e. canceling a subscription). Unfortunately, this free, but not really free, credit score offering has permeated the market and it’s just caused further confusion. Here’s a test I use whenever a company promises me something for free: If they require my credit card number to give me my freebie, it’s not really free and I’m outta there!

    • Ann-Marie

      While I love sites like Quizzle or Credit Karma, you can only obtain your credit score from them once every six months (and in some cases, you’ll only receive a report card, not a credit score)

      That said, if you’ve exhausted those options already, I think is is a great place to get your credit score. The cancellation is a very small hassle for a solid credit score profile.