How to Cook a Better Steak for Less

Find out how PT cooks a delicious steak for less. He lets you in on the secret to cooking a great steak that is cheaper, cleaner, and easier. Read to see what you need for your next delicious steak dinner at home!

As I was thinking about this weekend, I thought it might be nice to cook up a nice steak for Mrs. PT and me.

I did some searching for how to cook steak, and discovered a method of cooking a steak that can be less expensive and possibly make a better steak.

The good thing is if you've got a basic cast-iron skillet and an oven, you don't need to spend a dime, beyond the steaks, of course, to make this work.

Broiling: A Cheaper, Cleaner, (Better?) Way to Cook Steak

I'm not going to argue whether grilled or broiled is better. But what I do know is that broiling can be less expensive than firing up the grill. It's definitely less of a hassle and less of a mess. No fancy grill needed. I honestly like both methods of cooking steak.

If you're going to do either method, it's important to do it right. What I discovered in my searching is that I haven't been broiling properly. When I broil, I use the wrong kind of dish and I don't place the steaks in the right place in the oven.

Here's how you should cook your steak if broiling:

  • Place a Cast-Iron Skillet in the Oven
  • Pre-Heat the Oven to 550 Degrees
  • Turn on the Broiler
  • Place the Steak(s) on the Skillet 2-4 Inches from the Broiler*
  • Wait 8 Minutes for Medium Rare
  • Remove (no flip needed)

*Adjustments may be needed depending on the power of your broiler. But basic ovens need to be this close.

The added benefit to broiling right now is that you don't have to go outside (too cold) and you'll warm up your kitchen using the oven.

How to Prepare Your Steak to Cook

I'm a steak purist. I like nice, quality cuts of meat. No marinades. No sauce. I only do this (cook steak) and few times a year, so I make sure I get quality meat. If you're going to spend a little money, spend it on the steak itself. Rib-eyes and sirloins are great for broiling. I also like Filets. Look for a nice bright red cut with the fat marbled consistently throughout the meat. Rub some salt on the steak, wrap it in plastic wrap or a zip-lock bag, and place in the fridge for at least a few hours. Never do salt right before you cook. It will draw out the juices.

When you're an hour away from cooking, pull the steak out of the fridge, dry it, and let it sit. When it's room temperature, you're ready to cook.

I'm going to try it out this weekend and see if I can cook a steak that tastes great and doesn't break the bank to prepare. Let me hear from you if you've ever tried this broiling method. Or please share your steak cooking tips in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Here's a photo of how our steaks turned out. We used the directions above and results were excellent. These are $7 organic filets from Sprouts. Just salt. 8 minutes. Broiled. Turned only after removed from the oven. Results were medium well to well done.

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Check it out…someone has made a nice video of their method. They sear first, then use the oven (not broiling). One day I'll show you my method of using the broiler by video.

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  1. Updated the post with a pic from our broiling experience. Loved it! Was one of the best steaks I’ve had. Seriously.

  2. I actually opted for the heart shaped pizza. We did buy steaks this weekend though. I’ll report back soon.

  3. youngandthrifty says:

    Awe man… it’s almost midnight here and you got me hungry! So how did your steak cooking go for Valentine’s Day?

  4. Salt and pepper it, then sear it in the pan on high heat in a little oil and garlic for a minute or two on the stovetop and move the pan to the oven to finish it off. Hit it with some butter and blue cheese when you are finished.

  5. It may be cheaper but I think it doesn’t taste nearly as good if cooked on a grill.

  6. @ZFarls – Haha. I assure you I want the best steak. But if I wanted the best without regard to cost, I’d go out to eat., where they broil their steaks.

  7. Jo/Gaelicwench says:

    My favorite cut for steak is a Delmonico rib-eye, but because of the high sat fat, I keep this to a couple of times a year. It’s the marbling that gives it its juiciness and wonderful flavor.

    If we eat at home, we opt for the grill and use spices on the meat. Otherwise, we choose a truly nice restaurant – Texas Roadhouse comes to mind. I’ve yet to get an inferior cut of meat from them. Hold the steak sauce!!

  8. With all do respect, please grill the steak.

    If you only eat is a few times a year and are gonna spend money on a prime cut, please go big.
    The difference between paying for gas for the grill and using the broiler can not factor into your decision if your gonna pay extra for a better cut of meat.

    I know its a personal finance site and everything but thats too damn personal, if you cant choose to afford a good way to cook it, dont buy it and keep eating the beans and rice.
    Keep up the good work, but weak post.

  9. Marinating the steak with salt is wrong, it will make the steak tougher. Instead, you marinate it with sugar to caramelize and make it tender. You only pour salt and pepper right before you cook it.