Identity Theft: Your State Attorney General’s Website and Toolkits

Identity Theft Information Website 

The Texas Attorney General just unveiled a new website dedicated to helping victims of identity theft.  Since I’ve been writing about this topic lately, I thought I would present the list of State Attorney General web pages and tools dedicated to helping those who have had their identities stolen.

Victims of Identity Theft

If you’ve been a victim of ID theft, I’d encourage you to visit your State’s website and learn what your next steps should be to fight back.  Each State has different requirements and forms for complaints.  If you havn’t been a victim yet, odds are you will.  So, book mark this or your State’s page just in case it happens to you.

State Attorney General’s Website and Toolkits

For each State I have linked to the AG’s specific Identity Theft page, if available.  Otherwise it’s just linked to their home page.  Check your State out…you know you want to. :)

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  1. Thank you for this! I didn’t know WA had info provided about this. I looked through the WA State pages and found out that we have a local Shreadathon! People can bring their important papers that they want to throw away and they’re all thrown into a massive shredder and then taken to a secure recycling plant. (?!?!) I love it! I have a shredder of my own, but it’s an awesome concept.

    I loved your interview at he Snowflake Revolution, BTW. I didn’t know you were a CPA :)

  2. Ron Hatton says:

    There is one type of Identity theft that is WAY under-reported, though gaining in popularity in the news.
    It’s called “Wireless Identity Theft”, and you could become a victim just by walking through a mall or driving down the parkway. All they need is an antenna and a PDA and they harvest the information right out of the air directly from your credit and debit cards!
    Check out the “Videos” section of our website for some major news pieces on this theft, to say nothing of the CSI-NY and 20-20 pieces run in October and December (respectively).
    If you decide to use our product, The Armadillo Dollar, in your protection plan, then use the code TopDog and save yourself a few bucks.
    Tell them you got it from Ron.
    I’m Co-founder and developer of this little gem!