Three Legit Paid Survey Sites and Some Links

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from faithful reader, J. He’s back with some advice on two legit survey sites he is now using to bring in some extra money. If you have more sites to include, use the comment section below. Here’s J:

For the last month I have been trying out and vetting other legit paid survey sites, and there are two which have really stood out. Unlike CashCrate, you sign up, confirm your email, and fill in profile surveys. After that, they send you the survey link in email, so you don’t get anywhere the number of screen-outs.

Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost surveysThe first is Opinion Outpost. Each completed survey is worth points; each point is worth $0.10. 200 points = $20, which is the minimum cashout…and didn’t take long to reach, since you waste less time on screenings.

Not that you won’t still screen out, but it is far less frequent than CashCrate, so a better use of time. Highly recommended. I’m letting Opinion Outpost just build up; currently $35 in less than a month.

See Money Beagle’s full review of Opinion Outpost.

PCH Online Surveys

PCH Online SurveysThe second is PCH Online Surveys….as in Publisher’s Clearing House. Although not for cash, the points accumulated go towards e-certificates for places like Overstock and Amazon, and Papa Johns.

One warning – check the amount of points needed in the webshop for a certificate, as they are for set amounts. I’m a dummy, redeemed for $20, when the certificates are typically $10, $25, $50 and up. Doesn’t expire for a year, so after another $30 accumulation, I think Lowe’s will be seeing me soon.

No referral award that I can see, but well worth the time since they send to you. Unlike CashCrate which automatically sends you the check monthly, you have to actively go to the site to request payout. Not a big deal, but you do have to remember to do it.


SwagbucksIn addition to the above two options, we’d like to mention Swagbucks.  Swagbucks provides a way for you to earn money through online activities.  As it relates to surveys, Swagbucks continually works to bring in higher paying and better surveys for their users and they distinguish themselves with a very low cash-out minimum of just $3.  You can engage in any of their other earning platforms to reach that threshold.  Other ways to earn include shopping online with partner retailers, watching videos, playing games, referring friends and more.  Read our Swagbucks review to learn more about the benefits and how to get started.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing for either is to fill out the profile surveys; plan on an hour for each site, as they each have a number of them. After that, however, the time spent is well worth it.

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  3. I had tried Cash Crate a while back. It was frustrating going through all of the pages and then getting a TON of spam email. Sounds like these other sites may be a bit leaner to use.

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. BrianColter512 says:

    These paid survey sites are great!! Definitely worth the time for the money you get.

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    I will add these sites to my portfolio, thanks for sharing as I think it is always good to have multiple streams of income.

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