The Facts About Temporary Car Insurance

Editor's note: After my recent discussions on getting affordable auto insurance, I had someone ask, “can I get cheap temporary car insurance?” I didn't have a good answer, so I brought in a guest writer to explain more…

Driving without valid car insurance is illegal, and more than that, it's just a bad idea. There are too many uncontrollable factors that come into play when you get on the road, and insurance is the best way to make sure you're covered in the event of an accident.

However, there are more options for coverage than the standard six-month amount. I'm talking about temporary car insurance. It's not uncommon for people to have questions about temporary car insurance, but the answers are different than you'd think.

Why Do I Need Temporary Car Insurance?

You can purchase temporary car insurance for several reasons. One of the most popular is the one- or two-day policies offered to drivers who buy new vehicles. This allows them to take delivery of the car and be covered for a few days until their full policy takes effect.

It's also a good investment if you're going to be traveling and only need to cover yourself for a brief period of time that's less than the standard policy length. It can also be helpful if a friend or family member not on your policy is going to be driving your car temporarily.

You can buy a temporary policy set to expire at a certain time rather than adding someone to your existing policy and then having to remove them later. The goal of temporary car insurance is to provide a convenient way to boost your coverage that's finished when you want it to be.

How Much Is Cheap Temporary Car Insurance?

The prices for temporary car insurance vary based on a number of factors, including your location and the make and model of your vehicle. However, almost every temporary car insurance policy shares in common a higher price structure than regular insurance. This is for two main reasons.

First, there's the convenience factor. Obtaining quick, temporary car insurance means paying more money because it's an uncommon request, and because getting it fast raises its value to the buyer.

It's also higher priced because the company issuing the policy typically knows less about you and your driving history than other insurers or their insurer you're already using. It's in their interest to safeguard their investment, so extending temporary insurance to customers they don't know well means they're going to set the price higher than ones you'd see attached to normal policies.

You should also note that temporary car insurance isn't available in every state, so be sure to check with your current insurance company or others to ascertain if your state allows short-term coverage.

How Do I Find Cheap Temporary Car Insurance Quotes?

There are a variety of ways to obtain temporary car insurance quotes and, if you're satisfied, buy temporary car insurance. If you're currently insured, contact your company to see if they offer short-term policies and what their requirements might be. They can tell you what you need to know about temporarily padding your coverage with a brief policy.

There are also multiple insurance companies set up just for the purposes of offering temporary car insurance, many of which can provide quotes and purchase information online. A few quick Web searches yield results for multiple resources for temporary insurance.

It's also a good idea to check with friends and colleagues for personal recommendations, since they can often provide helpful advice and tell you things you can't learn just by browsing search results.

Temporary car insurance isn't for everyone, but it can be a great resource in certain situations. If you're traveling or need to meet a special, short-term need, check out a temporary policy and see if it works for you.

This guest post is contributed by Raine Parker, who writes on the topics of accounting degree. She welcomes your comments at her email Id:

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  1. Thanks for this information. I have a friend that will often drive my car when I am not in town – this would be piece of mind even though other drivers are covered on my policy.