The Complete List of CNN Money’s Millionaires in the Making

Since 2002 (best I can tell), CNN Money has been profiling the financial lives of people headed toward millions because of their saving, spending, and investing habits. With the help of my friend Google, I’ve put together what I believe to be the comprehensive list of these future millionaire profiles (CNN Money doesn’t have this on their site) dating back to 2002.

millionaires in the making

I’ve also developed a database of their information and over the next few days I’ll be presenting some facts, statistics, and trends, along with some of my favorites. Enjoy!

CNN Money’s Millionaires in the Making (listed in descending date order)

From the Current 2007 Blog (now offline)
Matthew and Kristen Shifrin
Nate and Nicki Wisneski
Ryan and Hope Wells
Frank Furbeck and Trudi Morris
Justin and Emily Bergman
Tracy and David Seims
Aris and Maria Magtibay
Amy and Jesse Dickinson
Keith and Elizabeth Bevelacqua
George and Wendy Cicotte
Jeanette Courts
Jerry and Lynn Moser

Pre Blog – 2007
Darren Fike
Sherelle Derico

Matt and Kristina Johnson
Sid and Divya Arora
Matt and Lori Marchbanks
Jeff and Leonora Claudio
Jeff and Jet Martin
Natalie and Greg Turner
Han-Lin and Fu-Lin Lee
Paul and Audrey Yazbeck

Justin D’Angelo
Christopher Ortega and Alicia McDonald
Mark and Kristi Johnson
Mike Rogalski
Hai Tieu
Mark and Lori Gorney
Amy Chan Hilton and Edgar Hilton
Dave and Annie Hall
Ryan and Danielle Quilling
Jeff and Anna Briere
Megan Murray

Gloria and Robert Randecker
Michael and Caslyn Huck
Brad and Sharon Oldham
Rick and Victoria Woods
Robert Criscuolo
Michael and Maria Beall
James and Lisa DeLaGarza
Douglas Whipp and Kathleen Kaiser
Dave Coursey and Diana Patterson
Carl and Tahana Smith
Diana and Ken Knox Wolfe
Sean Dolan and Shelly Hawk
Update on Prior Millionaires in the Making
Mike and Christina Berretta

Brad and Lori Jarvis
Michael Wentzel
Scott and Kelly Ellman
Scot and Heather Randol
Erk and Laura Sarman
RJ and Tara Singh
Brett and Shannon Wask
Matt and Christy Shebuski
Mark and Trish Crochet
Keith and Georgina Meulemans

Mark Merry
Tom and Mary Kemnitz
Todd French (see my interview with Todd)
Hillary and Mike Bernier
Rick and Lisa Chetram
Rich and Cathy Whalen
Steven and Erica Ploof

This list wouldn’t be complete without including the spoof from Adventure
Hundredaires in the Making

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  1. I’m not too impressed…the do nothing but save.

    The couple, who run a small company that sells industrial fasteners and other supplies, paid themselves $103,000 last year. They have no credit-card debt, have lived in the same house (worth about $300,000) for 14 years and don’t drive fancy cars. They’re so frugal compared with certain friends, in fact, that they wonder if they’re missing something. “Everybody’s passing us by,” Tracy says. “What are we doing wrong?”

    Couldn’t have said it better is passing them by…they’ll grow old, have alot of money and look back and say…[explitive]..all we did was work, chase money, and save. What a waste.

  2. @Nozferatu – I don’t understand what you are not impressed with. The fact that they don’t have fancy cars?

  3. Reading these back in 2002 was one of the first things that got me interested in personal finance. I figured if they could do it, so could I! :)

  4. It would be cool to see some “where are they now” updates…

    • Yeah, I had this whole thing planned to do podcasts with them and successfully did one but the others were too hard to get in touch with or didn’t want to do it.

      I think many of them were “house millionaires” and after the housing crash they took a big hit. I’m sure many have retired happily though.