5 Gifts That Will Bring Your Family Together This Christmas

Is your family in need of more quality time? Here are 5 gifts you could give your family this Christmas that are sure to lead to more time together:

A Tent

Camping is one of my favorite frugal family activities. A nice, solid tent is a necessity when it comes to heading outdoors. Surprise the family with a new tent this Christmas and make plans to hit up your nearest state park as soon as the weather permits.

New Board Game

Let me be the first to introduce you to Ticket to Ride. I’ve been meaning to do a full-blown review of this game I am now addicted to: Ticket to Ride. It’s a fast-paced strategy game that’s also a bit of a geography lesson.

There are several different versions, but I’ve heard the best is the Marklin (German) edition. This just happens to be the one I’ve played. It’s more pricey than traditional board games, but it will give you hours of fun with your family. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

A New Pet

They’re a big responsibility, and not to be purchased without fully thinking it through, but a new pet will give your family someone to rally around. It will also help to get you more active. Taking the dog for a walk could become a nightly tradition for you and your kids.  A new pet is a great way to teach responsibility to your kids.

Not ready to commit to a new pet?  Take a trip this Christmas down to your local pet shelter and volunteer for a while.

An Interactive Music Video Game

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are the most notable here. “Hey, check out Mom on the drums?” When else are you going to get to say that? I’ve had a great time playing these interactive video games with my family for hours. I just wish there was a version with a set of songs that everyone in the family knew.

Shop for an Angel

The gifts don’t all have to be about receiving. Helping someone else out during the Christmas season is always a great idea. It’s also something your entire family should get involved in. Head down to your nearest Angel Tree and choose and angel for your family, or have each of your family members pick out an angel. Each angel will have the name and age of a boy or girl in need of some Christmas love. Contact your local Salvation Army to find an angel tree near you.

Looking for a more frugal gift to give? Try one of these 50 Frugal Gifts You Can Give This Christmas.

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  1. Isaac Yassar says

    I always want to raise a dog, but I still live in a room of a lodging house now, so I guess I still have to wait. What a pity 🙁

  2. Momma @ 3princessesmomma.com says

    I love these suggestions. My DH has instituted another way to bring the family together at Christmas that the children all love. He takes them away for the day, to a friend’s basement workshop, and they all create their own art as gifts for me (since I instituted a “no purchased gifts for Momma” rule a few years ago). The walk around with their secret grins and whispers and revel in their sneaky surprisey bonding moments. It makes me smile every time… even more than the gifts do.

  3. be prepared and don’t forget your compass and rope PT, love dad

  4. Emily@remodelingthislife says

    love the tent suggestion. we got a new one not too long ago – $25 at Target and have made some really wonderful family memories in just a short while. Simple things like that really do make a difference. Great list, PT.

  5. Thanks, guys.

  6. I’ve played that ticket to ride game on the xbox, and it is a ton of fun. Great list -and thanks for the link!

  7. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth says

    Great ideas, PT. I have only been camping a few times, but it is something I want to start doing as my kids get a little older. Shopping for an angel is a great idea too, I am going to look into it.