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Kim Palmer

Part Time Money PodcastThis episode of the podcast features fellow money writer, Kimberly Palmer. She just released a new book, The Economy of You. In this show we talk about her book, her business (Palmer’s Planners), and what she learned from others profiled in the book.

Kimberly is of course the writer at the US News and World Report Alpha Consumer blog. I’m honored to have her on the podcast and get her perspective on a variety of things around the idea of starting your own business or simple money-making venture.

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Highlights from the interview:

  • Why did you start your side business, Palmer’s Planners? Why should people start a side business (or make part-time money)?
  • What were some of the motivations of the folks featured in the book?
  • How did a side gig help your finances and what did you see it do for others?
  • Where did you get your idea for a business?
  • What can you tell others about coming up with a good idea?
  • Tell me about your first sale (i.e. pricing, sales channels, marketing)?
  • What should others do before they start selling?
  • What mistakes did you make and what mistakes did you see others make in their journey?
  • Did you create a business financial system? Form an entity? Do you recommend that?
  • What do you tell folks who don’t consider themselves entrepreneurial?

Here’s a previous guest article Kimberly shared with us detailing how she makes money with Etsy: Make Money on Etsy

Watch the Google Hangout with Kimberly Palmer, Author of The Economy of You.

Thank you so much for listening!

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