PTM 033 – Using a Passion for Language to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Sean Hopwood of Day Translations

Part Time Money PodcastToday’s podcast features Sean Hopwood, founder and owner of Day Translations, a full-service translation and interpreting business. Sean has a passion for languages and speaks many himself. Sean wasn’t satisfied with his career in legal translation. He wanted more, and decided to start Day Translations while he was holding down another full-time job.

Day Translations has grown from a one-person spanish translation company to a full-scale translation and interpreting company with over 30,000 clients. Sean tells us how to start a translation business, gives us some of the keys to his success, and even shares how to get a job as a freelance translator.

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Highlights from the interview:

Sean Hopwood Day Translations
Sean Hopwood, creator of Day Translations

01:30 – A passion for language and doing what you love. Sean talks about his journey from having a passion for language to starting the business.
04:45 – The many language services that Sean’s company, Day Translations, provides.
06:45 – Most common customers.
08:45 – The many languages of the world and the team at Day Translations. Sean talks about his 90 corporate employees and over 3,000 translators and interpretors.
12:20 – Hiring employees, orientation, and training.
15:30 – Why translation services are still local, and the need for local offices.
19:00 – The story behind “Day” Translations.
20:45 – The timeline of Sean’s success, takings on risk, diversification, and decision making.
27:45 – Sales, profit, and the potential of the translation services market.
29:30 – Marketing efforts.
31:50 – Advice for freelance translators.
34:30 – Getting that first client.
36:00 – Hiring that first employee. Sean shares his thoughts on “letting go” and bringing on others to help his business grow.
39:30 – Getting professional liability insurance.
40:30 – Giving clients assurance through affiliations and accreditation.
42:15 – Doing what you love.

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