52 Ways to Make Extra Money E-Book

Imagine what you could do with a little extra money. Pay off debts! Start saving extra for retirement! Go on a nice vacation!

I’ve created a download-able version of my most popular post, 52 Ways to Make Extra Money. This book is available for download right now. And it's completely free!

But this isn’t just a rehash of the old article. With the help of some friends I was able to provide much more detail for selected ideas (around 15 of the 52 ways have been expanded). The guide also includes 2 bonus ideas, extra money tips, and quotes. Plus, it was beautifully designed by my friend Ryan, of HillThread.com. Here are a few snapshots of the e-book:

Here's more of what you can expect by downloading the Plutus Award nominated e-book:

What's in the Book?

» 52 Practical Ideas for Making Extra Money

» Detailed Guides from 8 Money Making Experts

» 2 Bonus Ideas

» Extra Money Tips for How to Use Your Extra Money

What Else?

» You'll get updates from me sharing even more ways to make extra money

» Interviews with real people who are making extra money online, and more!