12 Part-Time Jobs for Teachers (After School & In the Summer)

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I used to be a high school English teacher and so I’ve had a lot of experience thinking about part-time jobs for teachers. Although teaching provided me with the highest salary I’d ever earned to date, it was still a relatively low wage.

So it came as no surprise that many of my teaching colleagues worked side gigs. They did this either throughout the year after school or just during summers.

Did you know…teachers are 5x more likely than the average person to have a part-time job or side hustle?

Are you a teacher looking for part-time work?

The ability to bring in extra money can help you to power through paying off student loans, to save for a down payment for a house, or simply create a robust emergency fund and retirement savings account.

Here are several part-time jobs for teachers you can easily fold into your schedule and help you improve your bottom line.

We’ve separated the list by jobs that can be performed after school vs jobs that need to be reserved for summertime.

Part-Time Jobs for Teachers After School

If you’ve got some time after school each day (we know…you don’t have much even if school may end at 3 PM or 4 PM) here are a few part-time job ideas to get you started.

We like these ideas because some can grow into a full separate business one day if you’re so inclined.

Freelance Writer or Editor

You spend years building your communication skills to become a teacher–so why not put them to use? While you have a little extra time after school during the winter evenings, you can write or edit as a freelancer.

It’s a great way to make a little extra cash or even a full-time income, depending on the direction you decide to take.

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer or editor, here are a few steps you can take to get started:

  • Do your homework. Start by researching what freelance writing and editing will entail so you can be sure you have the skills and the time to devote to it. Also, find out what companies may hire freelance writers.
  • Do some writing prompts. This will help you discover your writing style and where your writing or editing may need some improvement.
  • Reach out. Find blogs or brands that you would like to work for and pitch ideas or share your services. You may have to reach out to a lot of different businesses and blogs before you get your first gig.
  • Continue to learn and enhance your skills. Check out these free writing and editing courses from Skillshare.com to improve your abilities.

It may take a little time to find several clients to work for, but keep trying and be persistent. According to ClearVoice, freelance writers can make anywhere from $0.01 to $1 a word, which means this can potentially be a lucrative side gig.

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Coaching and Advising

Some people look back at their high school football championship as the “glory days.” But what if you could relive those glory days as an adult–and actually get paid to do it?

No, you don’t have to be drafted by the NFL. Just be a school coach! That’s where I made some of my fondest memories as a teacher.

One of the most popular side hustles for teachers is coaching or advising a student group. Extracurricular opportunities always become available in school districts. Student clubs, organizations, and sports teams all need an adult leader and supervisor.

Most public schools make these coaching and advising positions available to their full-time faculty and staff.

The money you’ll make from these jobs is typically a stipend set by the district’s salary schedule.

The hourly rate may not be the best, but a secondary benefit is that you can get to know your students on another level. Interacting with kids in activities they enjoy can really improve your classroom interactions and rapport.

Plus, since the organizations are school-affiliated, time requirements will coordinate with your regular teaching hours.

Some coaching and advising positions only require a few hours of your time per semester. Others, like coaching, will probably take several hours a day, plus nights and weekends.

So if you’re passionate about a particular sport or club, I definitely recommend looking into available positions.

I put in nine years as my school’s Student Council advisor, and although the time commitment was insane, it was worth it.

The trusting relationships I built with my students were valuable and the stipend was a nice bonus. I’ve also made a little extra cash by advising smaller clubs like Foreign Language Club.

Not interested in the coaching route? Don’t forget about other little jobs you can do around your school building to bring in extra money

  • refereeing high school athletic games
  • running the scoreboard at athletic games
  • supervising Saturday detention
  • administering standardized tests

So just look into what clubs or sports are opening up in your own district – you might find just the right side hustle!


Of course, a natural side hustle for a teacher is tutoring students outside of regular school hours. You’re already an expert at helping people with different learning styles master your subject.

Tutoring can be a great way to sharpen your skills and share your knowledge after school.

There are always students who won’t grasp the subject matter as quickly as the others. Tutoring kids gives them the extra help they need while bringing in more cash for you.

As a teacher, you probably already enjoy working with students, so tutoring would be a great next step.

Keep your ears open at your district for any in-home tutoring opportunities that may come up for students who can’t be on campus. These are usually paid by the district.

If you’re creating your own tutoring business, you’ll have more choice in how to run things. Your school may or may not allow you to advertise your tutoring services on school grounds, so check their policy first.

You can focus on whatever subjects interest you the most. At certain times of the year, the SAT and ACT may be on everyone’s minds, so you could specialize in tutoring in those core areas tested.

Often, tutors will work with one student at a time, but you could also offer small-group tutoring sessions. A positive of this would be the potential to earn more money per hour while facilitating group learning among the students.

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Offer tutoring hours after school, on weekends, or only during school breaks if you prefer. Whatever schedule you choose, it should bring in some sweet money to help you reach your financial goals. Hourly rates for tutors vary widely, depending on your geographical location, subject of expertise, and education level.

And don’t forget about online tutoring options–you might even be able to tutor students remotely, avoiding some of the hassles of in-person tutoring.

Tutors can make anywhere from $18 to $85 an hour depending on your expertise, location, and professional level.

Babysitter (or Dog Sitter)

My sons’ favorite babysitter in our old neighborhood was actually a 3rd-grade teacher who moonlighted as a babysitter after school. Her own children were grown, and she loved getting a chance to spend time with little ones outside of her classroom.

My husband and I loved the added benefit of knowing that an excellent teacher was spending time with our children. This made her worth every penny over what we had been paying the local 15-year-old babysitter.

Working as a babysitter can be a natural fit for teachers. You may be able to network with the parents from the school or join sites like UrbanSitter, Care.com, or Sittercity.

These sites connect you with families in need of babysitters and child care. You can establish a profile and promote your services.

Before you know it, you may need to start your own babysitting business with all of the parents in need of childcare.

In a recent UrbanSitter survey, the average hourly wage for a babysitter was between $12.22 and $17.34 an hour. As a teacher, however, it’s likely that you will be able to command a rate on the higher end of this scale, or possibly even more.

If you’re done with kids for the day, you could always do some dog sitting instead. Plenty of people with afternoon/evening shifts are in need of someone to check on their pets and/or take them for a walk.

I like to recommend a service like Rover as a great way to get your pet sitting services going. Their platform will connect you with plenty of people looking for quality pet sitters and dog walkers.

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Fitness Instructor

If working out is an important part of your life, then you might consider becoming a part-time fitness instructor in addition to your teaching career.

You can either become a group fitness instructor or a personal trainer.

In either case, you will need to be certified before you can begin as a fitness instructor, and if you decide to become a personal trainer, you should carry fitness business liability insurance. This will make certain you are covered in case any of your clients are injured while exercising.

This is another part-time job that you could do year-round and may give you a lot of flexibility. You can choose where and how often you meet with your clients.

Depending on your experience, you could make between $10 and $49 per hour as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

As an alternative to instructing on fitness, consider becoming an accountability coach. No gym necessary. You’ll spend your time encouraging your client to stick to their goals. What a great way to help someone improve their health, all from your convenience of your laptop or cell phone.

Voiceover Actor

Some people make extra money by using their voice. They are called voiceover actors. It’s not an easy skill to master, but it’s more than possible with some training. Voiceover jobs are available for people who take the time to learn. 

Carrie Olsen quit her day job to pursue a career as a voiceover actor. She has been successful in her voiceover career, working with companies like Walt Disney and AT&T. Carrie developed a free professional voiceover actor guide.

In her guide, Carrie shares how she created her voiceover business and how it’s possible for you to land voiceover jobs too.

Business Owner

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may want to start your own business–doing anything from writing and selling lesson plans to designing t-shirts. The sky’s the limit with the number of business opportunities you have at your fingertips. (Here are 23 unique business ideas.)

By starting your own business, you also have full control over the amount of money you make. You never know, you may even decide to make your part-time business your full-time career.

Resource: Part-time job search engine


If delivering food sound interesting, then driving with DoorDash might be a great side hustle. Doordash lets you know before the minimum amount you will earn from the assignment you accept the delivery. That’s a nice feature that allows you to avoid driving across town to earn $2.

A combination of working high volume time slots, strategically accepting orders, providing top of the line customer service, and leveraging perks from DoorDash, will nab you rates of up to $17/hour or more!

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Uber or Lyft Driver

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to call a taxi to get somewhere instead of searching for a ride on your phone. Now that ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are on the rise, it’s easy to make a little money during your commute or your free time.

Ride-sharing gives you the freedom to choose your exact schedule. If you enjoy being on the road and interacting with different people each day, ride sharing is a good year-round part-time job.

According to a recent survey, the average part-time ride share driver makes about $14.74 an hour.

Check out our recent review which actually details how to make money with Uber.

Passive and Semi-Passive Side Hustles for Teachers

The above side gigs are not really passive, because they require you to perform a task every time you want to get paid. But there are some other side hustles that enable you to earn a passive income.

That means you’ll do some initial work, then reap the rewards month after month. Here are a few passive (or semi-passive) jobs teachers can do in their spare time.

Create an Online Course or Study Guide

Creating and selling your own study guides or courses can be a wonderful side hustle for teachers.

After all, you’re already in the education field, so why not keep on educating outside of school hours? The areas you could tackle for a study guide or course are endless. You’ve got the expertise, so look to your teaching area first for inspiration.

Are you a secondary math teacher? Plenty of students would love to find easy-to-use study guides online to help them through the year. Do you teach writing? There’s definitely a market for study guides on the writing and editing process.

One option to consider would be a college or graduate school test preparation guide. To get into college, U.S. students must take the ACT or SAT.

Perhaps you could create a new, more useful study guide or course on how to do well on these tests. Be sure to make a top-notch course that you believe in, so students all over the country can benefit from it.

As always, be sure to get your school’s okay before doing any self-promotion of your course during school hours. Whether your forte is German culture, trumpet performance, calculus, or anything else, chances are you could earn some money with a well-written study guide or online course.

These are semi-passive because once you create the material and set up your sales website, you potentially earn money for every sale without doing any extra work. Udemy is a great place to start if you’ve never built a course from the ground up.

Start a Blog or Website

Are you passionate about a subject? Maybe you’d like to share your knowledge about that area with a wide online audience. Any teacher can do this with their own blog, which can turn into a money-making enterprise eventually.

In a blog, you may be able to go more in-depth with a topic than you can in the classroom. You can also educate people around the world.

If you eventually generate enough traffic with your website, you can earn fairly passive income through advertising. Of course, your blog is the ideal place to market your personal online course or study guide as well.

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I remember an art teacher colleague of mine used to sell her handmade jewelry and clothing items. She was really talented and her website provided a great platform to share her artistic talent with an even wider audience than her students.

For some great information on how to start a blog, be sure to check out Bluehost. They have reasonably-priced web hosting subscriptions and plenty of templates to help you set up a great website.

Sell Printables Online

This one is a neat solution to the issue of scaling up your side business. If you’ve ever dabbled in opening your own Etsy store, you know it can be a lucrative side hustle.

One downside of a typical Etsy store is that you have to stay on top of order fulfillment and shipment all the time, and that could be tough for a busy teacher.

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A great way to create a more passive Etsy side hustle is to design and sell your own printables. There’s a pretty big demand for unique labels, worksheets, planning guides, and more.

You’ll want to spend some time learning about great visual designs and the types of printables people want to buy.

Teachers are known for being especially awesome with graphics and printables, so think about how the documents you’ve created for your own classroom use could benefit other teachers.

Other teachers who don’t have the time or interest in creating their own custom printables will love to purchase your quality teaching materials. Teacherspayteachers.com is one place where you can sell lesson plans and other educational resources.

For real-world tips and guidance from someone who’s built a successful printable business, take a look at the E-Printables Side Hustle Course.

Passive Income Apps

For teachers who really don’t have much time to spare, passive income apps may be the best place to start. Many apps out there today enable you to make extra money with little to no effort or time!

Be aware that most of these apps won’t make you rich. The earning potential is quite a bit lower than with some of the other side hustles we’ve mentioned.

The great thing about them is they might put more money back in your pocket in a super easy manner. Think of shopping apps like Rakuten that give you a small percentage back on purchases, or the Acorns app that rounds up your purchases with an investment.

As a teacher, you might not feel like you have much cash left at the end of the month. No problem! You can give yourself a little raise just by making a few small changes through passive income apps. Read more about them in 34 of the Best Passive Income Apps.

Part-Time Jobs for Teachers in the Summer

The two or three months that the summer break provides is a lot of extra time to earn some money through a part-time job or side hustle.

Here are some of the better jobs for teachers during the summer months:

Summer School Teacher

When June and July hit, what are you going to do with all that free time?

Plenty of teachers I know make some extra money by teaching summer school. Obviously, most teachers don’t teach through the summer months, so it makes sense to pick up some extra work at that time.

If you don’t mind giving up a large chunk of your summer vacation, why not give summer school a try?

The hours and time commitment for summer school vary depending on the school district. Most sessions only last 4-6 weeks, leaving a decent amount of summer free for relaxation and travel.

A great thing about summer school is that lesson planning and grading can be very minimal, and class sizes are often smaller than a typical class during the school year.

When I taught English for summer school after my first year teaching, it was just in the mornings for four weeks. I had a handful of students, so the workload was a piece of cake.

Making an extra chunk of money for an easy month’s work was a huge blessing on a first-year teacher’s salary!

Camp Counselor

Do you love outdoor activities and team-building experiences? Then camp counselor may be the perfect summer job for you. The American Camp Association can be a good place to start your research for local camps in need of counselors.

You can become a counselor for a day camp or an overnight camp, depending on what type of commitment you want to make.

Recreation centers like the YMCA or LifeTime Fitness may also have day camp opportunities. Check your local recreation center for their summer camp schedules and how to apply.

According to ZipRecruiter, camp counselors can expect to make between roughly $10 an hour.

Server or Bartender

Several of my teaching colleagues worked at a restaurant or bar during the school year and picked up extra serving work over the summer. Not only did the work offer them steady extra cash, but these colleagues also always had the best lunches in the teacher’s lounge because they brought in leftovers from their restaurant gigs.

A teacher’s schedule can make for a great fit with this part-time job as school breaks also tend to be the busy times at restaurants. Plus you can bring home hundreds of dollars per shift.

According to Payscale, the average server at a fine dining restaurant makes $7.00 an hour.

Summer Sports League Coach

Becoming a coach can also be a very rewarding way to help you make a little extra cash. This is another part-time job that you can enjoy in the summer.

Many teachers who are also coaches do both at their home school. But don’t forget that you can find paid coaching positions with local recreation leagues, community centers, and even churches or other religious organizations after school.

Not only will you make a little money but you could improve your communication and leadership skills.

On average, high school coaches make $15.29 per hour, although the pay may differ depending on what organization you are coaching with.

Where to Find Good Part-Time Jobs

Searching for the right part-time job can take time. There are so many job search websites, but they are not all created equal. The last thing a busy teacher wants to do is waste hours searching through the wrong job opportunities.

Excellent places to begin your part-time job search include:

Other places to turn for help are your family and friends. They may know of businesses looking to hire or can help by being on the lookout for good opportunities for you.

Another good spot for finding a part-time job is social media. Use Facebook or Twitter to let your friends and followers know you’re looking for a part-time job. You could also join a local job seekers group on Facebook.

The more people who know you’re looking, the better your chances of someone sharing job prospects.

Where else can you go to find the best part-time jobs?

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