The Trouble with Living the Frugal Lifestyle – Part 2

We’re on to part 2 of my latest series, “The Trouble with Living the Frugal Lifestyle.”  It’s all about trying to live your frugal life in the high-pressure culture of wasteful spending (even amongst your own friends and family).  In part 1 we discussed how it’s important to Keep in Mind that Frugality is YOUR Choice.  Now on to Part 2:

You Don’t Always Have to Make the Frugal Choice

I see frugality as finding a balance across 3 spectrum: high quality/high price vs low quality/low price, needs vs wants, and consumerism vs minimalism.  But you don’t always have to live right down the center of each of these.  It’s okay to be cheap sometimes and it’s okay to splurge on the ultra expensive.  The goal should be to see yourself continually trending in the more frugal direction.

I certainly don’t always make the smart, frugal choice with my spending.  Sometimes I’m in a rush or I just give in to my wants.  It happens.  That’s okay.  As long as I’m meeting my savings goals, not carrying too much stupid debt and not looking at too much unused “stuff” lying around the house, I know I’m going to be alright.  Again, it’s a high frugal trend in my life that I like to see.

So next time you’re in a spending situation with your friends or family, consider going with the flow.  Give yourself a break this time and win the next battle towards your eventual victory over frivolous spending.

Up next… Be Positive and Spin the Frugal Choice

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