7 of the Worlds Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Most Expensive Engagement RingsIn just a few days Mrs. PT and I will celebrate five years since I asked her to marry me.

I remember that time well because of how exciting it was for us.

I also remember learning a lot about engagement rings.

It's funny because I feel like I've never known as much about that subject.

Nor will I ever know more than I did.

It's like this little two week time vacuum of knowledge on the subject.

Oh well, check out this list of the world's most expensive engagement rings.

The luxurious baubles listed below ought to come with the same warning signs that theme parks are legally required to post outside of thrill coasters and wild rides. These engagement sparklers might spike your blood pressure, induce chest pains- and will for sure empty your wallet or require a home equity loan just to try on. Usually reserved for supermodels and the Angelina Jolies' of the world, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the biggest (and brightest) engagement rings in the world.

1. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring ($16.26 M) – Our number one stunner belongs to the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring. This ring, valued at 16.26 million dollars is composed of many small white and blue diamonds, stacked on, well, more white and blue diamonds. Blue diamonds, are extremely rare and hard to find- for example the famous Hope diamond is a blue beauty, weighing in at a whopping 45. 42 carats. Blue diamonds vary in color- from sky blue to a deep royal shade that would make the Atlantic in July seem dull.

This Chopard beauty weighs a total of 9 carats and is set on a paved platinum band and diamond shoulders. Clusters of small diamonds not for you and your mega-billionaire sweetie? No problem. This ring, for the same price and same carat weight has a sister. An enormous blue oval shaped diamond is featured as the center stone, surrounded by diamond shoulders, a pave setting and set in 18k white gold.

2. DeBeers Platinum ($1.83 M) – If your heart is set on something a little more classic, who better to turn to than the “A Diamond Is Forever” people? The DeBeers Platinum solitaire engagement ring, also at 9 carats, is perfection. This brilliant ring, featured with a round white diamond comes with a price tag of 1.83 million dollars.

What would a list of the most decadent engagement rings be without the name “Tiffany” gracing our list? This designer name is synonymous with love and luxury and the most coveted diamond dreams in a little girl’s heart. For that reason, Tiffany’s engagement knockouts are the next two rings on the list.

3. Tiffany Oval Stone ($1.46M) – At 1.46 million dollars and a 14.79-carat oval stone, this is the ring that could sink a ship. True to Tiffany style and intricacy the ring is outlined with beautiful pave diamonds, showcasing the center stone. 1.46 mil a little out of your price range?

4. Tiffany Pillow-Shaped ($800K) Tiffany also presents us with a 12.3 pillow shaped diamond, also outlined on a beautiful band, celebrated with small round diamonds. This second ring is priced at $800,000.

5. Elizabeth Taylor Oval ($1.3M) – For those looking to style icons and effortless glamour through the decades, look no further than Elizabeth Taylor. Her jewelry is a testament to her lasting style and impeccable taste. In the middle of this diamond flower ring, the center oval-cut stone boasts a weight of 5.98 carats and is accompanied by a 3.96 -carat diamond. Ten round diamond “petals” surround the center of the ring, making this the most luxurious flower on the market. Interested? This sparkling garden will cost you 1.3 million dollars.

6. Secret Kiss of The Rose ($525K) – Leave it to Victoria, and sultry soccer star husband David Beckham to make a statement in love. In the center of what is called “Secret Kiss of The Rose”, a 4.15-carat white diamond hosts a .08 pink diamond, and outlined by a unique and intricate pattern of pave diamonds. This ring will leave your wallet a bit light at the original asking price of 525,000 dollars.

At the turn of the century Joseph Asscher created the Asscher cut diamond for the Royal Family, and by the 1920’s this cut was a popular choice for engagement rings. However, up until about 2001 this cut was extremely hard to find in modern times, and usually could only be located at antique stores and vintage jewelry shops. The cut is brilliant, unique and entertaining to the eye.

7. Reese Witherspoon Asscher Cut ($520K) – Our next ring, boasting one of the highest price tags, is the 10.19-carat Asscher cut engagement ring, given to Reese Witherspoon, by ex-husband Ryan Philippe, valued at $520,000. If that’s what the ring cost, imagine the price of the divorce?

My tips for buying an engagement ring:

  1. Have a general idea of what your future wife wants. Don't know? Ask her friends.
  2. Buy it from BlueNile.com.
  3. Make “shape” your most important factor. This is often overlooked but diamonds with perfect shape sparkle greater than all the others.

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  2. I hope my wife doesn’t see these. Her 1/2 carat might not look so glorious anymore.

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    I recently got engaged and picked out the type of ring I wanted, and I love it! We didn’t spend a fortune on it because we have other financial goals, including getting out of debt.