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Part Time Money PodcastToday’s podcast features Donna Lewis, writer of the Reply All comic strip and cartoon. Donna is a full-time attorney and shares her story of getting her comic strip, Reply All, syndicated.

Although Donna was a comedy writer and comedian, she had no previous experience as an artist or comic strip producer. Donna shares a lot of good insights, like “cross-training” your creativity, and tells us to stop thinking we have just one shot. Donna also gives some insight into how other artists can make money online.

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Donna Lewis Reply All ComicHighlights from the interview:

00:45 – The life of a comedy writer and comedian in 2007.
02:30 – It started with a scribble, a punchline, and an email.
03:15 – Cross-training your creativity to stretch your rubber band.
05:30 – On not being able to draw well initially.
09:00 – The story of the Reply All comic strip.
14:00 – The path to syndication (i.e. not just one shot).
21:00 – One fan can make a difference.
24:15 – Syndication and making money with a comic strip in the changing landscape.
29:50 – Other ways to make money like licensing.

Mentioned in the interview:

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