How Long Will it Take to Get Your Tax Refund?

How Long Will it Take To Get Your Tax Refund?

According to the IRS, they will issue “most refunds in 21 days or less.” Every year it was a constant debate on what to do with my tax refund. Should I go on a trip? Should I pay off my student loans? Or should I invest the money?

With a few calculations, I discovered that if I have a tax refund of $2,000 each year and invest it in the market for 15 years at 8%, I will yield about $54,000.

That’s when I started investing my tax return. This may not be the right solution for everyone, but it was the best solution for me.

Still, no matter what you plan to do with your refund, the wait for the money to arrive in your bank account or your mailbox can seem interminable. The IRS used to release a tax refund table each year, which would offer filers an idea of when to expect their refunds based upon when they filed.

However, the IRS has ceased offering this tax refund table, meaning filers are left wondering if they will see their refund within the promised “less than 21 days” window.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, check out the free version of Turbo Tax and get that ball rolling!

If You e-filed Your Tax Return

So how do you find out when your tax refund check will be mailed, or when your direct deposit will be sent? If you e-file, it’s easy to find out. You have a couple of tools at your disposal.

First, the IRS’s “where’s my refund?” site is a great place to find out where your refund is. You can also call the Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954. The IRS suggests waiting 24 hours after your return has been e-filed to start checking on the status.

IRS2Go App

Secondly, you can also download the IRS2Go app on either your iPhone or any Android phone, and you can check the status of your federal tax refund once you file.

Downloading the IRS2Go App gives you five different modules. In the first, you can check the status of your refund by simply entering your social security number, filing status, and refund amount (in whole dollars). I tested it out and was quickly told that I must have entered some information incorrectly. I haven’t filed yet, so that makes sense. The other features are:

  • Payments: Make tax payments through the IRS2Go App. You can choose to pay directly from your bank account or with a debit or credit card. After selecting your payment method, you will be redirected to a website to make a payment.
  • Free Tax Help: This tab will give you options for free tax software as well as locators for tax preparation for the elderly and other specific groups.
  • Connect: Connect with the IRS through Twitter (@IRSnews) or with the IRS YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to get tax tips emailed to you during that tax-filing season and periodically throughout the year.
  • Security: This sets up an extra layer of security when using certain IRS online services.

Now keep in mind that amended, prior year, and business tax returns aren’t available through the website or app.

The Estimated e-File Refund Cycle Chart

Finally, you could take a gander at our estimated IRS e-file refund cycle chart:

Date AcceptedDirect Deposit SentPaper Check Mailed
Jan 15 – 19, 20232/5/20232/9/2023
Jan 20 – 26, 20232/12/20232/16/2023
Jan 27 – Feb 2, 20232/19/20232/23/2023
Feb 3 – 9, 20232/26/20233/2/2023
Feb 10 – 16, 20233/4/20233/9/2023
Feb 17 – 23, 20233/12/20233/23/2023
Feb 24 – Mar 2, 20233/19/20233/23/2023
Mar 3 – 9, 20233/26/20233/30/2023
Mar 10 – 16, 20234/2/20234/6/2023
Mar 17 – 23, 20234/9/20234/13/2023
Mar 24 – 30, 20234/16/20234/20/2023
Mar 31 – Apr 6, 20234/23/20234/27/2023
Apr 7 – Apr 13, 20234/30/20235/4/2023
Apr 14 – Apr 20, 20235/7/20235/11/2023
Apr 21 – Apr 27, 20235/14/20235/18/2023

Keep in mind those numbers are purely estimates. The IRS has NOT released one of these charts for the current filing season, and they do not plan to. For more guidance on this, you should see their refund guide for tax preparers.

You could also look at the 2012 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart, which is the last year that the IRS provided this information. That year’s chart can give you a rough estimate of what to expect for this year. Here are the first few weeks of the chart:

Transmitted and Accepted by IRS betweenDirect Deposit SentPaper Check Mailed
Jan 13 and Jan 19, 2012Thursday, January 26, 2012Monday, January 30, 2012
Jan 20 and Jan 26, 2012Thursday, February 02, 2012Monday, February 06, 2012
Jan 27 and Feb 02, 2012Thursday, February 09, 2012Monday, February 13, 2012
Feb 03 and Feb 09, 2012Thursday, February 16, 2012Monday, February 20, 2012
Feb 10 and Feb 16, 2012Thursday, February 23, 2012Monday, February 27, 2012
Feb 17 and Feb 23, 2012Thursday, March 01, 2012Monday, March 05, 2012
Feb 24 and Mar 1, 2012Thursday, March 08, 2012Monday, March 12, 2012
Mar 02 and Mar 08, 2012Thursday, March 15, 2012Monday, March 19, 2012
Mar 09 and Mar 15, 2012Thursday, March 22, 2012Monday, March 26, 2012
Mar 16 and Mar 22, 2012Thursday, March 29, 2012Monday, April 02, 2012
Mar 23 and Mar 29, 2012Thursday, April 05, 2012Monday, April 09, 2012
Mar 30 and Apr 5, 2012Thursday, April 12, 2012Monday, April 16, 2012
Apr 06 and Apr 12, 2012Thursday, April 19, 2012Monday, April 23, 2012
Apr 13 and Apr 19, 2012Thursday, April 26, 2012Monday, April 30, 2012

Note that the chart shows when the check or direct deposit will be sent, not necessarily received by you. Keep in mind, this is only for those who have chosen to e-file their return. Also, the IRS disclaims that this isn’t a guarantee that your return will be sent on these dates.

If You Mailed Your Return

If you file your return by mail, expect a longer wait. The IRS hasn’t put together a handy calendar for you. Those days are over. So you’ll have to deal with this generic rule: according to the IRS, if your paper return is complete and accurate, you should receive your return six to eight weeks from the time the IRS received your return.

Note that after the four-week mark, you should be able to call into the IRS or use the website or app mentioned above and locate the status of your return.

Why You Get a Tax Refund

The answer to why you get a tax refund is fairly simple. You have more taxes withheld from your paychecks than you owe the IRS. Because of this, they issue a refund.

Deductions you on your tax forms could also play a role in receiving a tax refund. Deductions decrease your taxable income. Popular deductions include various medical expenses, charitable contributions, property taxes, and mortgage interest.

Tax credits are another way that your taxable income can drop, increasing your chances of a refund. Tax credits could include the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and Retirement Savings Contributions Credit.

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Is it Better to Receive a Large Tax Refund or Have More Money in Your Paycheck Every Week?

While it’s fun to get a big, fat tax refund every year, you need to ask yourself “Does it make sense to get a tax refund?” Maybe you’ve never thought about it. You’ve always got one, and it’s better than owing money to the IRS. Perhaps you use your refund to fund a family vacation or to pay off a chunk of your debt. Some people view it as a free shopping spree while others choose to save their tax refund.

The reality is that you don’t have to get one necessarily. Making some changes to your income withholding would allow for fewer taxes to be taken out, leaving you with bigger paychecks year round. What you are doing is giving the government an interest-free loan. You could be putting your money to work for you right away instead of waiting to get a big refund check.

What could you be doing with the extra money in your paychecks if you changed your tax withholding?

Admittedly, it’s always nice to receive a big refund check. It is. However, if you are trying to reach specific financial goals, it might make more sense to have access to that money now instead of waiting for the IRS to send it back to you.

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How to Better Estimate Taxes for the Year

To better estimate your taxes, consider doing a paycheck review.

Do this, grab last year’s tax return and your most recent pay stub. Take a look at what is currently being withheld from your paycheck vs what you actually owed. If you want a smaller tax refund (and more money in your paycheck) you’ll want to get your withholdings as close to your actual tax liability as possible.

Let’s say you paid $6,000 in federal taxes. To figure out what you would you owe per paycheck simply divide $6,000 by the number of paychecks you receive per year. If you are paid every two weeks that is 26 paychecks. So you’d be looking to get your withholdings to $231 per paycheck.

To change your withholdings you will need to complete a new W-4 with your employer. Make a change and see how that affects your withholdings. It may take a few tries to nail it down, but that’s fine. You can fill out as many W-4s as you want.

If your situation changed (or changes) during the year what you paid last year might not be an accurate representation of what you will owe this year. For example, if you had a baby, got married, or had a big change in income your taxes can be affected significantly.

If this is the case, you’ll want to check out the IRS Withholding Calculator. This calculator will be able to tell you how much you should be withholding from your paycheck. Be sure to check out their tips section to make the most of their online tool.

With all of the factors that go into income taxes, like tax credits, deductions, and income streams, it won’t be easy to estimate your withholdings perfectly and end up with a zero refund. However, if you can get close, you will provide yourself with more income immediately to start putting your money to work for you instead of the government.

Also, err on the side of caution. Better to get a small refund than to owe money at tax time.


If you e-file you should receive your refund in 21 days. But consider if you actually want a refund or if you’d rather have more money in your paycheck.

Has the IRS generally followed the “within 21 days rule” with your refunds? How long did you wait for your last refund?

How Long Will it Take To Get Your Tax Refund?

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  1. Avatar Brittanie laraine Poole says:

    I never got my card and I want to know why and why can’t I get in touch with you by your number..

  2. On June 4, I called irs again, and was told I should expect refund in another week no later than the 13th, that everything was ok and approved, they were just finalizing. On June 16 I called as there was no dd. I was then told someone made a mistake and deleted my refund and I would need to resubmit everything within 10 days because they can’t find my paper work. I was directed to submit through usps and to get delivery receipt.They gave me an address, it was wrong because post office was unable to deliver it. I called again and was told to physically bring it to irs office which I did. At the office, I was also told I will need to wait 30 days for them to receive, then to send to correct department and after the 30 days to then wait an additional 6-8 weeks for them to re-process my return…that means I may not see my return till October. I’ve waited 6 months what’s another 3 :((

  3. Avatar RoseinPerry says:

    Mirmz77 I have had the same issue. I called them and they told me i have to answer some security questions. I answered all them right and then she said it will have to be processed now then I will get my refund in 6-8 weeks. That was May 1 when I called. Today is July 11 and still zip!  I go online and stats it is still processing. Never had this happen before.

  4. Mine was sent out on the 13th too And havent received it .. have you?

  5. Avatar HakeemJamaalSmithJenkins says:

    i filed mine through the mail h and r block messed up so i had to do some things on my own ……………pikachu

  6. Avatar HakeemJamaalSmithJenkins says:

    i did my taxes on march 10 2014 i checked the where’s my refund site today 6/21/2014 and my check will be mailed by the 6/27/2014 they took half of my return tho

  7. I filed mines through mail and they said it will b sent on the 11th how long untill i get it

  8. I haven’t received anything as well. I mailed my return Feb 7th. Six weeks later I called since I did not receive any information. I was told it was sent to collections by accident even though I owed nothing. When they saw this, they said it would take 30 days to fix and I should get notice in mail. I called again and I spoke to an IRS agent on April 17th, 2014 because I received letter stating they couldn’t give me any information on my return yet the agent told me it was still being reviewed and it should be between 30 days to 6 weeks before I get my refund. It has been six weeks since April 17th and still no word. IRS2go app states they are unable to give me any information, and where’s my refund site changes day to day from “return received and it is processing” to “no information at this time.” I am quite frustrated and was looking to use refund money to pay for my daughters h.s tuition, if not I will have to borrow from my retirement. I don’t know what to do. When I owed Irs, they were so quick to take the money, and send me a million notices and letters. Yet when it’s time for them to give me back my hard earned money, radio silence, no notices/letters and the big run around that they don’t know why it’s still processing. Is anyone having the same issue?

  9. Avatar Irrate taxpayer says:

    E-filed on Feb 10th. STILL no federal return! IRS said it was sent to a “quality review dept” and it was never sent back to them. Telling me it’ll be AT LEAST 30 days to hear from them about a return. Can I charge the IRS interest? Is there any penalty for them!?!

  10. Avatar MelodyEvaPope says:

    I sent mine in in late March and have not heard a single thing and it’s not the end of May. I recently moved, so the address I used is not the same one on my W2 from work. Also when I try to use where’s my refund or call the number they can’t retrieve any information. I’m just getting used to the fact that I’m not going to get one this year, even though I was really depending on it

  11. Avatar gerberbaby says:

    i file mind feb 5 and was accepted the 5th after 21 days they said starting march 3 they will be holding it for 60 days some flags were raise and it could be many reasons may owe more in taxes they said if they need anything they will send a latter still no nothing  me and my husband file together and we claim our son so may 3 of 20124 will be 60days can they hold it after that

  12. Avatar maurice29 says:

    @cqwalker, i e-filed it cause i paid for it with my credit card, and they have an irs refund cycle chart that said i were to get it by tomorrow. But due to the government shut down, they r a week behind. So i will get next friday according to the chart

  13. Avatar maurice29 says:

    I e-filed my taxes on 2/10/14, they got accepted on the same day, and been processing every since, haven’t gotten approved r nothing, do anyone know why?

  14. WOW!!!!! That is a long time. But it sounds like you paper filed which can take 6 weeks until its even processed. I E-File and I usually have a date in a few days no longer than a week. I e-filed and had a check mailed to me and the whole process check in hand took like 15 days people that e-file and get direct deposit have received their refund in like 8 days for some each case is different. It’s now June and you mailed in March that sounds a little long. All I can comment on is my experience on how long it took. In your case I would call and try to get an actual human on the line to look into the case. Sorry hope it works out for you, these things usually do I know it sucks good luck  TheCqw


  16. Avatar PissedTaxpayer says:

    The numbers on these tables are pure myth.  I filed in mid Feb and still don’t know when I will get my refund.  Funny how they expect us to do the paperwork on their theft of our income and then put off paying overcharges for as long as they want.

  17. Avatar traceyleep says:

    UPDATE: July 11, still no word from IRS, website wheres my refund still says Being Processed.  I am in Florida and have an ordinary return nothing fancy, however a large refund due. Filed end of Feb /early March.

  18. I am in ATLANTA. E-Filed my return in the last week of April. Still NO sign of refund. The website still says 6weeks. Whom do I contact to get my money asap ?

  19. Avatar traceyleep says:

    I posted on May 26 (below) still no refund, still says “being processed” it’s June 18.

  20. Avatar traceyleep says:

    Filed in March, efile, direct deposit. Gotmyrefund first said April 26. Now all it says is “being processed.” Have not recieved any other communication from IRS. Its May 26. No refund yet.

  21. Avatar Ripped Off says:

    My return was accepted on March 8 and, till this year, never took more than 7 to 10 days for my direct deposit.  It is now more than 8 weeks and nothing.  The website still says “within six weeks”  What a crock.  I am increasing my dependents to make my refund zero or as close as possible.

  22. Avatar Madaboutit says:

    Sorry that date is wrong I mean may 15th what the hell is going on ……

  23. Avatar Madaboutit says:

    SamethiNg here my brother filed same day as me and received his but mine, say it being processes and I should receive by April 15:( after my date changed three different time anyone else out there this is happening to

  24. I too filed and was accepted on Feb 4th and had a deposit date of Mar 6th.    Then that day came and went with nothing being deposited.  Then received a letter. the same one everyone else has telling them to wait 45 days before you contact them and you need not send them anything.  It’s now April 13th and it’s really getting frustrating.  You call and they give you no answers.  May 2nd will be 45 days from the date of the letter hopefully something will happen before then?!

  25. Once your delayed you just don’t know. I filed 03-10 and received a review letter saying they need nothing further. If you go to IGITMYREFUND.COM you’ll see there are all kinds of people still waitiing since January. Does the Irs web say you have a processing delay because thats the first sign that your looking at weeks of delays.

  26. I mailed in my tax return and received a date to get my refund of March 27, 2012… that day came and went and the day after my WMR status changed to – your return has been received and is being processed”. I am curious if any of you have had this happen and what happens now???? THANKS

  27. I mailed in my tax return and received a date to get my refund of March 27, 2012… that day came and went and the day after my WMR status changed to – your return has been received and is being processed”. I am curious if any of you have had this happen and what happens now???? THANKS

  28. Avatar Oil Change Coupons says:

    UPDATE: I mailed in my forms on March 15th.  I opted for direct deposit, and I got it on April 3rd.  About 2 weeks, AND they even took out what I have owed them since last year.  Surprisingly easy tax return this year.  

  29. Ughhhhh. My employer didnt take enough out again this year so it looks like that big refund I was hoping for will turn into a little one.

  30. Widowed in November.  efiled and accepted March 8.  Today is April 2.  Nothing yet.

  31. E-filed on 3/17. Direct deposit supposed to arrive today 3/29. Nothing.

  32. any updates for anyone that received a review letter just stating they are going to do a thorough review but need nothing more.

  33. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    the wmr site is now saying due to processing delays i should recieve my refund by april 10 whats going on i havent recieved a letter or anything but its been over a month since i filed

    1.  @amanda23glass
       Same happened to me first and then yesterday I received a letter saying that they were go to review my return and not to call for 60 days. My return was accepted 03-10. They gave four reasons why I could have been selected and none apply to me. All the information I have on my return that they listed they can check in their own system. Its’ nonsense. They are using excuses so they won’t have to pay us until they get paid by people that owe them. In my letter they didn’t ask for any additional items just for me to wait.

  34. I am no longer going to efile. When you send a paper return you send all the w2s, 109, etc. that show your being honest. So many of these reviews are being done just because they don’t have the original documents. I just received a letter for a review for up to 60 days. There is sbsolutely nothing on that return that they can’t look  into their own computor system and verify. For now on I will send a paper return with all the paperwork attached because those people are getting their refunds. IRS has now given me a tax advocate because I am need of this money for medical purposes. We’ll see how that goes. Really disappointed in our government.

  35. Avatar PennyBault says:

    I filed in early february with an injured spouse form. When I checked the wmr site it said march 13 then on the 13 changed to march 20 on march 20 it changed to processing and received with no other information can anyone tell me how much longer i should have to wait. about to lose my phone and lights and internet which i use to go to college online so stressing this really bad.

    1.  @PennyBault same thing here…in total your looking at a wait of 8-11 weeks until you recieve your refund. IRS processing for injured spouse…its on the IRS website and i called and confirmed…i file jan 23 and accepted the 24th…its now 4/4/12 and wheres my refund just updated my date to be mailed out on 4/6.

  36. Does anyone know how long does it take for the state tax refund to come, if you mailed in your tax return. I live in kansas! It

  37. Avatar rubyreddawgy says:

    efiled my taxes on feb. 14. two weeks later it was bounced back because of a wrong birth date of one of my foster kids. Our tax preparer re sent it on march 1. 
    wheres my refund stil says no information avaliable please check you ss number ect, Everything is right. Why is it not acknowledging even receiving it. 

    1. Avatar amanda23glass says:

      because of the mistake it may take a little longer hold tight your money will get to u soon

  38. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    dam this is not makin any sence i went to the wmr site to see what the process of my return was an it now says we have recieved your return an it is bein processed thats it no should recieve by nothing but yesterday it said should recieve by the 20 which is today i filed on 2/27 an got accpected the same day. i dont know what it means? with no date does that mean im gettin aduited? will i get my money first then will i get aduited ? someone please help

    1.  @amanda23glass
       I don’t think your getting an audit…….Unless perhaps you have been giving the I.R.S. fraudulent information and they caught on to you but only you know the answer to that, and I don’t want to know.I’m not saying you are I’m just throwing ideas out there.If in fact you are getting an audit you will not recieve any funds until the audit is complete and a refund amount is established.I’m not trying to scare you but I heard an audit is alot of stuff that usually involves you hiring a tax lawyer and the audit can go back into your finances several years not just this year. 

      1.  @cqwalker  @amanda23glass
         You do not have to do anyting wrong to be audited. My return is to the penny with absolutely nothing that I can’t verify as true. And because of the audit they have my refund on hold so you also do not get any of your refund money until they are done. 

  39. Praise be to GOD in the most high. I recieved my check today 3/19/12.It was mailed from Philadelpha,PN. I live in Chicago, IL. It was mailed Friday 3/16/12 And I received it today Monday 3/19/12 @ 4:30 pm (CST).Not bad.I e-filed 3/6/12 and was accepted same day 3/6/12 no direct deposit paper check mailed.

  40. this site has been pretty quiet, I’m assuming that people who were waiting perhaps recieved their money and ran off without posting an update. Chelsea323,Britttbrattt,amanda23glass,Rob1,whats up? When I get my check I will post so others with questions may have a referance according to my post along with others who have followed thru.

  41. I filed and was accepted on 3/6/12 I have a paper check being mailed to me the date I was given for the check to be mailed was 3/16/12 my date never changed. Today 3/17/12 I checked my status on the IRS web site and it now says that my check was mailed on 3/16/12 so the check is in the mail.Some people have different circumstances which is why it might take longer for some people to get their tax refund than others.God willing my return had no issues and I’M getting my refund on time right on time. I know everybody needs their money it will come I know it sucks waiting and not knowing where it is and its easy for me to say be patient and all that stuff because my money is comming.But for those that don’t know I’ve been there and I know your frustation all I can offer are words of hope be thankful your getting a refund cause many aren’t.

  42. Avatar RebeccaJaymi says:

    Really confused. My mom and I filed on same day, her refund came thru last week, I’m STILL waiting on mine…don’t know how I’m going to make it the next week let alone if I have to wait til April now like most I’ve seen comment 🙁

    1. Avatar Madaboutit says:


  43. Avatar chelsea323 says:

    got news just galled the tax advocate hot line and the lady said that i have a dd date for 3/21 if i dont have it by then call i.r.s. if you have face book find this group 2011 tax refund delays (5405form,1301 or 1481 Error codes..there is about 8000 people have our problems and they r all giving help as much as possible ..i will come back and let you know if i got it but go on fb if you can a lot of great advice and you can vent …lol good luck to us all…

  44. Avatar KrystleMarieWheeler says:

    I did my refund on Feb.27,2012, and nothing plus they have no info for me on the site to give not sure whats going on? does anyone no if they can tell you on the phone when it doesn’t give you any info???

  45. Avatar britttbrattt says:

    i filed on 02/27 and the wmr site is saying it was direct deposited on 03/14. no money omg im going crazy anyone else with this problem?

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @britttbrattt depends on your bank took me 48hrs…

    2. Avatar chelsea323 says:

       @britttbrattt call your bank to see if they recieved anything if not call1 877 777 4778 and ask for advocate  they will ask you if you have hardship such shutoff notice late payments and they can see what irs see and they can let you know also..tell them you have hardship and cut off will be 3/21……

  46. filed on 3/6/12 accepted on 3/6/12 I did efile with a paper check to be mailed to me they gave me a date of 3/16/12 for the check to be mailed and my  mailing date has never changed..yet… god willing I should have it on monday or tuesday the lateist. I will let you know when I get it I live in Chicago.

  47. Avatar chelsea323 says:

    Filed on 2/29 told get back by 13th or 14th now saying 4/24 wtf can anybody tell me if they got this also …this is so stressful they quick to take but slow to give….GOVERMENT ROBBING US SLOWLY THE BILL COLLECTORS DONT WANT EXCUSES …..ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!

    1. Avatar miasophia says:

       @chelsea323 I received the same response and filed/accepted 3/1. 4/24 is the expected refund  date on the site and used e-file through a tax preparer. 

      1. Avatar chelsea323 says:

        call the tax advocate to see if you got a real dd date the number is 1 877 777 4778..tell them you have hardship like shut office notice lights or gas…

  48. First then said 3/13/2012 not they said April 24? I filed 3/6/2012

    1. Avatar chelsea323 says:


  49. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    i just went on the wmr site yesterday it said i should recieve my refund 3/13 that it was still processin now it says 3/20 is when i should recieve it. which that date will be 21 days exactly from the time my return got excepted. im startin to get confused. does anyone know if i should receive a dd before that date on that date or after that date ??

  50. Avatar this sucks says:

    SO upset – Filed end of Feb, told me my date was March 13, that was yesterday and when I pulled it up yesterday it said it has been received and it is processing. Now today it says due to long process times I won’t received it till APRIL 24! What is the world should I do?? this is crazy- if I would have known that i would have gone to H & R and got the refund on the spot..

    1. Avatar chelsea323 says:

       @this sucks

  51. My DD made it today 3/14..the day the WMR said. Efiled Feb 2.   A month and half of waiting over.

  52. We filed ours last feb. 3 through and IRS accepted it feb.4 , after couple of days I checked the IRS where’s my refund website at first the website says they’re unable to confirm it and then I checked the next 3 days and stated that we will received our refund dd on March 6th, on March 5th i checked the irs website again and now its says your return has been accepted and is now being processed, If you filed and correct and accurate return you will receive it within six weeks. But still not in my bank.. very frustrating..

    1. Avatar Shannon Haley says:

       @Shanna  I just had the same issue and was concerned. Have you gotten your refund yet? I was concerned but feel a bit better that I am not alone.

  53. My return was accepted on Jan.28th and I was given a refund date of feb. 14th which switched to “processing, within 6 weeks”.  It’s been 6 1/2 weeks and I’m still waiting and haven’t figured out how to get ahold of anything that doesn’t just say check where’s my refund or I’ll have it within 6 weeks.  Anyone have any idea what to do when it’s been beyond what they’re telling you the dd date is?

    1. I lucked out and got an agent on the phone who really looked at my return. I was still getting the ‘within 6 weeks’ notice. She was able to give me date that the IRS would be done processing it. After that was done, I got my DD date-which is tomorrow, so here’s hoping. But the info was good to know.
      I would try calling them and asking them to look through the whole file and look for any dates.

  54. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    the wmr site says that i should recieve my refund by march 13 tomorrow is the 13th but its still says that its processin even though i don’t have a dd will i recieve my refund tomorrow ???? or will i get a dd?? im so confused

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @amanda23glass I was suppose to recive mine today but its not there wmr says your refund is schedule for dd on 3/12 contact them if I don’t receive by 3/17 so for your question I really don’t know I’m confused also….

      1.  @Babiegirl  @amanda23glass keep us posted. My DD is 3/14, so I hope it goes in.

  55. 2 more days. Longest wait ever!

  56. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

    Finally another DD date of march 14 hope it gets there this time.Its the 3rd dd date Ive had

  57. Avatar RosearyGang says: my 4 thousnd gud luk everybody

  58. Avatar eileenrae says:

    Me and my boyfriend mailed our taxes the same day after a long wait they both showed up on the IRS where’s my refund our original day was April 3rd his was direct doposited early last Wednesday my date got changed to April 10 then. Changed to recieved and proccessing(no date) now it sayss no worried should I be?

    1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      call them theyll tell u wasup@eileenrae

    2. Avatar eileenrae says:

      Still no DD, just says received and processing I called no other info except they said it processing..

  59. Update. finally! WMR gave DD date of March 14. If not in the bank by March 19, call my bank then IRS. I had e-filed Feb 2, so anyone else out still waiting….it will get there.

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @kfab good for you how long did it take to get an hdd for you I waited 2 weeks

  60. Avatar Babiegirl says:

    Is this a hdd your refund is schedule to be direct deposit 3/12 if your refund is not credited to yourbank by 3/17 please call us on 3/17 because we are unable to do any actions by then…. will this be accurate for those of you who received a refund??

    1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

       @Babiegirl  – Yes. Once you receive this message it will be credited to your account on the day it says. Once I got this message it was deposited on time. It didn’t go through any earlier but it was there when it said it would be. Congrats!

      1.  @MandyCrow  @Babiegirl Did you get it at midnight on your dd date?  Babie-I efiled on Feb 2 and today was the first day I was ever given a DD date. It was a nightmare this year.

        1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

          @kfab @MandyCrow no not yet I hope Monday mine come…

        2. Avatar MandyCrow says:

           @kfab   – I have no idea when it was posted. I checked it at 12 am on the dot and it wasn’t there yet. i then checked it around 7:30ish that morning and it was there. My bank doesn’t show the times of deposits, just the date’s. 

  61. Avatar Babiegirl says:

    Any one schedule direct deposit 3/12 recived anything today?

    1. Avatar dadddyygootzmoney says:

       @Babiegirl i got mines schdule for today u shuld get ur on the 12th on earlier

      1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

        @dadddyygootzmoney Did U get urs today ?

      2. Avatar Babiegirl says:

        @ daddyygootzmoney Also what did your status say did it say your refund will be schedule on 3/9 if not recived on 3/14 please call no actions can be taken until then…..

  62. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    another tip wmr has only been working for me around 8 pm to about 8 am then dies out try that people

  63. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    anyone no the wait.time on the state return

  64. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    i filed my taxes on feb 27 and as of today its saying sstill processing an i should recieve my refund by march 13.. really how long does processing take.. anyone else have the should recieve refund by the 13

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @amanda23glass I have 3/12 no later than 3/17 I’ve been waiting since 2/8 finally I have an dd hoping ill get it before Monday….

      1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

        ull get it the 12th a dd of the 9th and the rep from irs said no earlier but not guranted by 9th if dont recive by 14 call bak@Babiegirl

        1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

          @RosearyGang Did u get anything today ?

        2. Avatar RosearyGang says:

          yes I did…..ull get on the 12 did u recive ur state im still waitin for mine@Babiegirl

    2. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      usally once u get that it takes 3days till u get a dd thats wat happen for me atleast@amanda23glass

    3. Avatar LaChelle V says:

       @amanda23glass I am receiving that same message….as of this morning…nothing!

  65. Avatar William1234567 says:

    Still nothing from WMR for me still saying six weeks,that thing really does not work you would assume at least one time out of the past 5 weeks it would work for me,nope not at all,why have something there to use when it doen’t work its a waste of domain space -.-‘

  66. Avatar Babiegirl says:

    Does anyone that has a dd of 3/12 if not recived by 3/17 have a refund yet?

  67. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    heres my story mailed out on the 20th.. recievd and prossecing march 2nd now says dd of march 9 and to call if I dont recive by the 14 wish me luk I feel like mine was faster then efile

    1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      mailed out feb 20*

  68. Hi everybody. i filed on Feb. 6th, accepted Feb. 6th…deposit date Feb. 28th, went to bank…no deposit, called the next day same thing. i called the IRS the 29th of Feb., said there is a “hold” on my refund. First of all why didn’t the stupid IRS website “wheres my refund” say that it was on hold? Second, why wouldn’t ANYONE at the IRS know why it is on hold? Lastly, my taxes are very simple..i don’t make much money, just me my 2 daughters& my granddaughter.  No business, houses, student loans..just claiming me and my girls. No one at the IRS tells me anything more than “you should be receiving a letter” Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated 

    1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      u might have iput sumtnvwrong for ur direct deposit@dani

    2. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @dani did where’s my refund tell you your refund was dd on 2/28?

  69. Is anyone even getting a date on the WMR? Mine just says 6 weeks and processing.

    1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

       not me still waiting and there is no help when you talk to IRS

      1.  @bigbarneyhateswaiting Called, on hold for 15 min. She told me my 2011 wasnt posted. She had only pulled up my info from 2010.
        But she really looked at the info and gave me some answers and some dates. (Like I mentioned before, I had switched the names on the returns from previous years and it messed up everything) but she really looked at the returns and gave me some dates. I now have answers. Processing date will be completed on mine 3/12. Refund issued after that. I can at least call on 3/12 and get a dd date.
        I don’t know if you can reach a specific person but her names was Mrs. Mower and ID # 0901642.
        Good luck. Waiting that long still sucks!  800-829-0582 ext362

      2.  @bigbarneyhateswaiting Any new info for you?

    2. Avatar William1234567 says:

       @kfab mines too your not alone

  70. Avatar Babiegirl says:

    My state is being process but my federal has no info do this means ill be getting my federal soon help me out here?

    1. Avatar William1234567 says:

       @Babiegirl i honestly think that this year is just all crazy all together like i said a couple of post down i filed on the 13th of Jan and i actually got my state in before the federal got my state on the 3rd of FEB but here it is still waiting for my federal,i really pray every night that i get a call from my tax preparer with good news, all i can do is hope.

  71. any 3/6 or 3/7 get deposits today?

    1.  @kathyj mine was due on 3/6 and now it’s 3/7 and still not deposited, but though the wmr page said I would receive it 3/6 my tax preparer said I would receive it 3/9.  So let’s just see how things go.  Aside from that now the wmr page says as of today that “it’s still processing and can take up to 3 weeks”  I’m really anxious for it but I guess I have no choice but to wait, it’ll eventually get here. 

  72. I filed Feb 2 and I’m still waiting. WMR just says 6 weeks. I called the IRS and they told me because last year we filed with my info first on the return and my husbands secondary and switched it this year that it threw everything for a loop and ‘still processing’.
    I thought technology was a tad more advanced than that. Just match up the SS#! Damn!

  73. Avatar William1234567 says:

    I filed on the 13th of January for RAC estimated for a 1/25 release well no they irs says something about my codes not being up till the 30th of Jan so then i called and then they said i have to wait 45 days including week ends for mines that’s insane here is today March 6th i know 45 days is till like th 15th of March but i was growing inpationt so i called to get an update so they stay telling me my refund its still being reviewed/Process to wait till the end of the 45 day period and if haven’t received anything to call them back and that as long as i don’t receive a letter from them everything is ok with the return,im so scared rite now im on a death row bill situation rite now with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way 🙁

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      Don’t feel bad I been waiting since Feb8 & still don’t.have a dd I called to order transcripts hopefully ill get a refund soon its tells me its been process
      & no actual dd this has been the worst tax season for me ever nx year ill just mail my return my sister did on 1/19 &her return was sent in 4 weeks i just don’t understand what’s the problem with the systems im really pissed about this:(

  74. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    what makes reviewing take long I doupt it take more then 5 mins per person ?

    1. Avatar William1234567 says:

       @RosearyGang this is the same thing i would like to know anyone?

  75. Avatar chrislebron863 says:

    I efiled on the 19th of Jan and I was supposed to been have it in the mail , but they sent something in the mail saying we know your refund is important but its still under review a week or two ago I look on wmr and it still says still processing please fill me in …

  76. Avatar Babiegirl says:

    By ordering transcripts will that give me an for sure due date on when my taxes will arrive I’ve been waiting since 2/22/12 nothing i filled on 2/8/12 wmr tells me nothing can anyone help me out here?

    1.  @Babiegirl some people have said that as soon as they could order transcripts their money was released, others said it didnt make a difference. 

      1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

        @kathyj thanks I’m going to go ahead & try that this has been a nightmare Im happy im not the only one still waiting..

  77. Hi guys! I filed the 19th of JAN and was accepted a couple hrs later. First it showed a ” u should have ur refund by… ” but then went to the dreaded 6 week message. This was over a month ago. WMR still shows that message but I was told by a tax rep my refund will b issued the first week of march, I called today and they still show it is processing . My question is this: if I was able to order both transcripts Saturday, should I get my refund soon? I have seen a lot of talk about the transcripts, but didn’t see any definite answers. Thanks!

    1.  @Adb5112 hey i filed before jan 26 i was able order both my account and return transcripts last week, i received them today but still havent got any money and on wmr is says i should receive my refund by march 6. In addition ive called irs guys and they say my refunds are being reviewed and that i should ignore the date on wmr.

    2. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

       Ive had my transcript 3 days now in hand and im still waiting on refund

      1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

        @bigbarneyhateswaiting @Adb5112 how long it take to receive transcript & did it tell you anything like a dd etc….?

        1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

           @Babiegirl  @bigbarneyhateswaiting  @Adb5112
           8 days to get it in mail and no dd dates just a copy of what I efiled this year

    3. Avatar William1234567 says:

       @Adb5112 i am on a similar boat 🙁 look at my post up top lol

  78. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    so it preety much takess 30 to 35 days to get refund bak from most that have got thers..

  79. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    so it preety much takes 30 days to get refund bak from most that have got thers

  80. Avatar mochalattay says:

    So I mailed my return in on Feb 5th it got accepted on Feb 18th the WMR gave me a DD date on May 1st saying my refund is scheduled to be Direct deposit date of March 5th and it was there March 5th at 12 am (:  Just an update just in case someone new comes along that mailed there’s in. Good luck to everyone else and I’m sure your refund will be there soon if it’s not there already! 

    1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      u give me hope lol if.i get mine around the same time line as u I got 13 long days to go@mochalattay

  81. anyone get good news lst night?

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @kathyj Got mine (: 12:00 am 🙂 Yours will be there in 2 days (:

      1.  @mochalattay  @kathyj When did you get F/A? I was F/A on 2/9 and WMR gives me the 9001 message 🙁 It’s nice to hear other have received their refunds….it means there is hope for the rest of us still waiting….

        1.  @jcr2012  @mochalattay I wasnt one that has waited forever like some.  I filed and was accepted on feb18th.  was in imbo for a while but got a dd date for 3/7 now 🙂

  82. Avatar blessedandhighly favored says:

    I filed on 2/13/12, was accepted on the 13th and am stuck on 2/28/12 on WMR and the 1-800-829-1954. My son filed on the 2/20/12 and got a DD date today of 03/07/12, minus a past due tax obligation of $1,100, that we have no idea what it is. We’ll take the balance and fight later. Blessings and Love to those of us that are still waiting. Remember in his wors he said to be anxious for nothing but in all things give thanks. We still have a lot to be thankful for.

    1. We also were supposed to receive a refund from the State but they also took $1,100 of our refund for a debt that was supposedly not paid in 1996.   Can’t believe they would go back 15 years!  God knows we don’t have the records to substantiate whether this is correct or not.  

    2. how did you find out about the $1100.00 tax obligation (deduction)? did it tell you on the irs wmr site or did you find out by calling the 800 number?

  83. Hard dd date for 3/7 FINALLY!  Now if it actually comes i will be so friggin happy!

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @kathyj Yayyy!!!!! (:

  84. no update for me so far….still sitting on BY feb 28th 🙁

  85. I am sorry to see so many still waiting.

  86. Avatar brokeashell says:

    your moneys coming been through the same thing you all are going through its coming’

    1. Avatar Babiegirl says:

      @brokeashell how long u been waiting & when did u receive it?

  87. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

    Update !!!!  If youve been waiting a while on a return and think that if you can oreder a transcript that it means your getting money soon don’t be fooled. I have waited and ordered  a transcript and received the transcript today but still have no money and still no date for my DD.  i filed Feb 3rd and was accepted Feb 3rd

    1. Avatar Just another day says:

      @bigbarneyhateswaiting Did you try calling them??? I called and they said that I should have my money deposited in my account on the 7 of this month. But I guess there’s only one way to find out:)

      1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

         @Just another day  @bigbarneyhateswaiting
         I called and they said it could be delayed for a number of reasons but the IRS is behind and it could take up to 6 weeks from date I was accepted

    2. Avatar brokeashell says:

       @bigbarneyhateswaiting and you still havent got any news ?

      1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

         still no date on WMR  still says withinj 6 weeks and I called h and r bank and they still havent received it yet

    3. Avatar janeilj25 says:

       @bigbarneyhateswaiting Same here wth!!! Call and they tell me its in there system but they don’t have a dd for me !! I have been patient but i’m starting to thin k i’m never going to get it ? It say’d on the wmr within six weeks if iv’e filed a complete and accurate return well if i didn’t wouldn’t they have informed me by now i filed feb 3 got excepted the same day had a msg saying by the 6th of march now i’m getting within six weeks ?Anyone have the same problem ?and received there’s? 

  88. Avatar Just another day says:

    I been waiting for exactly a month as of today, and I finally was able to order a transcript. Didn’t know which one but So i order both. Lol. I’m so tired of hearing the IRS give me excuses. Like how I’m a first time filer and blah blah blah. Just give me my money! This is not fair, the IRS should be ashame of them selves because they don’t understand that they are hurting a lot of family. I hope to get my money soon, I hope we all do. Seems like everyone been getting their money and let us here hangin. If you have any questions I will try to help I been here for awhile.

  89. another morning with the BY Feb 28th date 🙁

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @kathyj Have you called Kathy?

      1.  @mochalattay Yes i called and i dont get any information other than it is still in processing, they dont see a problem and i will get it within 6 weeks….blah blah blah

        1. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @kathyj Aww well can’t wait to you get that message giving you a direct deposit date (:

  90. Anyone get a status update today?  Mine went from BY feb 28th last night to no info all day today.  I just checked it again and now its back to BY feb 28th.  Some money in my bank account would be amazing!

    1. Kathj
      I also have a direct deposit date of Feb 28th and at this moment Friday March 2, I have recived nothing. I try to call, but its an endless loop.

  91. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

    I filed on feb 3 and got accepted same day. I was able to order transscript on 22nd and still no money or date. mine still says witin 6 weeks

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @bigbarneyhateswaiting That’s scares me… I mailed my return in on the 5th of Feb, it didn’t get accepted until the 18th of Feb. Since then 18th I been getting a refund by date and today I checked the site it actually said my refund will be deposited on March 5th… So I ordered a transcript because I heard that once you are able to order a transcript your refund is ready or done processing… Have you called the IRS?

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @bigbarneyhateswaiting Also the site doesn’t really work… It’s saying no info for me as well and that’s why I called the IRS. 

  92. any new updates for anyone?  None for me 🙁

  93. Avatar mochalattay says:

    Houston we have a problem!!!!!!!! Ok so I got a Direct Deposit date of MARCH 5th. Before it was telling me a BY date but now it says scheduled DDD… Why I don’t know but I just went on WMR site to put my information in again lol to make sure it was telling me the same thing because it keeps switching up on me and now it’s say I may have entered my info wrong which Trust me I DIDN’T! Has this ever happened to anyone, have you checked the site got a DDD and then later on checked it again to make sure nothing’s changed and got that screen with no info saying maybe you put your info wrong? I’m on hold with IRS now to see what’s that all about but just curious! Thank you (:

  94. Avatar saulbedollajr says:

    Mine was accepted 2/8 its 3/1 and I still hsvent received anyone in the same boat as me?

    1.  @saulbedollajr ME!! Mine got accepted on 2/9. WMR said DD on 2/23 and now its 3/1 and nothing in my bank account. I dont know what to do or whats going on. Has anyone received theirs with a DD of 2/23??

      1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

         @jcr2012   –  Yes. I e-filed on the 4th got accepted the same day and then it kept telling me that I would receive it by the 6th of March. It finally gave me an actual Direct Deposit date of 2/23 and it was in my bank account that morning at around 6 am. People are confusing the BY date with the actual DD date. Usually when it gives you a scheduled DD date, you get it by that date. And don’t freak out if it tells you that you entered your info wrong or that it doesn’t have any info for you. It did that to me numerous times but all was still well and I received my money when it said I would. Hope you get it soon!

        1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

           @jcr2012  – Also, if you were given an actual DD date and you have not received it then wait 5 days and then call the IRS.

      2. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @jcr2012  @saulbedollajr Have you called the IRS to see what’s going on?

      3. Avatar saulbedollajr says:

        @jcr2012 @saulbedollajr I heard anyone who did their taxes 2/3-2/14 have been effected the most about not getting an accurate date. Cycle looks like its thrown off by 3 pay cycles so between these dates we might be looking at 3/15 unless IRS gets a handle to this situation

        1. Avatar saulbedollajr says:


        2.  @saulbedollajr Thanks so much for all the info everyone!! Well its now 3/2 and still no refund. I am hoping and praying that i get it by 3/15. I really counted on that money and i can’t believe they are taking this long. It just bothers me that WMR still says your money was DD on feb 23 please contact your bank if the money is not there. Well i have and they see nothing pending. I dont know what else to do but wait…and be mad at the IRS!!! Oh and i have called the IRS they keep giving me dumb excuses, one rep said you’ll get it on 3/2 today and nothing and another said you gave the wrong account number, well i checked my 1040 and the numbers are correct!! They dont know what they’re talking about!!!

  95. Avatar mochalattay says:

    Yay! WMR has gave me a due date! March 5th, FINGERS CROSSED! & I mailed mine in on the 5th of February it got accepted on the 18th of February if that helps anyone!

    1.  @mochalattay did they give you march 5th as a deposit date or a BY date?  you should be able to order transcipts either online or by phone…I hope you get your money soon 🙂

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @kathyj Thank you kindly! & I actually got a Direct Deposit date this time, so I ordered a transcript online to make sure they were for real this time (: I hope you get your money soon too! We ALL NEED IT! 

    2. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

      @mochalattay so i wonder simce mine was accepted the 18th electronically if mine will be due march 5

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @MeganShanahan  That would be nice (: I was informed that the WMR site is not working but it has been working for my family and me SoOoOo I would say check it and if your not getting any info from that call them, I didn’t hesitate to call to see what was going on 🙂

      2.  @MeganShanahan  @mochalattay I just checked mine again and it and it is now telling me that i entered info wrong….OMFG!

        1. Avatar mochalattay says:

          That’s because the WMR site is tripping this year. IRS said use it as a guideline only but don’t depend solely on it. You can call the IRS and they can give you more accurate information. Which may be that it is still processing but I REALLY DON’T THINK YOU HAVE THAT MUCH LONG TO GO (: Anyday now you will get an DD DATE instead of a By date…. I checked the WMR site again after I had a scheduled due date and guess what it said, I put in wrong info lol I called IRS they said the site doesn’t work so call them if you want accurate real time results (:

  96. Am I still the lone holdout…still saying I should receive it BY feb28th….no update…no money…no answers 🙁

    1. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

       @kathyj None here either 🙁 

      1.  @MeganShanahan hopefully someday soon we will get good news

        1. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

          @kathyj ugh so i wonder if march 5first is our lucky day? If mochas was accepted 18th so was mine..

        2.  @MeganShanahan  @kathyj I sure hope so…this is making me gray before my time.  I just checked wmr again and now it tells me they have no info on my return 🙁  I am so tired of not knowing.

  97. Avatar eileenrae says:

    I sent in a paper file on Feb 1, it just yesterday showed that it was received…do I count 6 weeks from now or will I get my return sooner?

    1.  @eileenrae this year….there is no telling when you will receive it.  No one at the irs knows WTH is going on.  No straight answers from anyone 🙁

  98. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

    I got mine today. I hope you all get yours soon. This has been the worse year I have seen for getting our money back. Maybe next year they will think about doing all their computer upgrades in the off season, instead of putting all of us through this.

    1. Avatar saulbedollajr says:

      @sandsurf15 when did you file

  99. Avatar jap4ever2003 says:

    I hate the IRS !!! they got my hopes up it is doing the same thing as before giving me a dd date and its not here! 🙁

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @jap4ever2003 a due date as in your refund is scheduled to be DIRECT DEPOSITED on such and such date if it is not deposited on this date give us a call or you should receive your refund by such and such date?

  100. My taxes were accepted on Feb 14th I had a dd date of Feb 28 2012 when I checked my acct
    it was not there I wated till today to check wmr site and now it saying it’s being proccesed I mean it was bad enough I had to let my brother claim my children because someone used my ss to file my taxes and they sent them a turbo tax card with my taxes then they told me to either wait for up to 2 years to solve it or let my brother claim my kids and now I still have to wait because of all this bs fraud going on this is just not right to the tax payers

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

      Sounds like something I went through… Someone claimed my son on there income taxes using his SSN (they e-filed) So when I went to do my taxes I tried to E-File as well and mine got rejected ): So I had to print my return out and MAIL it in which makes me have to wait 6-8 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks… I also checked the WMR site and it said I should receive my refund by Feb 28th but from my understanding if it says you should receive it by a certain date that means it is still processing… It has to say, Your refund has been scheduled to be direct deposited into your account by such and such date. That means it is no longer processing. 

  101. I filed on 1/31, it was accepted 1/31, and im still waiting.  I was told 2/13, then 2/23, and last week it was 2/28.  Now im told 3/06.  Im so glad I efiled through H&R Block, so that I could get a quick return…. this is insans.

    1.  @mkrod same exact thing is happening to me and today still no return anyone who filed on 1/31 receive anything i cant check the site its not saying anything so i guess i will call tomorrow

  102. Glad to see that  you are all getting your money today!  I am still waiting 🙁

  103. Thank You JESUS!!!! My money is finally here….People I just want to let y’all know, have faith and try your best to be patient. It wasn’t easy for us that recently received our refunds, I pray that everyone will receive their money. Thanks to everyone or all the helpful info, I will be checking in momentarily to help out with any questions that able to answer. God bless:)

    1. Avatar saulbedollajr says:

      @staeluv did you file in Jan? Its helpful if you provide dates then we can calculate how far behind the Irs is. Ours was excepted 2/7 wmr originally indicated 2/28 now it says 6 weeks

      1.  @saulbedollajrI filed 2/2 I was unable to see any info on WMR for 3 weeks. So I knew that it was still processing. Then it gave me a by date which was 3/06, I ordered a transcript then the date changed the next day to 2/29. I received my refund yesterday.

      2.  @saulbedollajr You can also click on my profile so you can read all my comments.

  104. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Yeah!!! Mine are finally in! Filed Feb 3rd! Received Feb 29th !

  105. Finally my taxes are in. It has been a long wait this year. I wiil be checking on the rest of you guys. Hang tight.

  106. Avatar Waitingonfeb29 says:

    @kathyj I filed tha 4th got accepted tha 4th just got my refund today 2/29 and tha WMR site still says no info Bae just chill leave WMR alone it does not work but like the IRS told me if u don’t owe or have an offset it will come I waited over four weeks n got NO info tha whole time

  107. Avatar jap4ever2003 says:

    OMG OMG OMG i went on the jackson hewitt website and it usually always says processing on the federal tax return section and now it says direct deposited!! ahhh my dd date is tommorro so i think its really there !! 🙂 

  108. so here I sit all alone I think….did everyone else get their refund but me?  I filed my daughters the same day as mine and she got hers today 🙁  Nothing for me.  It is still saying SHOULD BE REFUNDED BY FEB 28TH!  

    1.  @kathyj Usually if it says by then it’s still processing. If it says your refund will be dd on a date then it is done processing and you should receive your refund on that date.

      1.  @staeluv how long before it is getting sent does the status change on the wmr site? anyone know?  It did say March 6th and then last week changed to feb 28th….the refund cycle thing says feb 29th….I called today and all they would tell me is the same thing the wmr site said.  NO HELP!

        1.  @kathyj Do WMR say by 2/28 or dd on 2/28?

        2.  @staeluv by 🙁

        3.  @kathyj Ok, just be patient…it will be there soon:) Just have faith, this year has been super crazy with the IRS!! I needed my money weeks ago but it was nothing I could do. I never spoke wiyh anyone @the IRS office. I just kept checking the WMR website. Things will work out. I had to fall back from this site for a few days because I started to get even more frustrated…since I came back on I’ve been reading everyone’s post about not getting their money, I’m starting to freak out again instead of trusting God. If your taxes were done properly you’ll get your money:)

        4.  @staeluv  @the Just checked the wmr refund site again…and now its telling me they have no information about my refund……I am about to have a heart attack 🙁

        5.  @kathyj Honey you may just have to wait at least another week to get some real info. You have to realize that you just mailed your return off a little over a week ago. The IRS is still probably still a little delayed. I e-filed and had to wait 3 weeks to get any info…My state return hasn’t even been processed yet.

        6.  @staeluv I didnt mail it I efiled it.  I know there isnt anything i can do about it.  Just making me crazy that you cant get any real information from the irs….and that there is no clear way to figure out when you will get anything.

        7.  @kathyj Oh okay….I know it’s so crazy, but you can’t drive yourself crazy then you can’t spend your refund. That’s why you need to take a deep breath and get off this site…seriously!! My sister thought I was crazy and I had to get off this site. I’m telling you the truth, some people can’t handle rejection well. I’m one of those people! You can’t change anything by worrying but make yourself sick!!! RELAX…..

        8. Avatar KrystleMarieWheeler says:

           @kathyj  @staeluv some lady from the IRS just told me they are reviewing them for some reason and she can’t give me a date , and that’s why it says no information yet..

    2.  @kathyj I filed on 2/2, I didn’t get any info on the WMR website for 3 weeks. Then on the 2/22 I finally had a date of by 3/6. I saw on here that some folks were ordering transcripts and would receive their refund in a couple of days. So I then tried to order one on 2/23 but was unable to. They had not even changed my address yet @the IRS. So try to order a transcript again on 2/24 and I was able to. I was also able to use my new address so I knew it was changed in the IRS records. On 2/25 I checked the WMR site and it updated to my refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on 2/29. So here I am waiting for tomorrow, I’ve been preparing my own taxes for a few years now. I always e-file and get my funds dd in my account, it has never taken this long. It has been a long ride for everyone, I hope we all get our refunds sooner than later…

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @staeluv  @kathyj  @the From what I have seen on here and it was the same with me, once you were able to order your transcript the WMR would update your refund to DD on instead of by. I have done my taxes every year for quite a few years now and I have never had a problem like this year. It has stressed me out so much. This has just been terrible!

      2. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @staeluv  @kathyj  @the Can you order a transcript online or do I need to call and do it? Thank you!

        1.  @mochalattay I was told you can order one online but I called.

        2. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @staeluv Perfect! I just ordered one online so they must be for real about my deposit date (: Thank you!

        3.  @mochalattay You’re welcome, and yes you’ll be getting your refund soon;)

    3.  @kathyj I was told 3 different dates, and I still haven’t gotten anything. My sister in law filed by paper and got hers 2 weeks ago.. 🙁

  109. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    If you have a DD that goes straight to your bank instead of through a bank before your bank, does IRS deposit it the morning they say it is soposed to be DD? I see so many of you that are soposed to have DD 2/29 like me already see that it was put in SBBT and Republic but what about ones like me where it goes straight to my bank? Should it be there when my bank opens in the morning or will it be there Pacific time? Will IRS send it to my bank tonight so I can get it when my bank opens in the morning? I don’t want to check my account in the morning when the bank opens and have a heart attack because it is not there after waiting 4 weeks.

    1. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @Brooksie97 If the IRS says it will be in your account 2/29,  it will be in your account on 2/29. As far as what time it will be in, I don’t know. HTH~

    2.  @Brooksie97 I feel the same way you do Brooksie…I couldn’t see mine refund pending. I will be very upset if it’s not there in the morning!!  I think it will be there though. Please let me know if yours is there in the am, I’ll do the same.

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @staeluv I will check my bank at 8:00 am which here in Indiana is Eastern time zone. I will let you know!

        1.  @Brooksie97 Ok, that’s when I’m checking mine @8:00am. New Jersey the same time zone. I will post asa I see my account with or without my funds…lol

        2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

           @staeluv It is 3:04 and I checked my bank and it is there! you should have yours too!

        3.  @Brooksie97 I couldn’t really sleep, but I know how my bank is . I just wanted to wait @least until 6am, and my God it’s there. I’m so grateful!! This has been a stressful month for us all. Enjoy your money and life…lol Thanks for your support, it was well needed and kept me sane knowing I wasn’t alone:) God bless.

  110. Avatar RosearyGang says:

    anyone filed by mail how long it take to get direct deposit I filed on the 18th do I still have a long way

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

      What do you mean when you say you filed on the 18th considering you mailed in your return?

      1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

        yea sorry dats wat i ment

        1. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @RosearyGang  @mochalattay Hate to break it to you but yes you still have a while… I mailed in my return on the 5th of February.. It didn’t get accepted until the 18th of February. That’s 2 weeks from the date I mailed it… So if you mailed yours in on the 18th I would give them 2 weeks to accept it. Then another 4 weeks if that 2 process it… They say mailing it in takes 6-8 weeks unfortunately. 

        2. Avatar RosearyGang says:

          Have u got urs.. so i takes about 2 weekz to show on wmr@mochalattay

  111. Is there anyone who had the notice that your refund was being processed and you should receive it BY feb 28th actually gotten anything today? 

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @kathyj I got the notice but didn’t get the money ):

    2.  @kathyj When it says By, you’re tax return is still being processed. When it’s done processing, it says Scheduled DD Date, and that’s when you’ll receive it. I had the same problem. It would say by and then after it was done processing, it gave me a Schedule DD for March 1st.

      1.  @Carlos4 how long did it take for yours to change?  wmr first said March 6th then a few days ago changed to feb 28th and it still says BY not DD date.

        1.  @kathyj I just saw this post, well if it says by then it’s still processing..

    3. Avatar porsue123 says:

      @kathyj Mines said the same thing now it only say that it is being process and no I did not get it on the 28th. Hope this helps

  112. ok the sbbt site says they got my refund today so I called bank of America customer service number >:/ to see if they can see if it’s processing the dumb b**ch was telling me that she wouldn’t Beable to know because if I don’t see it in my account then she wouldn’t Beable to see it! Anyone else having this problem and how come another bank can give you that kind of info but not bank of america! how many days will it take to post to my account

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @Sarah712 You can ask to speak to a supervisor and they will be able to tell you… Sometimes only a Sup can see things that a regular operator can’t see. 

      1. @mochalattay thanks this female on the phone was rude

        1. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @Sarah712  @mochalattay I believe it!!! That’s when I ask for a supervisor.. 

        2. @mochalattay Rite I was like how come everyone else can call there damn bank and get info but your sitting here telling me I can’t!

  113. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

    I filed the 18th I have checked the wmr site and i got march 7th as a date and then it changed to feb 28th… Still no refund in our account and our bank does not show anything pending.. Now when we go to the WMR site it says invalid information and doesnt work

    1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

      I filed same dayy but nuthn shows on wmr yet did u efile@MeganShanahan

      1. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

        I it is the 29th and nothing.. i dont have charges coming out since i did our taxes like i do every year..on some charts i see march first..and at one point i even saw march 7th..this sucks lol

    2.  @MeganShanahan same as me exactly megan.  I also filed on the 18th and am getting the same info you are…I want my money!!!!

    3. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @MeganShanahan From my understanding from a IRS rep the WMR site doesn’t even work. It is giving false information! I too got an update from the site saying that I should receive my refund by March 29th then it change to I should receive my refund by Feb 28th… Here it is the 28th and Nothing… 

    4.  @MeganShanahan anything new for you Megan….seems like we are in the same boat.  Same file date, same messages.  I filed my daughters at the same time and she got hers today….I got nothing.

      1. Avatar MeganShanahan says:

        @kathyj nothing and its the 29th now… im so stressed lol..i have bills just hangin by a thread before shut off wish i knew something..i guess i can wait to see what happens tomorrow.. that was the other date i got..and then 7thno was what irs said before changing to 28th. Many of my military friends got theirs back so quick..we are just at standstill

  114. What is this SBBT you are all talking about? Does the money go there before being deposited to the bank? I did not file with TT, H&R, not with TaxAct, I did mine with an accountant.

    1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

       @Carlos4  – The SBBT website is for people who are having any fees automatically taken out of their return. For example: If you paid your accountant for preparing your return up front, this website will not do you any good. However, if you are just having the fees taken out of your return, then go to the website and enter your info. The money is transferred to this bank from the IRS so they can deduct the fees, they then cut a new check and deposit it into your account.

  115. Ok so I filed feb 1 and had a dd date of the 14th but it never got here I waited till after the 21st to call they told me they were unable to deposit it into the bank so they woukd mail us a check on the 28th anyone know where I can check a check?

    1. I filed hr block online free

  116. Good news I filed the 4th got excepted same day looked on the sbbt site they have my refund now all I’m waiting for is to see it in my bank! Does anyone know how long it will take to see it in my bank account?

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @Sarah712 everyone that I have talked to that has fees taken out with sbbt…their money is in their actual bank account the following morning!

      1. @judgessidekick Thank you for responding have you gotten your refund yet! I’ve been stressing these four weeks!

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Sarah712 yes….sbbt got it and have sent it to my bank as of today so praying it will show up in MY bank account in the morning!!! When that happens THAT is when I will be TOTALLY stress free!!! I trust NO ONE but me!!! lol

        2. @judgessidekick Lmfao that’s funny now a days that’s all you can do it trust yourself! Im also praying I see it in there tomarrow I’m sick of being stressed out

  117. Well I guess everyone is getting their money finally.  This will probably be my last post on here.  I am so thankful to everyone here.  Having a place to vent and to know that you are not alone is so extremely comforting.  Grace and Peace to you all.  Spend wisely! 😉

    1. @JuliaD you and I both lol filed the 1st of feb boooo

  118. Avatar MintBlossom says:

    Filed on 2/4 = Accepted on 2/5 = DD for 2/29 = SBTPG receiving my refund today 2/28!!  Now I can EXHALE!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

  119. Avatar Waitingonfeb29 says:

    Yes I got mine all 🙂

  120. Avatar ForPeaches says:

    Just checked the sbtpg website and my return has been received not yet showing in my bank account yet. Will check my account around 11 am to see if it has been deposited. Will keep you all updated.

  121. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    FINALLY, THE DAY HAS COME TO BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS STRAIGHT JACKET OFF!  My refund is at sbbt and on it’s way to my bank!  Thank you for this site and to all of you for your support from all around the world!  Praying that EVERYONE on here gets their HARD EARNED MONEY very very soon!!  I will be popping in and out!!  GOD IS GOOD!!

    1.  @judgessidekick I’m very happy for you….yes He is good!! 🙂

    2. Avatar dajackson says:

       @judgessidekick good to hear ur finally getting urs to mine is supposed to be in my bank 2morrow. dont know how long it is gonna take to clear but ill just be happy knowing this bs is over lol. u filed on the 3rd too right?

  122. It’s funny.  Even though my money is in my bank pending until tomorrow, I still have to check it.  With everything that we all have gone through, a part of me is still scared that they are going to take it back and say I have to wait 2 more weeks, lol.

    1.  @JuliaD Me too I checked like 4 times yesterday and already checked today.

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

       @JuliaD me too!!  Just so thankful that it is out of that IRS office!!!   GLORY TO GOD!!

  123. has anyone received their refund before the DD date?
    And I’m not talking about the BY this date, I’m talking about a scheduled DD date…

  124. has anyone received their refund before the DD date?

  125. Avatar Waitingonfeb29 says:

    Well anyone with the dd 2/29 that gets notified of anything plzzzzzzzzz let me kno …… Wish I had known about sbtpg I would have paid with my debit card this is irritating

    1. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @Waitingonfeb29 Me Too!!!

    2. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @Waitingonfeb29 I’m in the same boat, DD is expected on the 29th for me. I just checked with SBTPG and it has not received my funds yet. I will be patient ^_*

  126. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    im pose to get dd today 2/28 0n my prepaid card but its not there yet….. does anyone know when a time the irs does the dd??????? please help

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @amanda23glass Gl on you getting yours! I contacted the IRS today and they informed me that it says I should be receiving it by the 28th but they don’t know how accurate that is.. It may be delayed a week or two! ): Hope all goes well with yours (: 

    2. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @amanda23glass It’s still too early yet, maybe check up on it by 8am Pacific time or mid day. It will come!

  127. Avatar Waitingonfeb29 says:

    Anybody file through turbotax with a dd of 29 money hit sbtpg yet?

    1. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @Waitingonfeb29 Nothing as of Now:(

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      not yet for me….someone said it probably won’t show until 9 am but I was hoping for earlier!!  They said sbbt is Pacific time…just praying it will hit!! 

      1. Avatar christeixeira says:

        @judgessidekick yeah under SBBT faq page it says their hours are 6am 6pm Pacific Time:(

    3. is a dd date different than a BY date?  I am so confused this year

      1. Avatar christeixeira says:

        @kathyj Yes! A BY date means ur return is still processing. A DD date means that its completed processing and ur refund should be on its way

        1.  @christeixeira  @kathyj I had the march 6th date, then changed to BY feb 28th.  The cycle schedule says feb 29th.  I have no idea what thats all suppose to mean

        2.  @christeixeira I just tried wmr again and the site is down 🙁

        3. Avatar christeixeira says:

          @kathyj yeah the wmr hasnt worked right half the time i check. Hopefully we all get some good news tomorrow (fingers crossed)

      2. Avatar jap4ever2003 says:

         @kathyj what does by stand for?

    4. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @Waitingonfeb29 Not yet..still waitin’

    5. Avatar ForPeaches says:

       @Waitingonfeb29 I just checked and mines has but I am not showing it to be in my account as of yet. I’m gonna look at my account around 11 am are so to see if its there.

  128. filed on feb 19th, originally said march 6th…..irs cycle thing said feb 29th….now i am getting a message saying it will be BY feb 28th…what should i really believe?

    1.  @kathyj Honestly, we have learned this year that until you get an update that says “your refund is scheduled to be deposited on”, you can’t rely on WMR at all.  Your best bet is to call the IRS and have them give you an update.  They may be able to tell you a date if you are done processing.  If you are not done processing they will give you a date to call back.  WMR has been a big screw up this year.

  129. Avatar jap4ever2003 says:

    what does WMR stand for?

    1.  @jap4ever2003 Where’s my refund…

  130. Avatar Kristina303 says:

    WMR still says that it was supposed to be mailed today. Idk if it was mailed or not.

  131. Avatar christeixeira says:

    We are the only ones left:(

    1. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @christeixeira Lots of us still left=) It will come!!

    2. Avatar dajackson says:

       @christeixeira trust me ur not the only ones left. i filed on the 3rd got accepted the 5th n ive been on here basically ever since. supposed to get my money on the 29th but we will see.#expecttheworsthopeforthebest

  132. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    looks as though no one posts on here much anymore….sad!  🙁

    1.  @judgessidekick I filed my own taxes so my money is going straight to my bank. I saw two people on here say their money is in the bank pending. I checked online and called my bank twice, they don’t see anything. I’m nervous because I needed that money two weeks ago. I hope it will be there on 2/29…I will keep every one posted.

      1.  @staeluv  @judgessidekick Some banks will show it as pending and some will not.  I know banks that I have used in the past have not shown it until it actually goes in and is available.  Luckily the bank I have now shows a pending status.  I wouldn’t stress it too much.  If you were told it was scheduled to be deposited, it should be available tomorrow.  I know saying I wouldn’t stress it is a huge thing because we have all been stressing it for the past month.  Good luck to you and keeping you in my prayers.

        1.  @JuliaD Thanx, and yes it has been a roller coaster ride for us all. I will be posting my update in the morning…lol

      2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @staeluv  @judgessidekick Same here !

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @judgessidekick I’m still here waiting. Soposed to get DD on the 29th straight to my bank account. It has been a long wait. Filed the 3rd and was accepted on the 3rd.

  133. Avatar christeixeira says:

    Anyone with a scheduled DD of Feb, 29 check SBBT, and there money was there?? Mine is not showing up yet, got me kind of nervous:(

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      I am in the same boat….I am really nervous too!!  Just really don’t want to go thru anymore delays!!! 

      1.  @judgessidekick have you all checked the republic tax payer site.  It’s possible that it could be there. I would check them both just to make sure.

    2. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @christeixeira I hear ya! Please keep us updated if you have heard or seen change in your status~

  134. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    question…..I have a DD date of 2/29…I filed tt and sbbt will be receiving my refund to get their fees before sending it to my actual bank…does anyone know when sbbt may get the refund and when it should be in my actual bank?  I really really need it in my bank on the 29th!! 

    1. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @judgessidekick Good question! I really wanna know too…Anybody?..

  135. Avatar mochalattay says:

    Well I contacted the IRS this morning and they informed me that the WMR site is not working and that the information saying I will get my refund by the 28th of Feb is inaccurate. I mailed my return in on the 5th of Feb they accepted it on the 13th of February and said it would take 4 weeks from that date of acceptance before I receive a refund. I’m a little confused that the rep told me the site isn’t working when it (the WMR site) was 100% accurate for my mom…..

  136. UPDATE!!!!  My money is pending in the bank, scheduled to be available on Wednesday.  Thank you JESUS!!!  I will stick around until I see everybody getting theirs.  Good luck everyone.

    1.  @JuliaD Is it going straight to your bank account or did it go to the other bank to have fees taken out?

      1.  @staeluv Mine is going straight to my bank.  I prepare them myself.

        1.  @JuliaD Oh ok, I was just wondering because mine didn’t post yet. But when my pay check comes thru it doesn’t post until the morning. Maybe it’s just my bank…I just hope it’s there 2/29.

        2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

           @staeluv  @JuliaD Mine will go straight to my bank too. My bank doesn’t show anything pending. Hopefully it will be in there Wednesday morning.

        3.  @Brooksie97 I know, I think it will be there in the morning. We have to have faith…

  137. Update: I filed on the 3rd got accepted the same day. Nothing on wmr til about the 20th. Then it said processing you should have your refund by 3/6. Friday it change to dd date of 2/29. My bank has my money and will make it available at midnight 2/29.

    1. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @casper61 Did you pay with Debit card, or did you have them take fee out of your refund, so that it goes to SBBT first??

      1.  @christeixeira  @casper61 I paid up front with debit

  138. When u check on wmr do u put ur state and fed amount together

    1.  @LouieVee No just the amount of your federal.

  139. Avatar Waitingonfeb29 says:

    Had anyone who filed through turbo tax recieved a dd to their checking account n how long does it take to post ….? My dd is tha 2/29/2012 I’m just nervous:?

  140. Yay I got my money!! WMR is finally giving correct dates. If it says 2/27 it will come on that date. Mine posted right after 12am. Thanks everyone and good luck. I’m not leaving you guys hanging.

    1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @Tasha704 ;( I’m still waiting

      1. @PrettyBigGirl1 when r up supposed to receive urs

        1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

          @marie24 Today

      2.  @PrettyBigGirl1  @Tasha704 it may be that your bank won’t post til morning. Thinking postive thoughts.

        1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

          @casper61 @Tasha704 I hope so

        2. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

          @casper61 @Tasha704 Lol u was rite btw thanks again Everyone I’m all ;)s

  141. Avatar Just another day says:

    Filed on the 2nd and I’m still waiting. WMR is saying I should get it by 3/6 if their is o processing delay. Is anyone still waiting like me that filed around there??? Pls answer:)

    1. Avatar Kristina303 says:

      @Just another day I filed on the 2nd and mine is supposed to get mailed out tomorrow.

    2. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @Just another day I mailed my return in on the 5th of February and the WMR site said that I will get my return no later than the 28th but there is no DD. After reading about a lot of people not getting there returns when WMR site is telling them is really starting to make me nervous although I did my mom taxes for her and she received her refund a week later on the exact date that the WMR site told her she would receive them. My brother actually got his 1 week before they informed him he would get his refund so my fingers are crossed that I will get mine when they say I will even though they haven’t gave an exact date. Only and by date? Which I think is weird!

      1. Avatar RosearyGang says:

        Tell me wen u get it cuz i maild mine to and want to no about how long it took to dd @mochalattay @Just another day

        1. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @RosearyGang  @mochalattay  @Just  Sure will!

        2. Avatar mochalattay says:

           @RosearyGang    Sure will!

    3.  @Just another day Did you try to order a transcript? WMR was saying by 3/6 for me also, then I tried to order a transcript on Thursday it wouldn’t let me. I tried again on Friday I was able to order one. On Saturday I checked WMR website and my date changed to 2/29. But it said dd on not by…..I hope the information was helpful..

      1. Avatar Just another day says:

        @staeluv I tried ordering one online and it’s telling me that I can’t at the time. I true 3-4 times 🙁

        1.  @Just another day  I’m sorry to hear that…I pray that your money get released immediately! Did you e-file?

    4. Avatar jfelton515 says:

      @Just another day I filed on the 5th & got accepted same day mine says BY the 6th also

      1. Avatar Just another day says:

        @jfelton515 I’m just very sad because I been waiting forever and all the rep are telling me is that it’s still processing and that it’s because I am a first time filer. I have medical bills to pay. It’s just to a point where I just want to cry:( how can it still being processing when everyone that done there way after me got theirs already. I feel like I’m being picked on and it’s not fun.

        1.  @Just another day  @jfelton515 You’re not the only one still waiting. I filed Feb 2, got a date ‘by March 6’ and now it says up to 6 weeks from filing date..whatever that means. It just sucks.

        2. Avatar PISSED AT IRS says:

           @kfab  @Just another day  @jfelton515 @kfab in the same boat filed 2/2 had by 6 now 6 weeks finally found out today its from 200 my wife owes in back fed tax the offset line has never said anything I am going to have to wait till atleast the 11th from 11-18 of march this sucks hope the advocate i talked to today helps me

        3.  @PISSED AT IRS  @Just another day  @jfelton515  @kfab So one of the IRS reps told you to wait until the 11th? Who did you talk to?

  142. Avatar badgerman says:


  143. Avatar dadddyygootzmoney says:

    has anyone filed through the mail and how long did it take till u got confirmation on wmr and how long if u allready recievd it thorugh DD

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

      I mailed my return in on February 5th and around the 23 of February I checked WMR site and it said that I should receive my return no later than March 29th!!! A few days later I checked it and it said that I should receive my return no later than the 28th of February and to contact them if I haven’t received it by them however on WMR site it is not giving me a DD, so I have no clue what’s going on!!

  144. Avatar brokeashell says:

    UPDATE: i filed and was accepted feb 4 thru taxact…i got no info on wmr until the 22nd it gave me a “by” date of 3/6…2 days later gave me a DD date of feb 27….now it says check in 6 weeks…however my money has been pending at my bank since friday….tomoro is the big day, pray nothing else goes wrong!!!! 

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @brokeashell I pray nothing else goes wrong with your money either!!! (:

      1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

        @brokeashell I’m waiting lol

  145. Avatar Kristina303 says:

    Mine is supposed to be mailed out tomorrow. I sure hope so!

  146. Day 26 still no money boooo!

  147. Day 26…still no refund booo!

  148. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    i finally got a dd date of the 28 of feb im usin my turbo tax prepaid card it will still go on there even though i didnt file with turbo tax??

    1. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @amanda23glass Yes (:

  149. Avatar mochalattay says:

    I mailed my return in February 5th because someone had already E-Filed there taxes using my son’s SS number lol, On the 23rd I checked WMR and it said I should receive my refund by March 29th! A few days later I checked it again for a DD and it said I should receive it by the 28th of February… but it’s not giving me a DD, anyone knows what that could mean?

    1. Avatar amanda23glass says:

      did u let the irs know what happened ???

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @amanda23glass They just said it’s processing!

    2.  @mochalattay You need to cal irs and let them know. Find out what is up with you taxes.

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @casper61 Thank you!

  150. Avatar jfelton515 says:

    Gettn really pissed I filed on 2/6 & was accepted the same day thru ttax neva was able 2 get info til the 22nd so nw I have a dd date of BY the 6th… This is ridiculous it neva took a freakn month

  151. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

    Just checked WMR site and it says mine will be DD on 2-29 and to give it until 3-5 before I call if it isn’t. Finally something besides the 3-6 date.  Now if it is really DD on 2-29.

    1. Avatar jfelton515 says:

      @sandsurf15 , when did u get an update? & do u have any idea when wmr is updated

  152. Avatar Kristina303 says:

    Is the WMR site not working for anyone else?

    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

       @Kristina303 I can’t get it to work. Last I checked mine said 3-6 but when I called they said it was scheduled to be DD on 2-29. Hope they are right. I haven’t checked since yesterday but can’t get the site to work today.

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @Kristina303 It is not working right now.

      1. Avatar mochalattay says:

         @Brooksie97 It may be updating

    3. Avatar jfelton515 says:

      @Kristina303 its not working 4 me. @ 1st it was sayn by 3/6 now its says I must have input wrong info.. #FRUSTRATED.COM

    4. Avatar mochalattay says:

       @Kristina303 It wasn’t working for me last night for a couple of hours but that was because it was updating. 

  153. has anyone ever filed an injuried spouse form! How long did it take you to get your refund and did you get your money back including your child tax credit! I’m so heated to know my ex husband has another baby out there!

    1. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @Sarah712 I did, It came in 4months later, this was 2 years ago.

  154. Avatar Just another day says:

    I been following here for weeks, I’m happy for everyone that’s getting a deposit date:) unfortunately I’m the unlucky one that’s still saying on WMR that my tax is still being process and that I should get it by 3/6. Anyone else in the same boat as me????! I filed on the 2/2.

    1.  @Just another day
       You will get get it the 28th or 29th..february

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      Have you called and talked to anyone yet? I kept getting 3/6 date and I called and got a date for 2/29 then the next day it WMR changed it to 2/29. Have you tried to order a return transcript yet?

  155. Avatar Just another day says:

    Mines still says 3/6, anyone else??? 🙁

  156. talked to jackson hewitt people and she said everyone that filed from feb.2 to feb 8 got caught in a delay.. checked the irs website and it finally gave me a date of feb 29. ! hope its true. 

  157. Avatar Kristina303 says:

    Everyone is getting theirs DD I’m actually get mine in the mail. It’s supposed to be mailed out on Feb. 27 anyone know how many days it will take for me to get it?

    1.  @Kristina303 It should only take a couple of days by mail.

      1. Avatar Kristina303 says:

        @casper61 oh okay thanks.

  158. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    finally got my taxes straight finally got a depoist date feb 28 after waiting for a month yayyyyy so happy 

  159. ok update… I filed.on the 2nd did not receive any type of information until feb22 it said i should receive by march 6 the next day it was scheduled or dd on27 well i bank and it is now pending in my account so seems lile they are trying to.get things moving

    1.  @Nikki78 yeah

  160. Avatar badgerman says:

    Just got off wmr. direct deposit on the 29. Good luck everyone, I hope all this ends very soon.

  161. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    It sure looks like there is progress going on! So many people are given a DD for the 27th and 29th. I think we are finally going to get our money!

  162. Avatar blakensmith says:

    I called and got DD for the 27th and even said that on WMR for 2 days and now today it says being process and could be 6 weeks after accepted. Anyone else getting this message today? I’m just praying the IRS lady was right and we getting it on the 27t!!!!! Trying not to get hopes up but trying to stay positive!!! Why when we don’t have money gas is going up!!!!!!!!

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:


      1. Avatar blakensmith says:

        @brokeashell Good! Thank u!

    2.  @blakensmith I’m sure it will be there monday.

    3.  @blakensmith me. I had the March 6th message yesterday and today it said 6 weeks. Frustrating! I was able to order a transcript yesterday though. Am I getting close?

      1.  @kfab  @blakensmith Hopefully the 29th.

      2. Avatar blakensmith says:

        @kfab we filed on the 3rd and accepted on the 3rd. We were a ghost till last week and got 3/6 date. Wednesday I ordered both transcript and then called and talked to IRS rep and said my DD date is 2/27. Thur. and Fri. The WMR site changed to 2/27 but today went to the 6 weeks thing. From what I’m reading on all the sites people who are getting DD and then 6 weeks are getting their money on their DD date! I’m praying that is true for us.

        1.  @blakensmith  @kfab I hope so too. The reason I am discouraged is because the IRS agent I talked to didn’t even give me a DD date. 🙁  She said it was being held up and ‘processing’ because I had changed the primary person on the return from  previous years and didn’t screen as quickly.
          Do you think if I called back I would get a different answer?

        2. Avatar blakensmith says:

          @kfab I called and talked to IRS after I was able to order a transcript and they were able to give me DD. I hope the same for u and i would try calling tomorrow. Good luck!

    4. Avatar janeilj25 says:

       @blakensmith Same thing for me except i had a 3/6 dd i heard that if you can order your transcripts its been processed and were good to go !!! I guess we will just have to cross our fingers.

  163. Have an update My refund is scheduled to be deposited on 2/29.

  164. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    so happy for those that received their money FINALLY! I finally got a HDD date on wmr of Feb. 29th!!  PRAISE GOD!!

  165. Update… I filed on 2/3 and was accepted 2/4. Wasn’t able to get any info from WMR until 2/22. Finally was able to get a DD by 3/6 and was able to order transcripts. Finally WMR updated to a DD date of 2/27. This morning I checked my bank account and it was finally there! Thank goodness! Hope all who are still waiting get theirs soon! Thank you to everyone here who shared info and posted, you kept me sane!

  166. Just got my DD for the 29th… If it don’t come then I am going to have a heart attack or an aneurysm. Please pray cause Ima go postal if it doesn’t come!

    1. Avatar michigan97 says:

       @bigryn0 i am praying for you!!!! (big)  lol

  167. Avatar MintBlossom says:

    Filed on 02-04-2012, accepted by IRS on 02-05-2012, waited/delayed long like everybody else, called today and was given a DD date of 02-29-2012. Awesome news!

  168. Update: I filed on 2/2 and was able to order transcripts a few days ago. I got a dd date on wmr for 2/27. Well I just checked the Sbtpg bank site and they sent my refund to my bank so I am just waiting for my bank to release it. I pray everyone who hasn’t got their money get it soon.

    1.  @Moferane So happy for you

    2. Avatar MintBlossom says:

       @Moferane Great to here!

  169. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I get so sad everytime I get on here and read what everyone is going through! What is going on with this government here in the USA? They want to help out other countries when they are hurting but them seem to forget about us here. So many people are hurting so bad here and we can’t even get money owed to us. We need help in this country! Can’t they see that?

  170. Ok someone please answer me! Today I called to see where my refund was at there response next week on Wednesday it says it would be direct deposited, but it’s going to child support and something else my ex owes! if I would had know. This I would had never filed with him :,/! Anyways they told me to fill out a 1099 form an injuried spouse form! How long will this take and will I Beable to get my money back :,( its bad enough he abandoned me pregnant an with his three kids! Please someone respond

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      I am so sorry you are going through this Sarah! I don’t know how long it will take for you to go through filling out something else because of all the crap we all have gone through so far. My heart goes out to you. You should just try and fill everything out ASAP and I would start calling attorneys and seeing if something could be done to make him pay you back.

    2.  @Sarah712 They will send you some of the refund. I had to do it one time. I am sorry to say it took about 6 weeks back then. It was years ago so maybe they are faster now.

      1. @casper61 could you email me please @ Idk how to do this form and the address to send to :/. will they give me the money I made and my sons tax credit? Will they send me out a letter letting me k ow they got the form and it’s being processed? Thank so much for responding

        @Brooksie97 thanks Hun this is just too much to deal with! I’m hoping to get a couple hundred back! I need baby things bad!

        1.  @Sarah712  n email.  @Brooksie97 

        2.  @Sarah712 I sent you an email

        3. @Sarah712 it can tale up to 10 wks sarah from when they receive the form, my step mom has to file that form every year just so they dont take all of her taxes

  171. I can understand how pissed every one is i been in the same boat..if you read thru the blog its alot to read yes but people going thru the very same thing has said when they have received… Everyones situation is.going to be different of course… I actually sjould have mine by monday so once you jave an actuall date then u will know you ate getting it if you have a by the so n so then you should be epecting an actual date soon good luck all

  172. Avatar tinkerteer says:

    Filed 01/27 wmr has been saying feb. 14 for the past 3 weeks. Able to order transcripts last night then called to speak to a rep. Rep states mine is still processing. Asked if its still processing how am I able to order transcripts… to that she answers “I don’t know”. Still no date given. This sucks crusty ass! Thank You IRFuckingS!

  173. Has anyone not been able to order Return Transcript and has had their return processed and were giving a DD date by either the WMR or by a person from the IRS…….?

    1.  @Carlos4 i have order the transcripts but have no dates

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        Once I was able to order a transcript and I called the IRS at 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 I was able to get a date. Now if it really happens is another waiting game.

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      Were you given a DD date? I saw a few people on here that said they were able to order transcripts and didn’t receive their refund within a few days so this is all confusing.

    3. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      It seems like more people received their refunds if they were able to talk to someone and they gave them a DD date.

      1.  @Brooksie97 I just got off the phone and the guy said it’s in the process of getting processed and gave me a date of March 3rd for the DD. We will see what happens. At this point, I have given up. I was just gonna use the money for a trip I have going on this weekend. Oh well! Till next year! Hope you get yours soon Brooksie!

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          I sure hope you get yours before March 3rd. I understand how you are feeling and don’t trust what anyone says anymore. The only thing we can do is wait and see now. I pray we don’t go through this again next year. I hate the IRS!

  174. Avatar Waiting forever says:

    What is a transcript? Been waiting for my taxes forever now:(

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      When did you file? Here is a link to the transcripts. It has how to order them and the number if you want to call. It is just papers showing how the IRS processed your refund line by line.,,id=232168,00.html

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      Call this number…
      Call  1-800-829-0582 ext 362 and see if your refund has been processed.

  175. I feel like the lone ranger here. I spoke with someone from the IRS and they said I should expect any day next week. It took two weeks for WMR to give me any info and when it did, I gave me a BY MARCH 6th date and haven’t gotten any other info. Everyone else seems to be getting their DD date moved up to the 29th or 27th or even 2nd. Does anybody have the same problem? I also tried to request a Return Transcript but it will not let me at the moment. Does that mean my return has not been processed yet? Thank you!
    – The Lone Ranger…so far.

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @Carlos4 I am right here with you. I only got to order my transcript today. My WMR still says by March 6th but I finally called IRS today and talked to a lady that told me it was processed and it will be DD the 29th. Keep checking out to see if you can order a transcript and don’t pay attention what WMR is saying.

      1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

         @Brooksie97  @Carlos4 What does a transcript do? 

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          It is just a transcript that shows how the IRS processed your refund. You go on the IRS site and order it or you can call and order it.

        2.  @Brooksie97 I tried but I still can’t order a return transcript. Meaning it still hasn’t been processed right? Maybe I should call and ask if my return has been processed.

        3. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          Call  1-800-829-0582 ext 362

        4.  @Brooksie97 I’m on the phone, let’s see how long this takes LOL

        5. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

           @Carlos4 I sure hope you get someone that can give your some information and I sure hope it is good!

    2. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

       @Carlos4 You are not alone. The WMR just started giving me a date of March 6th a week ago. I filed 2/3 and was accepted that day through H & R block.  I called them again today, and they tell me that I am scheduled for DD on the 29th. The WMR still says the 6th, so I am not going to hold my breath for the 29th. I am beginning to think the 6th is a generic date to get people to cut the calls down, and at least give them a date. 

    3. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

      mine still says within 6 weeks no date at all anymore

    4. Avatar Waiting forever says:

      @Carlos4 Your not alone. Same here too:(

    5. Avatar janeilj25 says:

       @Carlos4 I had a date of march 6Th they didn’t move mine up and now it say’s i will receive my refund within six weeks so frustrated !!!!! I was able to request a transcript but i’m not sure if that means anything at all?

  176. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    I didn’t file either dates I filed on the 9th and the way the IRS talks it may be March 6th or later before I see mine. I should have had it on the 21rst. This whole thing has messed more tax payers up than the ones who filed between Feb 2nd-7th.

  177. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    I see as of today not a lot of people talking or asking questions anymore. Maybe a lot of them got there return today. I’m happy for the ones who did. Just wanting the rest of us to be done with this nightmare also.

    1.  @liftednumber0
       if you filed feb 2 or 3 you will have your money on feb 29

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      I have been on here for awhile now. I filed the 3rd got accepted the 3rd. Kept getting no info up until last week. Then it was should be by the 6th of March. I wasn’t able to order a transcript until yesterday. I still have should be by the 6th on WMR but I talked to someone at the IRS today and she told me it has been processed and I should get it DD on the 29th, so I am still waiting. I will keep you all updated and I will come back on here after I get my return and help with any questions I can. It has been a nightmare and I sure hope the ones after us will not go through this. Thank you to the ones that have updated us with everything and I sure will keep updating.

  178. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    I pray that ALL of us early filers that are still waiting will have our refunds NO LATER than the 29th!!!  May God bless you all!!!

  179. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    update – I was still showing processing and a receive by date of March 6….I filed 2/3 and accepted 2/4  thru turbo tax!  I decided to call and the irs rep was very nice…put me on hold fo a couple of minutes then said she had good news for me…that the irs is showing a DD to be deposited to my tax preparer on the 29th!  I was also only able to order a  return transcript today and PLUS for the first time when the rep asked me for my address my actual NEW address that was on my 2011 return was the one she had..before it was still under my old address…I hope this means I am in the clear and be getting my refund soon!!

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @judgessidekick I have a good feeling that we will be getting our refunds by then!

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @judgessidekick this year has been so stressful and I pray to God we will not go through this again next year. Last week my family had a death and my husband came home today from being so stressed out he got into it with someone at work and he might be fired on top of being stressed about this stupid refund! Things have to get better from now on!

    2. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

      Judgessidekick- that is exactly how it happened for me. I had a new address this year too. I would try and order a transcript, and it would still have my old one. Then a few days ago I tried to order, and it had my new address. THEN, WRM updated to DD date for 2/27/12. Well I checked turbo tax’s bank today (2/24/12), and it is in there. They sent it to my bank today as well, but it will be 24-48 hours before it posts, so my guess is I will see it on Monday. All of that happened within about 4-5 days. Also, for anyone that may remember, I had an offset this year that should have taken my ENTIRE rfund….well it didn’t. Don’t know why, but I am getting my refund in FULL. Needless to say, today has been a fantastic day for me. So, for everyone that has FINALLY been able to order a transcript, believe me, it wont be long now. I will still be checking in to see how it goes for all! Good luck to every single one of you. I know how hard this has been for all of us.

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        sooooo happy for you!!!  ENJOY your blessing!!! 

        1.  @judgessidekick Great happy spending

      2.  @LoveSanrio The IRS will forever remember that offset and keep adding interest and penalties. They will eventually get their money whether voluntarily or garnishment. Be careful!

  180. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I just got off the phone for the first time getting to talk to someone. I am soposed to have my refund DD 2/29. I filed Feb 3 and was accepted Feb 3.

  181. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    The it’s are just giving people dates now based on there 21 day limit to keep people from calling over and over. Your dd could come sooner or later. I talked to the bank that the irs is sending my deposit to and she said nobody there can give you an exact dd date. Think about it the IRS was only able to tell you it’s processing but now they are giving everyone exact dates…. I believe the bank and not the IRS.

  182. Ok so update…. If you had a dd date of the 27 th and filed with turbotax you might want to check their banks site.. mine was received amd should post to my account wothin 2 buisness days good luck everyone


  184. Avatar judgessidekick says: update..not much but filed 2/3 and accepted 2/4…before I wasn’t able to order my return transcript (up until today) and before to even find out if I could I had to put my old address in to get an answer of not able to order BUT today I tried it again and this time I had to use my NEW address (the one on my actual 2011 return) and it let me order one!  Does this mean that I am done with the processing even though the wmr STILL says processing and should receive refundBY March 6????

    1. Avatar FEDUP with GOV says:

       @judgessidekick Hello, I would not go by the date… just call IRS and ask them.  They might be able to give you a DD date now, like they did me this morning… good luck 🙂

  185. Avatar badgerman says:

    One more step up the ladder, filed 2/4 and as of one hour ago finaly, it let me order my transcript.

  186. Avatar FEDUP with GOV says:

    I am so tired of this.  I filed and was accepted 2-3 and nothing ever showed up in the system until yesterday 2-23 which showed a DD by 3-6.  I checked this morning and it said that I should receive within 6 weeks of being accepted.  I called IRS and after 45 mins on hold a lady answered and then keep saying I can’t hear you, so I am taking the next caller.  I called back and after an hour on hold I was told that I should receive by 2-27 and if not call back.
    I am going to start having less taxes taken out and enjoy my money though out the year instead of waiting for a refund which TT promised a 7-10 day refund….
    bty I am just venting, so thanks for listing 🙂

  187. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    The bank did tell me the irs does make deposits all through the day though…

  188. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    I ordered both of my transcripts a week ago and for me still nothing yet…

  189. I just went and ordered a return transcript and today it finally let me 🙂 is this great news! Anyone got to order theres then recieve there money soon? does the IRS release refunds all day?

  190. I’m so pissed still nothing on the sbbt, where’s my refund is still saying march 6th, checked my bank account still nothing! fuuuuuuuuuk! When the frick will I get my money I seen brokenshell filed same day as me you got yours today :/ I didn’t irk what to do

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

       @Sarah712 i still have mot received my money,,,my bank has it pending till the 27th…………so im jus waitin ….least its only 2 more days

  191. I have an update it let me order a refund and a account transcript. I have notice that if you can order them your refund is only a couple of days away. I hope. Oh and I have a piece of paper under my pillow with the dollar amount of my refund. It will stay there til I get it.

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

       @casper61 hey i did that piece of paper thing…<takin michigans advise….try anything….most of all PRAY

  192. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    I called the irs again before all they could tell me is that it’s possessing. Now she tells me the dd date is March 2nd and she said the was a definite day no sooner or later than March 2nd. They gave me the banks number and the lady there tells me there is no way at all the irs knows what exact day. It could come sooner than the 2nd or later. Just wanted to tell everyone that. Even the day the irs tells you on the phone is also estimated just like WMR. No point talking to the irs.

  193. Avatar nishaluv26 says:

    I just got dd date 2/29/2012 we will c ……..

  194. Wonderful update!!!  I just got off the phone with the IRS.  Deposit is going in on the 29th.  CAN’T WAIT!!!  Will keep you posted if anything else happens before then.  Good luck everybody.  I’m going to take a walk, lol.

  195. filed free on h&r block, filed and accepted on feb 9th. its showed on irs that i’d receive feb 21. then on the 14th it changed to the 24th. well todays the 24th and still says the 24th and nothing has come. direct deposit. anyone get their refunds today?

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

       @Drewbear yea we did’

      1.  @brokeashell trying to reach my stupid bank of america and see if they have received it or not. on hold for 10 mins already

        1.  @brokeashell what?! someone was trying to access my account and it was deactivated!! wtf? trying to reactivate now. hope i can still get my return then. only my lovely luck. plus i just got handed my walking papers from my job this morning. awesome day 🙁

        2.  @Drewbear  @brokeashell 

        3.  @Drewbear  @brokeashell sorry to heaar that

        4.  @casper61  @brokeashell just spoke with them. they reactivated the account. they said that the return was at the bank, however, since the account was just reopened it wouldnt appear til midnight when they are updated. said however if it isnt and the refund was sent back, i would have to probably refile. groovy. thanks whoever tried getting money out of my account!

  196. No deposit here either

  197. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

     No deposit here!

  198. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    I can’t reply to your comments on this phone for some reason. I used turbo tax and they are taking the fee out of the dd. Does anyone know what bank they use or a link to check?

  199. Avatar Limbwalker says:

    Just checked and my refund is FINALLY there…should have by at least Monday when my bank opens…FINALLY!!!

    1. Avatar Limbwalker says:

      WMR said 2/27 so I guess they were right

  200. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

    okay, well I broke down and called irs again. They did tell me 10 days ago that if I didn’t have my refund by today to call them. Now they say that it has been processed and is scheduled for DD on 2-29. 5 more days of waiting if that holds true. I have my fingers crossed, but I am not get excited as I have seen to many people that have not gotten it when they were suppose to. And none  of the bank sites I have to see if they have it for deposit are showing any information on it. 

  201. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    What bank does dd go in before it gets to mine? Does it depend on who I e-filed through?

    1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

       Depends who you efiled through.If you paid them out of pocket it will go directly to your bank.

    2. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @liftednumber0 Who u filled with? I did liberty tax and went tru

      1. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

        @Meinsameboat I filed using turbo tax and I’m having them take out the fee from my dd.

        1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

          @liftednumber0 Sbt web page

  202. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

    Update!!!!!  If you filed through H and R Block online and used simple pay then you can call the H and R bank to find out if its been deposited in their bank yet. 888-687-4722  they told me to check monday or wensday because thats when the Irs releases funds to them. Hope this helps someone    By the way I was able to order a transcript 7 days ago and still no refund

  203. Avatar ForPeaches says:

    Okay still no money and WMR saying March 6 but I was able to order my transcript this morning so hopefully I will get it soon.

    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

       @ForPeaches  The WMR site isn’t working, I called this number about 15 minutes ago and only had to wait about 4 minutes to talk to someone. 1-800-829-0582  and after you select which language and they start talking again, pust ext 362. Maybe they can give you a date of when yours will be DD. They gave me my date through there even though the WMR site stills says 3-6. I think that is a generic date. 

      1. Avatar ForPeaches says:

         @sandsurf15 Thanks so much I’m about to call now. Will updat you in a minute.

        1.  @ForPeaches  Have you gotten any news yet?  I am on hold with them now.

        2. Avatar ForPeaches says:

           @JuliaD @sandsurf15  Just spoke with the IRS dd is 2/29. We will see I will let you know if I get it before then.

        3.  @ForPeaches  @JuliaD  @sandsurf15 I just got off the phone with that extension. The lady told me mine was being held up because in the past when I filed jointly, I was the primary  on the tax return. This year, I put my husband as a primary, and it threw off their automated screening processes.
          She wasn’t able to give me a DD date but I was able to order a transcript today and wasn’t able to yesterday. I filed Feb 2.

  204. Avatar brokeashell says:


    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

       @brokeashell Who did you file through?

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

         @sandsurf15 i filed thru taxact on feb 4th

    2. Avatar brokeashell says:

      michigan thanks for not abandoning me :))))

      1. Avatar michigan97 says:

         @brokeashell i am still here!  lol   I had a funeral 🙁 we stayed 2 nights… but i am here again!

        1. Avatar michigan97 says:

           @brokeashell things lookin up??!!!

    3. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @brokeashell I used Taxact too but mine is soposed to be Direct Deposit to my bank. Why did yours go to Republic Bank first?

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

         @Brooksie97 because we paid tax act out of our taxes so they sent it there and then transferred it to my acct but the bank says they havent recveived it yet

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

           @brokeashell oh- I just paid upfront.

    4. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @brokeashell I got mines too thanks to u guys who helped me and I hope all of y’all get y’all to

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

         @PrettyBigGirl1  @brokeashell good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  205. Avatar brokeashell says:

    is anybody else gettin this from wmr????? 
    “Your tax return has been received and is being processed.
    If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:within six weeks of the received date.”

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      i filed n got accepted on the 4th…then gotta “by” date of march 6th…then a DD date of feb 27,,,now this

    2. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

       for the last 5 days

      1. @brokeashell you are so lucky I also filed the 4th nothing :,/

    3. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @brokeashell Ni did smfh

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

         @PrettyBigGirl1  @brokeashell my money is there….yours cant be far behind !!!!!! …. we been pretty much gettin same info!

        1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

          @brokeashell I hope so

    4. Avatar Leslie1974 says:

       @brokeashell I spoke w/ an IRS agent this morning that told me to ignore the WMR site a/o today.  She confirmed my dd date of 2/27 and said once you are given an “on” date there is no reason to check back unless the money doesn’t reach your act.  Thirty min after speaking w/ her my refund reached the clearing house bank for tt w/ dd date for today.  I then called my personal bank to vfy if anything was coming down the pike and he informed that if reached the clearing house today then I can expect it in my act between 12pm-6am tonight.  So there is hope yet!  Warm wishes!

  206. CompanyContact UsSubscription PortalBlogInvestmentMarcellus ShaleResource CenterCareers724-654-8970HomeTaxAuditAdvisoryRisk Management

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    Update: IRS Refund DelayPosted on February 23, 2012 by admin

    February 23, 2012 –  Updated Information on Nationwide IRS Refund Delay
    Like yesterday, the IRS is today again releasing some of the older refunds that had been delayed due to the nationwide computer problems at the IRS.  Prior to today, up to 40% – 50% of the refunds for taxpayers who filed between 2/2 and 2/4 still had not been released by the IRS due to this nationwide IRS problem.  For many of these taxpayers, the IRS  “Where’s My Refund” had not been displaying any information at all. This problem at the IRS was incorrectly leading these taxpayers to think that their tax return was not filed even though it was actually filed.  By early this morning, the IRS appears to have corrected this problem with its “Where’s My Refund” service.  The warning message by the IRS to taxpayers that “Where’s My Refund” was not working properly no longer appears on the IRS web site.
    This problem was a nationwide problem at the IRS that effected all tax preparers across the country, delaying millions of refunds nationwide.  Indications are that the IRS will soon release most of the refunds that it previously delayed due to its nationwide computer problem.  We now expect most of these affected refunds to be released by the IRS in the next two days.
    Here are some statistics, provided by our banking partner Refund Advantage:
    – for returns filed on 2/01, approximately 7% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/02, approximately 40% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/03, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/04, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/05, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/06, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/07, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/08, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/09, approximately 20% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/10, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/11, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/12, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/13, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/14, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/15, the IRS has released only a small number of refunds

    This entry was posted in Recent News & Updates and tagged delay, IRS, Razzano Consulting, Razzano Consulting LLC, Refunds, tax preparation, taxes, Taxpayers. Bookmark the permalink.

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  207. This entry was posted in Recent News & Updates and tagged delay, IRS, Razzano Consulting, Razzano Consulting LLC, Refunds, tax preparation, taxes, Taxpayers. Bookmark the permalink.          

    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

       @Teresa45 Ok, I found it, but that post is from Jan 27, 2012 so I wouldn’t go by it now. If it held true we would have all had our funds by today.  And from what I am reading anywhere, the WMR site is not functioning properly and we should not go by it. So pretty much it is a sit back and see waiting game. I know I just checked my bank and no refund there. So for me it will no be here until at least next week at the earliest. I don’t think it does any good to call them, they don’t give you any helpful information. Just tell you something to settle you down and get pasted your call to the next one. I know I called over a week ago and was assured they had mine and I would have it by the 24th, even thou the WMR site site was saying the 6th of March. 

      1.  @sandsurf15
         the article i read was posted february 23d 2011 my search engine is bing..

        1.  @sandsurf15
           im sorry 2012

        2. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

           @Teresa45 okay found it, hopefully some of ours will be at our banks before to long. Doesn’t really say for sure, but it’s more than any of us had to go on before. 

  208. do the its deposits returns all day I was able to order both transcripts but still nothing in the account this morning and wmr is still saying you will receive it by feb 28 no exact dd date 

    1. Avatar Leslie1974 says:

       @Beth1011 You want an “on” date not “by” so that means the IRS is still finalizing your taxes.  Once it’s completed you should be able to call and get a concrete date.  Best wishes!

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

         @Leslie1974  @Beth1011 i called every day for 3 weeks and no info  i got a date for the 3/6 it  said by sooo dont count nothing out

  209. Like yesterday, the IRS is today again releasing some of the older refunds that had been delayed due to the nationwide computer problems at the IRS.  Prior to today, up to 40% – 50% of the refunds for taxpayers who filed between 2/2 and 2/4 still had not been released by the IRS due to this nationwide IRS problem.  For many of these taxpayers, the IRS  “Where’s My Refund” had not been displaying any information at all. This problem at the IRS was incorrectly leading these taxpayers to think that their tax return was not filed even though it was actually filed.  By early this morning, the IRS appears to have corrected this problem with its “Where’s My Refund” service.  The warning message by the IRS to taxpayers that “Where’s My Refund” was not working properly no longer appears on the IRS web site.

  210. This problem was a nationwide problem at the IRS that effected all tax preparers across the country, delaying millions of refunds nationwide.  Indications are that the IRS will soon release most of the refunds that it previously delayed due to its nationwide computer problem.  We now expect most of these affected refunds to be released by the IRS in the next two days.

  211. – for returns filed on 2/01, approximately 7% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/02, approximately 40% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/03, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/04, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/05, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/06, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/07, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/08, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/09, approximately 20% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/10, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/11, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/12, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/13, approximately 25% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/14, approximately 50% have not yet been released by the IRS. – for returns filed on 2/15, the IRS has released only a small number of refunds

    1.  @Teresa45 Thanks for posting this Teresa, but where did you get it from?

      1.  @JuliaD

        1.  @Teresa45 Cool, thanks for keeping an eye out for us.

        2.  @JuliaD
           your welcome.

        3. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

           @Teresa45  @JuliaD This site takes you to a re-directs you to a photo site. I can find nothing on the information you are posting.

        4.  @sandsurf15  @JuliaD
           I typed in tax rfund update feb 23 2012 i then there was a article from razzano tax consulting. 

        5.  @sandsurf15  @JuliaD
          This entry was posted in Recent News & Updates and tagged delay, IRS, Razzano Consulting, Razzano Consulting LLC, Refunds, tax preparation, taxes, Taxpayers. Bookmark the permalink.         

        6.  @sandsurf15  @JuliaD
           iI copied a pasted the whole page on here check it out maybe it will help you find it…

    2.  @Teresa45 Will avoid filing next year on some of those dates!

  212. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

    I finally got my state

  213. i was able to order a transcrip today i wasnt yesturday.does this mean i will get my refund today.

    1. Avatar Leslie1974 says:

       @Teresa45 The best way to find out when your refund will come through is by checking the clearing house bank for w/e tax preparation svc you used.  If you scroll, you can see the two most popular and their web address.  Also, I was able to order mine a/o Wed and the refund hit clearing house at 8ish this am.  Hope this helps.  Warm wishes!

  214. Avatar brokeashell says:

    so now the wmr says 
    “Your tax return has been received and is being processed.
    If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:within six weeks of the received date.”…………..omg they r killin me!

  215. Do I request a account transcript or return transcript to see if my refund has been processed?

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @Carlos4 return

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @Carlos4I meant refund!

      2.  @Brooksie97 Thank you

  216. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I was able to order a transcript this morning but my WMR still says should receive by March 6th.

    1.  @Brooksie97 Mine is the same this morning too Brooksie.  Hopefully that means we are getting them maybe this weekend or Monday.  Fingers crossed!!

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @JuliaD I sure hope so!!!!!

      2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

         @JuliaD Is your WMR still saying by March 6th?

        1.  @Brooksie97 yea, it still says by March 6, but I am not putting much stock in WMR anymore.

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      I was able to order the account and return transcript so maybe we will have some good news this weekend!

  217. Good morning okay this is my up date I filed 2-3 an couldn’t see anything until 2-16 then it said BY the 6th of march then a few days later I got the DD of the 24 an it was put in today at 3 am why 3 am well that capital ones update time I file thur turbox tax an was accepted on the same day an I don’t know if its true if you can order you transcript then your done processing I was able to order mine an it came ON THE DD DATE so if you get a DD not a BY date that’s the day your.getting your refund maybe even a earlier …just wanted to say all for your help !!! Your post help me thru this an yes There is hope !!!!!

    1. @Camey82 congrats!! Thanks for posting . My dd is 2/27.

  218. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

    What does the transcript tell you, does it do any good to order it, and does it come via email or regular mail?

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

       @sandsurf15 You go on the the IRS website and order it. From what we have seen on here, if you can order it you usually get your refund back in a couple of days.

  219. Ok I filed 2-2 went thru all the same steps and problems y’all have seen no info and called IRS since then and then seen the mar 6 now it says 2-27 I did order transcript yesterday and the IRS website says 10-21 days wich this is after sonic still wondering if I’d recieve it earlier than Monday since I’m 21 days as of Thursday but I guess since that glitch thing prolly not but dam 21 full days wasnt enuff it’s already a week past my projected date the 15 Th I’m
    Still confused I guess2-27 is better than no date I pray IRS has it there that day I cannot be put off till the mar 3 date then be callin them again I also used the republic bank website and no product info for me but my name was there I used liberty for the first and last time i never had an issue before with hr block

    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

      It doesn’t matter who did your taxes, it is the date frame that is the issue. I think next year I am going to wait and not rush to get them done. My daughter did hers after mine and got hers in 8 days and my son did his before and had his in 8 days. I did mine on 2/3 at H & R Block. Still waiting. Here’s what was on our local news. Still doesn’t give us an exact date, but it’s their excuse for the mess. Apparently none of us should go by the WMR site. I called and they said by tomorrow, but I am sure I will not receive it them as it seems no one is. And it does no good to call again, they just give you another date to sit and wait for.

    2. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @Tco12 were you able to order the Return Transcript, or The Account, or both?? Does one have more meaning than the other?

  220. I also was able to order an account transcript does this mean things are moving along or I might get my refund soon

  221. Avatar christeixeira says:

    Okay so i was able to order an Account Transcript, But Not A Return Transcript. Is that the one i needed??

  222. Well I was able to order a account transcript but, not refund transcript.  I hope that means it is moving along. Wmr is still outta control. Maybe early next.

    1.  @sandsurf15 thanks for sharing

  223. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

    Hey there everyone. I just got home after celebrating my wedding anniversary, and of course the first thing I do is check WMR. It still says the 27th DD, no changes at all. I am seriously wondering if it will be offset or not. Figured I would have seen something by now.

  224. hi everybody, I would like to know if there are people who have sent their tax paper by mail (not online) and already received their return paper ? Im sorry if i made mistakes, I am french and i ask for my american boyfriend.

  225. everyone listen up just read a article from irs saying all the early filed returns from february 1-5 will have there refund in the next two days yaaaay lets hope there correct.

    1.  @Teresa45 could you get us a link. I would love to read it

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

       @Teresa45  please….where did you read that???????  That would be awesome!!!  Just afraid that to is just them yanking our chain again!

      1.  @judgessidekick
         razzano …I typed in tax refund update feb 23 2012 and the article came up and took me to razzano..

    3.  @Teresa45 I would love to see that one myself!!  Where did you find it???

      1. @JuliaD @judgessidekick i really doubt that any news irs releases is on the web site i went and looked and did not see anything 🙁 it would be great tho would like to see a link for the article as well

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

           @Nikki78  @JuliaD  @judgessidekick yeah…me too..figured she would let us know where she read that being we are ALL sitting on pins and needles! 

        2.  @judgessidekick  @Nikki78  @JuliaD
           Im sorry.

    4. Avatar Kristina303 says:

      @Teresa45 Yeah this is bull I looked and didn’t find anything.

      1. @Kristina303 Why would she say she read a post but not give the site she read it at I’m really not in the moods for games I’ve been waiting 21 days for my refund!

        1.  @Sarah712  @Kristina303
           calm down we are all in the same

  226. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Anybody that filed the 3rd been able to get a transcript yet?

    1.  @Brooksie97 not me

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

       @Brooksie97 nope!

    3.  @Brooksie97 I was reading on yahoo answers and some people said they got their late today

    4.  @Brooksie97 we filed on the 3rd & were able to order the transcript!

    5. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @Brooksie97 No:(

    6.  @Brooksie97

  227. Avatar blakensmith says:

    Has any tried calling the H& R Block Bank to see if they have received funds from IRS. I’m getting return on emerald card but cant get a hold of a real person!!

  228. My last update….

    I filed on the 1st, WMR said I would get my return by the 21st, it changed to the 14th, then I finally got a DD date of the 23rd. The money was deposited yesterday and I received it today. Good luck everyone.

    1. @Bonita Happy you got your money.

    2.  @Bonita my dd date is set for 2/27 so maybe i will get my tomorrow or tuesday hopefully. thanks for posting

    3. Avatar christeixeira says:

      @Bonita Yayyyyy!! Finally:)

  229. Avatar liftednumber0 says:

    It not just people that filed from Feb 2nd to Feb7th. I filed on Feb 9th and its giving me the same problems I have been reading here. Wmr told me I would get it on the 21rst and when I check the next day it says I can’t be found. I called the IRS and they just tell me it’s processing and I have no idea when I will see it. I used turbo tax and e-filed. Should have been here within 7 to 14 days but the IRS told me it could take up to a month. So this screw up is affecting a lot of people I think.

    1. Avatar billstopay says:

      @liftednumber0 I filed the 6th and received it today. my freidns who filed after me got theirs already. My friend who filed the third is still in the March 6th whole. This week it updated to the 24th and I got it today.

      1.  @billstopay  @liftednumber0 Did you have an EIC credit? I read that those are taking longer due to fraud screening.

      2.  @billstopay  @liftednumber0 mine says 2/27 so i wonder will it come tomorrow or tuesday

  230. What is the number for the offset hotline? I have called the 3107 number but it’s not automated.

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:


      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        I didn’t realize you had the 3107 number down. Sorry….I didn’t know there was an automated one.

  231. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I give up on trying to call these people! I have got cut off every single time! What stinks is Im using a cell phone so my minutes are getting used up pretty quickly!

  232. I filed Feb 2nd and was accepted Feb 4th. The WMR has been so weird. After two weeks of waiting on Info, I finally got a date. “by March 6th” who know if anybody on will get it before. Good news, I just got off the phone with an IRS agent and he said that a batch of returns filed electronically between the 2nd and 7th got screwed up. He said they were not up for review, they were just screwed up because of the system. He said to ignore the 6th and that I should expect my refund any day next week. I guess that goes for anyone expecting it March 6th or filed between the 2nd and 7th and have not received it. He also stated that they deposit refunds Monday-Friday. Hope this helps and I hope I get it next week along with you all.

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      @Carlos4 I sure hope this is true! I think the IRS shoud apologize to all of us that they put through this!

    2. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

      @Carlos4 I hope so too, I am so tired of this waiting. Does anyone know what bank site you can check to see if yours it there if you filed at H & R Block and are having it DD?

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        @sandsurf15 @Carlos4 I think most are using

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          I am soposed to have direct deposit to my bank because I went through Taxact but I have seen many on here use those two I posted for you.

      2. @sandsurf15 @Carlos4 The one for H&R Block is down somewhere if not try googling it you might want to check email also if you provided one, try scrolling i have seen it posted before 🙂

  233. where do you order the transcripts from ?

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        You can call them too. 1-800-908-9946

        1. @Brooksie97 so they let me order both just to be clear that mean they have finished processing my taxes ??? I’m sport if you’ve Andersen this before 🙂

        2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          It’s looking good for you! Everyone I have seen on here that was able to order ended up getting their refund soon afterwards.

        3. @Brooksie97 keeping the hope alive !!!!!

    1. I found out where to order them It let me order both does that mean its done processing even thought wmr still says processing?

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        @Beth1011 yes!

        you should get yours in the next couple of days.

        1. @Brooksie97

          really thats great . I thought the Irs only deposited on wednesday’s?

        2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          @Beth1011 They deposit everyday! Everyone that has been able to order the transcripts have received their returns in the next couple days.

        3. @Brooksie97

          even though our wmr says you will have it before feb 28th no dd date ? Sorry for all the question’s, but thanks for the info!!

        4. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          You can’t go by WMR information anymore.

  234. Avatar brokeashell says:

    WMR changed to feb 27th for me this mornin now its back to sayin i might have entered my data incorrectly

  235. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

    @judjessidekick Yeah, it listed it on the offset hotline, but WMR has said nothing, and neither have IRS agent. I have a DD date of 2/27/12. So…they have not intercepted my refund YET…and based on what I have seen I have no idea if they will or not. I have heard that if you call the IRS will tell you about an offset that might happen, and that when WMR updates it will give you a tax code while it is being proccessed, and then when you get your actual DD date it will show you that it has been offset, and give you the NEW refund amount. Noone of that has happened to me. Nothing in the mail either…???

  236. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

    @judjessidekick I found out on the refund offset hotline. It didn’t show up until Feb. 16, 2012. I had been calling every day. I have talked to the irs several times after that date and no one mentioned any kind of debt indicator, or an offset of any kind. WRM is still the same today… DD scheduled for 2/27/12. No mention of an offset, no code reference, nothing like that.

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @LoveSanrio so that number you called to see if your tax refund has been or will be offset is legit? Did it not tell you about the offset at all on wmr?? That is just wrong! So, probably we that are getting this March 6 date are being audited or reviewed?? I am so confused and totally physically sick over this whole situation!!

    2. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

      @judjessidekick Yeah, it listed it on the offset hotline, but WMR has said nothing, and neither have IRS agent. I have a DD date of 2/27/12. So…they have not intercepted my refund YET…and based on what I have seen I have no idea if they will or not. I have heard that if you call the IRS will tell you about an offset that might happen, and that when WMR updates it will give you a tax code while it is being proccessed, and then when you get your actual DD date it will show you that it has been offset, and give you the NEW refund amount. Noone of that has happened to me. Nothing in the mail either…??? 7 minutes ago

  237. Avatar billstopay says:

    Anyone who used sbbt. How long do d it take to hit ur actual bank. I recieved it this am at 9am eastern.

  238. Avatar billstopay says:

    Hey all. Been following the site. I filed the sixth and it was rejected tjen accepted later that day. I didnt have any info till last week. I had the processing message, the 28th message the 6th message.this week it said the 24th. And low and behold. It was deposited this am with Hve faith. Itll come.

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @billstopay how did you find out that it was deposited into the sbtpg bank? Did they send you an email? Did you file thru turbotax?

      1. Avatar billstopay says:

        @judgessidekick I called at around 9am eastern time. I did turbotax. The.irs still says the 24th smdh.

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @billstopay what number did you call? sorry so many questions, just tired of waiting for an actual DD date instead of March 6…I filed 2/3 and accepted 2/4 and fill like the lone ranger here!

        2. Avatar billstopay says:

          @judgessidekick 18007177228. Or Girl I was bout to set some things off if friday came and went lol

        3. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @billstopay lol…that’s how I feel!! I believe those of us that filed on the 3rd are the only ones not getting a DD date, just the March 6 thanks!

        4. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @billstopay did the bank send you an email too?

        5. Avatar billstopay says:

          @judgessidekick nope no email I just checked. It still hasnt reached my bank yet :(. I checked all my info, its correct just gotta wait.

  239. Mine is still saying Feb. 27th. Maybe if you check to many times it locks you out. Mine said March 6th yesterday. I’m just hoping this date is the real one.

  240. still no change. by March 6 and still can’t order transcript. I will probably be the only one on here that gets royally screwed and never sees a return. I keep seeing everyone else’s change, but mine still remains the same.

    1. @JuliaD I am there with you except wmr has no info for me

    2. @JuliaD

      mine is also the same march 6 and i efiled feb 2

    3. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      @JuliaD Im right there with you! I am ready to give up!

    4. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

      @JuliaD Mine hasn’t changed either, still says the 6th of March. Should have had it last week.

    5. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @JuliaD nope…I’m still with you!! lol I read on another link that the ones that efiled on the 3rd were actually did not even begin to be processed untiil the 16th so that is why the March 6 date is on so many wmr updates….

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        @judgessidekick @JuliaD I believe that because I never did get information on WMR until after the 16th and of course it was the March 6ht date.

    6. @JuliaD I have been March 6 since Saturday the 18 and have no changes on the wmr. Still says March 6 so you are not alone.

  241. Avatar bbnhardin says:

    ok……i filed on jan.31…..the wmr told me that the dd would be march 21….that was last week this week it changed to february 21 and if im not mistaken today is february 23…..called bank and nothing…..cant get a real person at the irs #……people are saying that they are getting their dd on the second date that they are given….well not me!

  242. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    how often are people checking the wmr today?? I think I have been locked out after about 4 times since early this morning…

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      @judgessidekick I guess I checked to many times today too! I just get the no info now!

    2. I only check once a day…but didn’t have any kind of information until yesterday.

  243. Does anyone know if I can check online to see what address the IRS has on file? I moved around Christmas and submitted change of address with my return..but you know how that is.

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @kfab not sure but I was told that they go by the address on your return to update their files! You may want to call and ask them….even though you will be on hold FOREVER!! Would ease your mind though!!

  244. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    well…..I just checked the wmr site AGAIN (probably the fourth time since 7 this am) and now it is saying no information…..I am really scared that something is terribly wrong, offset, interception or something even though no debts were found under the treasury offset program (just checked, you never know)…..I just want a actual DD date and not that “should receive by March 6″….I guess the wmr has locked me out or something being that I keep checking it!

  245. Avatar cateyes235 says:

    Well now the WMR website is also telling me that my refund DD date is for the Feb. 27th.

  246. Okay mine is also saying Feb. 27th DD. It’s about damn time I got a DD. I’ve been waiting since the 3rd of February. Of course I needed the money now since I’m on vacation.

  247. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

    Ok if u have a turbotax card what is the bank

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:


  248. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    I don’t know of any reason my refund should be offset but is there anyway you can find out if that is what’s happening? filed 2/3, turbotax, and no specific DD date just should receive by….?????

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      oh…one more thing…I also called the Treasury Offset Program and as of today, no debts were found under my ss#…..??? Just don’t know how accurate that is….just trying to come up with some real REASON for the March 6 date!!!

      1. I dont think they know what they are doing because we were charged for 09 but we payed what we owned for 09 in our 2010 refund and was told we owned nothing further and now they still took out an extra $1000 for the same 09 taxs,so very confused!!

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Jessie22 so when would it say on the wmr if your refund is being offset or intercepted? I can’t imagine who would do that to me…I am physically sick and am so afraid that like that person here that said she had no indication of her refund being taken but it was…the irs didn’t tell her, no code on wmr, no letter, had a DD date, etc….scary!!!

        2. I didnt know either.I kept checking wmr and it said no info and I kept calling and getting very rude agents that kept telling me it was processed yet but I called again on mon and the agent I talked to put me on hold forever but she said that she had to do that because our filed are encoded and they have to decode it and it takes time so after about 45 mins she came back and said they took out what we owned and we would get the remainder in this wk,next or even the following she coudnt give me a date.

  249. Avatar MandyCrow says:

    I FINALLY got mine this morning!!!!!!! If the info will help, here’s my story: I e-filed on the 4th through the H & R Block at home program ( Its just like Turbotax but a little cheaper )and it was accepted the same day. I heard nothing for 11 days and it finally said I would have it by the 28th. This past Saturday it changed to “your tax refund is scheduled to be Direct Deposited on February 23”, and it was actually deposited on the day they said it would. I have been following these posts for a couple weeks now and it seems to me that people with an actual DD date do indeed get theirs on the day it says. I am praying that everyone gets theirs soon!

    1.  @MandyCrow Thank you!!!

  250. So I finally got to talk to a nice agent and she said we owned the irs which they already took out of our refund the first wk (feb 1) we sent it in and we would get the rest in a few wks.Tell me how you already took your money but cant give me mine?And on top of that got a letter stating that they indeed did take what we owned but it was dated for feb 27,2012,I dont know I might be wrong but I thougt today was just the 23 of feb.

  251. just got off the phone with irs she said the march 6 date dont matter we will get our refund sooner then that and i efiled feb 2 like today would be she said they have been backed up there so busy this time of year.

  252. Avatar dajackson says:

    so i filed on the third n i just now got a actual dd date of the 6th next month saying it will be recieved. so if this is true it will have taken them 1 month n 3 days to get me my money

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @dajackson mine says the same thing but no DD date of March 6 just should receive by march 6 if no further processing delays or taxes owed…..?????

      1. Avatar dajackson says:

        @judgessidekick just tried checking again it sayin same as you now. what a flawed system…

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          @dajackson @judgessidekick Mine is saying

          Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

          I still can’t order a transcript either

  253. Well i have a update mine has changed back to you may have enter the wrong information. Nothing in the bank. Today is 3 weeks since I filed.

  254. ok i just read there are others …..

  255. i just checked wmr yesterday it said i should get it by 3/6 if there were no delays and if i didnt owe any taxes, now it says “your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 27, 2012. if your refund is not credited to your account by March 3, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it was received. Please wait until March 3, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then. (sorry for copying the whole thing) did anyone elses change to this message since yesterday? i filed 2/4/2012

    1. @nelly yes I did.

    2. @nelly I got the same message …. And yesterday it said by march 6th

  256. Avatar ForPeaches says:

    Okay I did my sister taxes on feb 16 and she got her return today. I did my own on Feb 5 and I still have not received mines yet he said that it is in process and I should have it by March 6 per the WMR. This sucks….

  257. Okay I have a dd date 2/27. I checked the Sbtpg bank site and they dd deposited my state today. They have my irs refund amount and fees to be deducted but hasnt recieved the money from irs yet. I hope it comes before monday. I filed on 2/2

    1. @Moferane me too

  258. Ok so i offically have a dd it switched from by 3/6 to it will be dd on 27th.. i filed on the 2nd and just barely had any info on the wmr sitr this wed.

  259. Just letting everyone know.. We got our DD.. we filled on the 7th.. The WMR said it would be DD on the 23rd and it was DD on the 23rd that they put the funds into the bank.

    1. @JoshNess I am very happy for you. I filed on 2/3 and I got no info or 3/6.

      1. @casper61 I will keep my fingers crossed for you hon.. I hope they get thier act together

    2. @JoshNess okay that gives me some hope cause I.had a dd of the 24 then today it changed to processing

      1. @Camey82 ill keep my fingers crossed for you also.. it should be in there if it said the 24th.. mine was there when it said the 23rd

        1. @JoshNess thanks I’m just ready for this to be over !! ASAP

        2. @Camey82 I know.. this year has been so different… most of the time there is no problems. i see a lot of problems with people who filled on the 3rd.. not fair to them at all.. this is insane! I wonder if it has to do with who u filled with..

        3. @JoshNess I know I filed on the third an it seems that they want to play with our money an time …I just thought it was over when I got a dd but not I’m worried with this processing an the day.before the dd at that stress level back up

        4. @JoshNess I filed with turbotax

        5. @Camey82 so did I and we got ours on the DD that WMR said.. so keep ur fingers crossed might be in there.. By the way it didnt hit the bank till 7 this morning!

        6. @JoshNess okay thanks that’s good info to know so I will just try to wait key word try lol if you don’t mind me asking who do you bank with ??

        7. @Camey82 Chase… I know the waiting game sucks.. I really do feel for everything.. it sucks

        8. @JoshNess okay well we will see how capital one do…I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

        9. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          @Camey82 @JoshNess I filed with Taxact and my refund should be directly deposited in my bank account.

        10. @Brooksie97 @JoshNess minds should too with Turbotax

        11. @Camey82 @Brooksie97 yes.. my refund did not go to the SBBT bank before going to my bank.. It went str8 to my bank.

        12. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @Camey82 @JoshNess i heard alot of people say that theirs started sayin processin again right b4 they received their refund

        13. @brokeashell @JoshNess o really well hey there’s more hope rite there !!! I just want it to be over for all of us we get our money an put this crap behind us …well until next year

  260. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Has anyone that filed on the 3rd received their refund?

    1. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:



    2. Avatar dajackson says:

      @Brooksie97 im on the third i havent heard of anyone getting there return if they filed that day yet

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @dajackson @Brooksie97 i filed 2/3 also thru turbotax and fees to be taken out by their bank…nothing on bank site and still “processing and should receive BY March 6 is no processing delays (whatever that means) and no taxes owed”! ????

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          I called and spoke to a very nice irs representative that told me that the 3rd filers were pulled for further security processing….that there were no debt indicators on my return and no problems so far…but someone on here said that her ss# was flagged and her refund was being offset…I don’t know of anything like that I should have but…still worries me! He told me he didn’t see any indicators on my return so praying I will get it before the 6th…just really want a REAL DD date…that’s all!!!

        2. Avatar dajackson says:

          @judgessidekick@Brooksie97 mine says mine will be deposited on 03/06 now

    3. @Brooksie97 no

  261. Okay just checked the wmr an it has been saying all week dd on the 24 now it saying it processing an I should have it in six weeks uggggh so does that mean in not getting it tommorow ???? If so why did they change it ugh irs !!!

  262. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

    Now mines says feb 27 and if it’s not there wait till march 3

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @PrettyBigGirl1 thats what mine says too

  263. Okay just check wmr and my dd date is 2/27/12.I hope so because I filed on 2/2.

  264. Avatar Limbwalker says:

    Well just checked and WMR gave me a dd date of 2/27…maybe this time they will keep it…hell of alot better than 3/06!!!

  265. Avatar LoveSanrio says:

    I got the “BY” date of March 6th yesterday, and just checked it now, and it says it is SCHEDULED to be DD on Feb.27th. Unfotunately I found out my ssn was flagged for offset on Feb16, 2012….so just a few days ago. I have heard nothing from the IRS about the offset, there is no status reference code on WMR, no letter, no mention of it when I call and talk to them. I also heard that if you get offset, proccessing will be delayed, and THEN WMR will update with a DD date, tell you that you had an offset, and show you the updated amount AFTER offset. Just for the record, my debt is $10,000, and refund is $9,523… so technically I should not be getting a direct deposit. I mailed in the injured spouse form, and they would have gotten it this past Tuesday. I am so confused! Anyone have any experience with this?

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      there is a phone number you can call that will tell you if your refund has been or will be offset, did you ever call it? Now I am worried that maybe that is what has happened to mine even though I don’t know why….especially being that u were given a DD date and no indication of offset…wow! I am so sorry…

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @LoveSanrio how did you find out your ss# was flagged for offset on that date? you would think that the irs rep would had told you or seen a debt indicator on your return….

  266. Avatar tinkerteer says:

    Well at least some of you have a projected due date for the future! Wmr still says its processing and I should receive my refund on the 14th of Feb. Before that I was given 2 other dates which came and went. Just for the record I e-filed on 01/27 and was accepted that day. Tired of talking to reps. They’re like psychics… they generalize everything so it can apply to anyone and have no specific answers. I give up! There’s absolutely nothing we non significants can do to remedy the situation. Its like being screwed up the ass with no vaseline… I feel violated and it hurts!

  267. Nothing yet. Try again in the morning.Smh

  268. I’m off to bed I need sleep to deal with this mess.

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @casper61 hey when did it give u ur date for the 1st time?

      1. @brokeashell It has been going from 3/6 to wrong info for about a week. S o that means they have been processing for a week. It won’t let me order a transcript.

    2. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @casper61 i cant even sleep bcuz of this mess

  269. Avatar brokeashell says:

    wmr now sayin march 6th again!!! whata roller coaster!!!

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      same here….just checked it!! OMG!!!!

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @judgessidekick sux!!!! atleast ous they r doin the same thing…makes me feel lil better

        1. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick “ours are doin “

        2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          well, I certainly don’t think we will be getting any money this week and that is NOT GOOD for me at all!!!

        3. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick i kno im bout to have a nervous break down

    2. @brokeashell me too

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @casper61 earlier did it say that to u then change to incorrect data???

        1. @brokeashell All day it been no info now it’s back to 3/6

        2. @brokeashell it won’t let have transcript either. Irs online is so screwd up.

        3. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @casper61 i ordered a transcript earlier…not sure which one i just pressed #2

  270. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    I efiled thru turbotax on 2/3 and federal and state were both accepted on the 4th! I got my state refund 1 wk later but have fallen into the processing obess and have a March 6 date! I am starting to believe the only date that is not going anywhere is the filing on Feb 3! Just never dreamed this would turn into such a stressful situation! Filed the same way last year and had federal back in 7 days and state is 14….this is just CRAZY!!!

  271. Avatar badgerman says:

    I efiled on 2/4 accepted 2/5 have the same date as you 3/6 , filed my daughters same day, she got her check in 7 days. thru turbo tax.

  272. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    well….it seems to me that those of us that efiled on 2/3 are the only ones that continue to have the march 6 date! Just checked the bank, nothing and wmr has BY March 6, 2012 I am physically sick over this now!

    1. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @judgessidekick Yes

    2. Avatar Leslie1974 says:


      I filed mine with TT through my bank on 02/02 and I just got the first update today which stated “by March 6th”. So I believe many of us our in the same boat. I, also, spoke with the IRS yesterday morning and she assured me that I wasn’t in a delayed status like many are and that I should see my refund deposited before the end of this week. In other words, I’m just as mentally and physically sick over this as you and many others.

    3. @judgessidekick Ours got accepted on 2/4 and our date right now is set to be 3/6. This is stressing my husband out big time. I can’t believe this is happening. Seriously, we are entitled to our own money in a timely manner.


    1. @alexya I happy to see thst some people are getting their money. congrats

  274. doe any1 know what bank h&r block uses?.

    1. does*

      1. @alexya I still got no money. IRS is giving me a date of the 6th but they are giving me the latest possible, my state was processed as of 2/21 so I am just waiting! I can’t wait anymore. I got bills to pay

  275. Avatar MandyCrow says:

    Has anyone here actually got a Direct Deposit date and it was not deposited? I’m not talking about a “should have it by” date but an actual “your refund is scheduled to be deposited on” date. . . . Trying to soak up information before I completely lose my mind. . . .

  276. Avatar badgerman says:

    (OK PEOPLE) this is how you get back at the IRS. go to you’re employer and have you’re filling status changed to EXEMPT. pull the money out of you’re check that you would have topay to the IRS and put it in the bank. and draw interest of the money. that would really piss them off. no money to loan to the GOV. or pay back china.

  277. Avatar christeixeira says:

    I filed Feb, 3rd. Accepted Feb 4th Thru Turbo Tax. No Info on WMR for 2 weeks. Then Finally it gave a DD of March 6. Then it changed to Feb 21st. now today they have no information! I have been patient, but today i finally called and the irs is saying that my return is still processing per further review. WTF, its the same as last year. i do believe that anyone that did theres on the 3rd got caught up in some BS. Did my boyfriends last Monday and he got his today!! So freaking frustrated!!

    1. @christeixeira I think your getting there. A lot of us that are getting our returns this week filed on the 31st/1st/2nd. I bet if you call friday they will be done processing and have a DD date for you next week. Keep in mind a WMR “by” date is not a DD date. You can’t have a DD date unless they are done processing. A lot of people have been confused by this.

      1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

        @Bonita @christeixeira U right Bonita my DD kept changing finally the DD 2/23 stayed 4 a few day with no change. However I got my refund 02/21 a day before the WMR said good luck 2 all

        1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

          @Bonita @christeixeira I filled 2/2

      2. Avatar christeixeira says:

        @Bonita thank you:) i feel like im at my wits end! i have been following all the posts for 2 weeks, and never felt the need to vent… Till today, LOL.

        1. @christeixeira I went through the same thing. Always processing. I called last thursday and it was still processing even though WMR said I would have it by the 14th. I called on Friday afternoon and they told me it was done and gave me a DD date for the 23rd and it has already been deposited. It took until Sunday for WMR to show the 23rd as my DD date. You really need to call even though it takes forever. I would wait until Friday afternoon and call.

        2. Avatar MandyCrow says:

          @Bonita – When did you file?

        3. Avatar christeixeira says:

          @Bonita Awesome, Thank u so much!!

  278. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I am just so sick of this. I feel like Im going to have a nervous breakdown. I can’t stop checking on everything because there is no reason for this and it is so confusing. It is just absolutely making me sick physical.

  279. Avatar ChristinaL says:

    update: done taxes on Jan 31st had a date of Feb 15th before the 15th came I got an email that put it back til the 21st. So far nothing. 🙁 inducing on the 4th so praying I have then money before then.

  280. I also had a dd date of 3/6 this am, now nothing again. What the heck is going on?

    1. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

      @Tasha704 i also had a date of 3/6 filed 2/2 and now WMR states they have no info…been beyond stressed for a week…and sill going :/

  281. The wmr site was saying that we would have our refund by the 28th now it says it can’t find the info ? Any ideas on whats going on ? Still nothing with sbbt we filed on 2/3.

    1. @Beth1011says my info doesnt match on the sbbt site.. does it tell u anything different? im just wondering if im putting in the right webpage

      1. @JoshNess the sbbt site just tells me they didn’t receive our refund from the its yet

        1. @Beth1011ya when i go to the sbbt site it says my info doesnt match,.. just my luck

        2. @JoshNess try calling them there is a 800 number may be they will have more info

        3. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

          @Beth1011 @JoshNess I think h&r block uses sbt web page
          Liberty tax
          Jackson uses republic bank

        4. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

          @Meinsameboat @Beth1011 @JoshNess So what about turbotax

  282. Refund update: I filed and was accepted on 2/2/2012. First got refund date of 2/21 then changed to 2/14. on the 16th it was changed to DD on 2/23. Well since i used jackson hewitt the bank that gets mine is Republic back and trust. on their site i can not log in, but i used their phone number and it says my funds have been recived and it will take 24 to 48 hours to be DD into my bank. if you used jackson hewitt call this number to get update on your check. 866 764 1040. Hope this helps those who used Jackson hewitt, and got the RAL loan, or didnt pay fees upfront. From what i have learned on here, and WMR, WMR is 98% of the time wrong, and Calling the IRS is the same. I have called and talked to someone atleast 10 times, always a different answer, and to this date none have been correct.

    1. @r00t It is interesting that my refund was exactlly the same. I filled with JH on the 1st. I got a date of the 21st, it changed to the 14th then finally got a DD date of the 23rd. I couldn’t login or get any info from Republic Bank by calling. After reading your post I still can’t log in but when I call, like you, it at least says they have my refund and I should have it in 24-48 hours.

  283. Avatar Limbwalker says:

    Anyone have a good, working number for the IRS that I can call? I’ve tried a couple but they are both automated and even pressed 0 a few times and still nothing…I feel the need to tell them exactly how I feel…thx

    1. Avatar Limbwalker says:

      Well so much for that sh*t…now WMR is back to saying I enter the wrong info…FML

  284. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    how many times can you check wmr before it just tell you no information? How many times are those of you on here checking it daily?

    1. @judgessidekick

      not to many times mine is now saying they have no info.

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @Teresa45 did you notice the changes on the irs website?

        1. @judgessidekick

          no im just frustrated..

        2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Teresa45 me too!

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      I check it daily and probably about 20 times a day!

    3. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @judgessidekick from my experience u can do as many times if u want however afternoon don’t take many 2 lock up

  285. Quick update….I just checked the sbg website and it states that my money is ready for disbursement but I don’t have it on my card yet. Im keeping my fingers crossed. For those that don’t know I filed on the 1st of Feb however they didn’t recceive it until Feb 7th

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @lcombs68 how did you know to check the sbg website…are they sending you emails?

      1. I saw someone else post that they just received their money and they had checked that site as well and he had the same dd date as me…feb 23. i checked the site and the deposit is pending.

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @lcombs68 .o…well I have had the March 6 date on my wmr for over a week now so I really don’t know what is going on with mine…filed turbotax on 2/3 and accepted on 2/4…??? crazy

      2. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

        @judgessidekick @lcombs68 I never got an email i logged on here: with my info and found out it was sent from IRS

    2. @lcombs68 i been noticing people with the card from sbg are getting theres put on around midnight or 1 am try then good luck

  286. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    ok….looks as though there have been some subtle changes on the irs wmr website! Those several paragraphs that were there before trying to explain wmr, is now condensed down and when I checked my wmr status, it has no info…somethings going on….hmmmm…..

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      I’m getting no information again on WMR. Still not letting me get a transcript either. The thing that makes me so mad is people getting their returns that filed way after us. Ours should of been priority before them.

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @Brooksie97 I know….the irs told me that those that filed between the 3rd and 5th were pulled for extra processing due to that being the time frame they switched to a new security processor!!

        1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

          @judgessidekick @Brooksie97 I wonder what that means. Extra processing how long does that take.

        2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          I asked the irs guy that and he said it means an extra week is added to the 21 days after my return was accepted!! Which is why the 3/6 date was on wmr….something is going on with the wmr now I think because it’s not giving anyone any info!! Really wish they would just LET OUR MONEY GO!!!

        3. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

          @judgessidekick Really, it’s not like they haven’t held on to it long enough. I wonder if we should change how it is taken out of paychecks and not let them have it to use for a year. Then we won’t get very much back or owe a little, which it better than having to wait forever for our money. And I thought I was doing such a good thing getting it done and out of the way so soon. My daughter waited till last week and already has hers back.

  287. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    has anyone ever been through this befor? befor i can get my refund i have to wait 6 to 9 week ….because someone had to be selfish an file under my social last year… i mailed it in 1/30 an it got excepted on the 4th ..but i also had to file a identiy theft form im tryin to reslove it an its so frustrating it seem like now im being punished for someone else doings…has anyone ever been through this befor an if so how long did it take the irs to reslove it an get yur refund to u???

    1. Avatar cateyes235 says:

      Two years ago I had an issue to where I have always claimed my oldest son as a dependent for I have been supporting him. Someone had claimed him or filed taxes using his identiy so he had to write a letter to the IRS explaining that he did not file taxes and that I have permission to claim him as a dependent. That someone else had used his name. After he sent the letter then a person from the IRS called me and they also sent a letter and told me to do an admenment form to refile with my son as a dependent and they sent me the difference of what my taxes were too be.

  288. well update they finally said my money would be deposited sometime between now and march 6 and it was filed and excepted on feb 2 so best of luck you guys

  289. Avatar brokeashell says:

    now the wmr is saying i mighta entered my info wrong???? wtf!!!!?????

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @brokeashell omg!!! wth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @judgessidekick :(((( i knoooooooooooow god this is stressin me out

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell so much for the being able to order transcripts theory..that it meant you were out of processing HE–!!

    2. @brokeashell I dont think you should worry much if they said they at one point had your refund hun i am sure they do, If you been following the news and what not the WMR has had several issues this year that they said would not mess up the refunds i know its nerve racking because im still waiting to I do know in the news they had said expect to be a week behind so eample if u where suppose to get last week then u probably will get it this week, and alot of people last week started noticing the money pending more towards thursday nightm friday and saturday. Good luck hope u get it soon

  290. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

    update***my funds have been recieved by SBBT so I should have in my bank in 1-2 business days. woooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!!! Finally 🙂

    1. Avatar dajackson says:

      @Sabrina Johnson what day did u file?

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @Sabrina Johnson gives us your info…when did you file, thru who and what date did the wmr give you? sorry…just grasping at any info I can get…lol

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @judgessidekick @Sabrina i agree give us the info!!!!

        1. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

          @brokeashell @judgessidekick @Sabrina Ok so I filed and was accepted 2/2. Married a joint return with 2 children. SBBT is the bank turbotax uses to withhold your fees. They have received funds from IRS, I just called my bank it is already showing as pending now, and will post in the m

        2. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

          @brokeashell @judgessidekick @Sabrina Ooops morning to my checking account. I’m sooooooo happy the wait is finally over

        3. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Sabrina Johnson @brokeashell @Sabrina what date did the wmr give you and how did the bank notify you about your refund?? sorry, i file 2/3 , turbo tax, and had a March 6 date forever until today and now nothing…

        4. @Sabrina Johnson @brokeashell @judgessidekick @Sabrina did you ever get a date of when you should expect a dd? I filed and was accepted on the 2nd I barely today got a date of the 6th so still trying to figure out when i will actually get my money

        5. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

          @judgessidekick @Sabrina @brokeashell WMR said a DD date of 2/23. I never got an email from SBBT. I just checked on their website and it was there.

      2. Avatar Sabrina Johnson says:

        @judgessidekick @Sabrina WMR says DD of 2/23

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Sabrina Johnson @Sabrina well, I am so happy for you!!! Enjoy the NO MORE STRESS!! lol

  291. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    why does the wmr just say still processing and should receive my refund by March 6 but it doesn’t give an estimated DD DATE?????

    1. @judgessidekick I don’t think there is an “estimated” DD Date. You either have a date or you don’t.

  292. Avatar brokeashell says:


  293. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    All my family members that filed after me have already received their refunds. I have one that filed the 10th and getting his back the 24th. Here I filed the 3rd and they are saying the 6th. Just doesn’t make sense!

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @Brooksie97 same here….the 3rd seems to be the date that fell into the neverending processing catagory! I have just given up!

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        I can’t get the transcript either. From what I am finding out it doesn’t even looked like they have processed mine. This is ridiculous!

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @Brooksie97 it’s all just crazy!! I wish I had just waited a couple of more days to file, then I would already have my money that I need sooooo bad! I will never file early again…I will wait until at least the end of Feb or first of March next year, IF I live another year after all this stress!!!!!

    2. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @Brooksie97 Yes I’m pissed

  294. Finally got some information from WMR. Filed on the 3rd accepted on the 3rd and just today they told me I will have my refund be the 6th of March. Unless they are telling everyone this to get us to stop harassing them…….lol

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @Urs same date for me too! filed 3rd and accepted on the 4th – efiled thru turbotax…irs told me today that still processing and wmr says march 6!!! Seems a LOT of people have the March 6 date!

      1. Im just happy I have a date. It gave me nothing until today. I’m not gonna rely on it being here on the 6th tho.

    2. Avatar MichaelRice says:

      @Urs I dunno they told me the same thing for the same filing date. Im kinda hoping for earlier

    3. Avatar cateyes235 says:

      No it looks like they have been telling everyone this lately. I had filed on feb. 2nd.

  295. So I am like most everyone here…filed 2/3 accepted 2/4. No info on WMR until today. Finally states that DD by 3/6. I was able to order a transcript so I am hoping that this means the actual DD will be earlier than the 6th!

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @cwismine which type of transcript did you order…the return transcript or account transcipt? Did you order it on line or by phone? It let me order online my account transcript but when I called it wouldn’t let me order a return transcript…I am soooo confused! I NEED MY REFUND THIS WEEK!

      1. @judgessidekick I was able to order the return transcript and i did it using the app on my phone. Should I try to order the account transcript as well? I will do that and let you know!

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @cwismine thanks….but I believe I must still be in the “processing” black hole…thanks!

        2. @judgessidekick I feel your pain! It’s so frustrating!

      2. @judgessidekick I was able to order both transcripts, so I hope this means I will get this money soon! I am in desperate need like everyone else here!

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @cwismine so hoping you get yours this week…guess I am sunk down in the deepest darkest crack of the processing black hole….ugh!

        2. Avatar dajackson says:

          @judgessidekick @cwismine no im right there with u just sitting here waiting,basically given up so itll actually b a suprise when i finally get it

        3. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @dajackson @cwismine me too!!

        4. @judgessidekick@dajackson hoping we all get them soon!

      3. @judgessidekick @cwismine

        how do you get the transcrip online.

      4. @judgessidekick @cwismine I haven’t seen anyone get their taxes finished processing then receive a refund in the next 2 days. It appears your best case would be next week.

  296. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    here are the two types of transcripts, both free – the return one I couldn’t get but the account one I was able to order and so, does this been they have finished processing my return?????

    A tax return transcript shows most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. In most cases, your transcript includes all the information a lender or government agency needs. It does not show any changes you, your representative or we made after you filed. Ask your financial institution to be sure a return transcript will meet their requirements. The tax return transcript is generally available for the current and past three years.

    We can also provide a tax account transcript. The tax account transcript, which is also free, shows basic data from your return, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income. It also includes any adjustments you or we made after you filed your return. Like the tax return transcript, the tax account transcript is generally available for the current and past three years.

    1. Avatar wheresmymoney says:

      @judgessidekick yes if u can order transcript from year filing then that means they r done processing u,irs agent told me this(my sisters husband)

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @wheresmymoney well…I just found out that if it didn’t allow me to order the return transcript then I am still processing, but it did allow me to order the account transcript so don’t really know what the heck I did…lol…I am really desperate now, its frustrating being stuck!!!

  297. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Filed the 3rd, accepted the 3rd. No transcript and WMR- Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

  298. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    Ok…question! I think I tried to order a return transcript the first time and it wouldn’t let me but I went back and ask for an account transcript and it said i would receive my copy in 5 – 10 days….is the account transcript the one everyone is talking about that if they allow you to order one then the IRS is finished processing your refund??? PLEASE HELP…NEED AN ANSWER…sorry, confused!!

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @judgessidekick wow that confuses me to!!!! all i kno is i selected option 2 of the transcripts

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @brokeashell well, I did it on line and the pull down box for which type transcript the first was account and the second was return…so I read what each one was and selected account and it let me order one for 2011 but the first time I did it on line I selected return for 2011 and it didn’t let me…hopefully someone else ordered theres on line and can possibly shed some light on this situation!

  299. Avatar Needmoney says:

    Mine was accepted Feb 6. WMR first said Feb. 21 changed a week later to Feb. 14th. As of today Feb. 22nd no money and no update. Anybody else still have an expected refund date of Feb. 14th?

  300. Avatar MandyCrow says:

    Well, WMR says that my DD is scheduled for tomorrow. I called my bank and they can’t see anything pending so I explained to them that I am due to receive my return tomorrow and they said that nothing will show a day before and that it should post anywhere from 12 am – 8 am. Soooo i am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  301. Avatar brokeashell says:

    wmr tells me “We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.” and it allowed me to order a transcript BUT I STILL HAVE NO DD DATE? WHY?

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @brokeashell i bet your processing was just recently done so the date hasn’t changed…I still believe you will get your money this week! Keep us posted! GOOD LUCK!!

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @judgessidekick i definately will!!!! thanks for the well wishes!!!

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @brokeashell just curious…when did you file and thru who?

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @judgessidekick i filed thru taxact on feb 4th…with my fees to come out of my refund from republic bank..

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell I filed thru Turbo Tax on Feb 3 and accepted the 4th and still NOTHING! your bank sounds like mine…if any deposits are made outside of me making them direct they will NOT post until the next business day which begins midnight like they told you….I am sure you will have it tomorrow!! 🙂

    3. @brokeashell wow mine said the exact same thing so is it possible that it could come sooner :/

    4. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @brokeashell If u check WMR site tomorrow or Friday I guarantee it’s going to change to DD the 2/28 it’s exactly what happen to mine this week got it yesterday good luck and check the on the 2/27 or 2/28 morning and u will c that it’s their good luck

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @Meinsameboat thx sameboat keepin my fingers crossed!!!

  302. So I got an update for the first time today dd by 3/6. Hoping it will come sooner. I was able to order a transcript.

    1. @Tasha704 What’s this whole ordering transcripts! I it something that will help speed up your taxes

      1. @Sarah712 for me it was more of a way of knowing if the return was done processing.

        1. U@Tasha704 Yea I just tied to order transcript it wouldn’t let me!

        2. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

          @Sarah712@Tasha704 me either! filed on 2/1 and acpt on 2/2…still nothing states irs has not released it yet, and WMR states i shall receive it by 3/6 🙁

  303. Hey guys, if you want to order transcripts and are tired of sitting on the phone, that can be done at the irs page. Same information, get answers alot quicker. That is, if you even trust the information given by the website anymore.

  304. Finally got an update after 3 weeks, march 6th is when I should expect my refund! I hope something good happens and I get it earlier then that :/

  305. Avatar MandyCrow says:

    What number do you call to order Transcripts and what exactly is that?

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @MandyCrow 800-908-9946 – they are saying on here that if you are allowed to order a transcript for 2011 then you are done with the processing and your money should be on it’s way….of course, I wasn’t allowed to order one so screwed!!

      1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

        @judgessidekick – Thanks!

  306. Avatar italianpride34 says:

    hey guys i just checked mine and it said mine will be deposited tomorrow it took exactly 1month and i guess my husband owed the irs 1100 thats y mine took so long. so hang in there guys youll get ur money

  307. Avatar italianpride34 says:

    fyi: i got word that my money will be deposited tomorrow it took exactly 1month so dont wrry guys ur money will be here! my husband owed 1100 i guess to the irs thats y mine took so long

  308. Avatar brokeashell says:

    @casper61 ????does the wmr tell you by the 6th or on the 6th?

  309. Avatar cateyes235 says:

    It says by the 6th!!! I just called to see if I can get the transcript and it said not able to process at this time!!!

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @cateyes235 same here!! Looks like we won’t be getting ANTHING this week!!!

  310. does it say on the 6th or by the 6th?

    1. @casper61 mine says by the 6th and i was able to get a trans

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @Nikki78 @casper61 what transcript should i choose???

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @Nikki78 @casper61 just the regular free one NOT the photocopy one!

        2. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 like option 1 or 2 right?

        3. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @Nikki78 @casper61 yep! good luck!

        4. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 ty so much…will it reject at the begining or end??

        5. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @Nikki78 @casper61 you will go thru a pretty lenghty process and then they will tell you, sorry no transcript is available for the year you choose of 2011!

        6. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 wheeeeewwww!!!! it let me order one said it will be here in up to 5 days

        7. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 hope that is a good sign…ty judges…im prayin 4 you!

        8. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @Nikki78 @casper61 thank u! I am glad you were able to order one…Hopefully that means you will get your money this week!!

        9. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 yw ,,,im prayin i do….and you do as well…my utilities are to be cut off by the 27th…jus hopin its here by then!

        10. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @Nikki78 @casper61 I bet you will have it by Friday! I pray you do! I know how it feels, I am in the same boat but it won’t let me order one so I am flat out of luck I guess for it this week, and next week is going to be too late…will have to come up with some other way of dealing with my financial hardships…..

        11. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @Nikki78 @casper61 u know i seen no progress till i called the irs 3 times yesterday and talked to 3 diff people askin what was goin on with my refund

  311. Avatar cateyes235 says:

    Well I have checked my bank account and still nothing. Went on the WMR website and finallly it is telling me that my DD date is going to be March 6th. This is the first time that I was able to get an update on the website. I can not keep waiting any longer this has really messed me up too.

    1. @cateyes235 does it say dd on the 6th or by the 6th

  312. Avatar justines_galaxy says:

    Number to request transcript from IRS is 800-908-9946.

  313. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    I am calling the advocate now…this waiting game is causing a major hardship on my and my family! I filed early as always to get me refund back quicker and waiting from Feb 3 to March 6 is NOT quick!!!

    1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      ME and my family…sorry, so upset I couldn’t spell!

      1. @judgessidekick Would you mind updating on what the advocate says? I looked at that this morning as well, but wasn’t sure if this qualified.

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @JuliaD I was told that you have to show them proof of any hardship! I am needing to install a new handicap walk-in shower for my son but she said unless i had an invoice where I had this done or an estimate from a business on this I could not be considered a hardship! We are doing it ourselves to SAVE MONEY so I didn’t have that!! I just am at the point that I don’t give a S— anymore! It seems if you filed between the 3-4th of Feb. you will NOT get your refund before the 6th of March!!

        2. @judgessidekick such bull!! Well, what if only one adult works, three kids, no food, no gas, can’t pay bills. Ahh, not a hardship, not at all. All there is left to do is pray.

        3. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @JuliaD totally with you! I am a single widowed mother of two, one that is handicapped due to a brain tumor, payday loans out the a–, car needed repairs, need to install handicap shower, medical bills ready to go to collections by end of the week, etc, etc….no hardship here….I just don’t understand why those returns filed Feb 3 -4 are the ones being held for so long! Can’t order a transcript and according to what I have read on here, if you are not able to order a transcript then NO MONEY on the way…so…NO MONEY!!!

        4. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @JuliaD @judgessidekick i agree! pray!

        5. Avatar aloveratwork says:

          @judgessidekick @JuliaD Just hang in there, it’s coming I filed the 3rd and mine is pending at my bank now to be released on Fri.

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      well…that got me NO WHERE!!! From now on I will NOT file my taxes before FEB 15!!!

  314. how do i order a transcript? and what does it mean if i can order one ???? I had my taxes done feb.4th and untill today i couldnt find out anything , now saying the same as everyone else’s seems to be saying mar.6th ….

  315. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    well….tried to order a transcript and after going thru all the info, said that I was not able to order a transcript for the year 2011!!!!!! I give up!!! ALL HE– IS GETTING READY TO BREAK LOOSE THIS WEEK WITHOUT MY REFUND..seems as though everything has to go bad all at once when you have NO MONEY!!! At least glad that others were able to order transcripts meaning there return is finished processing and on it’s way! Keep us updated please!

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:


  316. If it helps you guys several people had the date march 6 as well but got it alot sooner so im in same boat still waiting i was able to order a transcript so thats a good thing

  317. Looks like my state tax is going to get her b4.. It’s just bull Shit

  318. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Now mine is saying…Due to a delay in processing you should receive your refund by March 6th. For 2 weeks it has been saying received your refund and it is processing should receive your refund by March 6ht and now they are saying “due to a delay” …..I give up!

  319. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    still NOTHING….filed the 3rd accepted the 4th and still have the March 6 date with “still processing”!! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Still nothing, can’t order transcript. So, guess I am screwed for this week. Good luck to everyone else.

  321. Avatar Momoftwokidlets says:

    So I Efiled through HRBlock on 2/2 – always use HRBlock – and after 21 days, finally got an update on Wheres my Refund. 3/6 Yeah. So much for 10-21 days after accepting my return. Our car is in serious need of repairs and I already dropped our state refund on it, and it still needs work. Go figure that when I actually NEED that refund asap it isn’t there. Bad enough my daughter isn’t getting anything for her birthday on Friday because of the no refund, but if our car dies, hubby has no way to get to work. (we have 66 dollars in the checking account thanks to the unforeseen car problems)

    1. Avatar Momoftwokidlets says:

      Oh and calling that number did not even give me an option to order a transcript so it doesnt look like I am even one of the lucky ones who will still get their refund this week.

      1. @Momoftwokidlets

        I wish you the best and hope ur refund comes by thursday so ur daughter can enjoy her birthday.. I was like you before.. I had no money for my daughters birthday until pay day what was a week away from her birthday.. What I did for her birthday was print out a birthday card and put a Mommy and Daughter date to go on a shopping day (what was payday for us) and I then took her to and we looked at items and she picked out what she liked.. It helped make her day a lil special. a simple $1.50 cake mix for korger and some $1.50 frosting I turned on the music and we were dancing around the house and had her help bake the cupcakes.. all in all she enjoyed her $3.00 birthday that day and the shopping day when payday came was a hit..

        I do wish ya luck hon and I hope u get ur refund asap!

  322. Avatar ForPeaches says:

    Okay I finally was able to get some information on the IRS website and I filed on Feb 5. It is telling me that it is being processed and I should have it by March 6.

  323. Avatar bigbarneyhateswaiting says:

    I also filed on Feb 3 they gave us date of Feb 14th no money then a date of Feb 21st no money now it says up to 6 weeks with no date. I was able to order a transcript.I did call yesterday and was on hold over 30 minutes and irs told me it could take up to 3 weeks more to process. So not very hopeful to get my return anytime soon. My friend filed the 29th of jan and got his money on the 8th of Feb.What the heck is going on.

  324. okay guys I will keep you posted. I hope everyone get their refunds by friday.

  325. Okay now wmr is saying by 3/6. I filed on 2/2 and I was able to order transcripts hopefully my money will come by friday.

    1. Avatar aloveratwork says:

      @Moferane fingers crossed for u

      1. @aloveratwork thank you!

  326. @wheresmymoney thank you!

  327. sorry maybe this is a dumb question?! but what is a transcript and how do you order one?

    1. Avatar wheresmymoney says:

      @nelly 800-829-1040 use automated system follow prompts to try order 2011 transcript it is free don’t order the photocopy one cause its 57$

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @wheresmymoney @nelly what prompt do you choose if you are wanting to order a transcript?

  328. Avatar aloveratwork says:

    Hi guys been following this forum for a few weeks, have gotten some very useful info and just wanted to share mine, Filed on 02/03 and had no info on WMR until the 17th, then it said by 03/06, 2 days later updated to 02/24, well I just checked my account and my refund is at my bank as a pending transaction to be released on the 24th, so its on the way guys, and gals, good luck

    1. @aloveratwork This is good to hear!

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @aloveratwork who did you file thru?

      1. Avatar aloveratwork says:

        @judgessidekick turbo tax

    3. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @aloveratwork ty for the info

      1. Avatar aloveratwork says:

        @brokeashell no problem

    4. Avatar MandyCrow says:

      @aloveratwork – Did you have to talk to someone at your bank to find that out? Which bank do you go through? I’m trying to decide if I should call my bank or not, don’t want to be disappointed lol. . . . .

      1. Avatar aloveratwork says:

        @MandyCrow I checked it online. I am a member of Michigan First Credit Union, it lists pending transactions who they are from and the date that the funds will be available to you.

    5. Avatar mschaunicewhite727 says:

      @aloveratwork what bank are you with

      1. Avatar aloveratwork says:

        @mschaunicewhite727 Michigan First Credit Union

  329. i also finally got DD date of by march 6 after getting no info since a filed on 2/4/2012 …. hopefully i receive before…..

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @nelly me to no info until today]

  330. Avatar wheresmymoney says:

    The money is coming as long as u can order transcript that means they r done processing you,this I do know and I know they will pay us I hate its taking so long I remember waiting for mine it felt like days was longer and couldn’t sleep for checkincard ,but it came after I was done processing and was able to order transcript for 2011.good luck to all its coming

    1. Avatar MandyCrow says:

      @wheresmymoney – What do you mean by “Ordering Transcript”? How do you do that?

  331. Avatar brokeashell says:

    i been checking for 18 days str8…no info…just checked wmr n it now saids

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

    so PRAY TO GOD i get it SOON!!!!!

  332. Avatar Limbwalker says:

    Finally got a dd date of 3/06 this morning, filed on 2/2 accepted on 2/3…BS

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @Limbwalker same here…been gettin no until now…talked to irs agent yesterday n they said it was processin…now i have date of 3/6….but it dont say DD date!!!!!

      1. Avatar Limbwalker says:

        Any chance I could get it early?

        1. Avatar wheresmymoney says:

          @Limbwalker there a chance of a day or two early itrs usually release funds to bank on one day and it takes bank sometimes a day to make funds available but if bank does soon as they get money then u could get it early,I been following this site sine 1-20,some people waited 3weeks some 2 some 1,but everyone that was able to order transcripts got they money 2-3 days later,I’m only going by what I’ve saw and try to make pattern out of this,

      2. @brokeashell @Limbwalker

        Same question – says same thing on the wmr that is is being processed and will receive refund 3/6 but doesn’t say anything about direct deposit.

      3. @brokeashell @Limbwalker

        Same question – says same thing on the wmr that is is being processed and will receive refund 3/6 but doesn’t say anything about direct deposit.

  333. Ok heres an update: I havent been getting any info when checking the wmr site so this am i checed it and i actually got a date of 3/6 I do feel a little better even tho I still do not have any money yet maybe mine will come early like the rest 😕

  334. Okay I was able to order transcipts, so hopefully my refund is on the way!

  335. Avatar tinkerteer says:

    I filed and was accepted on 01/27/12. It is now 25 days later (yes, I’m counting down the days) and still no refund… original deposit date given was Feb. 08th then “due to processing delays” Feb. 14th. No updates on the web through wmr, just says I “should” receive it by the 14th and was instructed to call the call center if I hadn’t received it by that date. Spoke with a rep who gave me generic information on my filing status and then told me because my case was “under review” its going to take 4-5 more days. Today since there has been no updates available online or through the automated system; i called and spoke to a representative and she now states that I should wait until 03/02 before contacting them again because its still being processed. REALLY? what’s going on…

  336. Avatar badgerman says:

    Does anyone really know whats going on? or are we just trying to make everyone feel better? if so, i’m on the band wagon. lets cross fingers for this week.

  337. we have kept checking ours and it kept telling us it was being processed and would be there on feb. 21st. well now it says it is being processed and doesnt give a date?? is that bad??

  338. we have kept checking ours and it kept telling us it was being processed and would be there on feb. 21st. well now it says it is being processed and doesnt give a date?? is that bad??

  339. Avatar badgerman says:

    I filed on the 4th of feb. and my daughters right after mine, both got excepted on the 5th. 7 days later she got a text from turbotax that her money was on the card. I finaly got a dd date of 3/6. wth. tried wheresmymoney, nothing. what the hell is going on?

  340. it won’t let me order a transcript so I guess mine or still on hold.

  341. i got accepted on the 9th of feb…stated i should receive my refund today 2.21.12 and i have yet to receive it, i read the post from wheresmymoney about if it lets you order a transcript and so I just went and did that and it let me order transcripts for 2011 so prayerfully its on its way..

  342. i got accepted on the 9th of feb…stated i should receive my refund today 2.21.12 and i have yet to receive it, i read the post from wheresmymoney about if it lets you order a transcript and so I just went and did that and it let me order transcripts for 2011 so prayerfully its on its way..

  343. i am wondering has anyone that filed and got accepted the 3rd gotta a dd date?

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @casper61 check wmr now…finallly gave me sum info

    2. @casper61 I filed on 2/3 thru Taxact and received a DD date of 2/15. That never happened and I was a ghost in the system until today (2/22), which now says I should expect it on 3/6. I called the IRS and the rep told me that it was scheduled for DD on 2/27. We’ll see…

    3. @casper61 I filed on 2/3 thru Taxact and received a DD date of 2/15. That never happened and I was a ghost in the system until today (2/22), which now says I should expect it on 3/6. I called the IRS and the rep told me that it was scheduled for DD on 2/27. We’ll see…

  344. Avatar wheresmymoney says:

    I filed on Jan 20 got it on 2-8, then wife filed 2 -8 and it says dd on 2-23 ,I do know that once u get a dd date it will be there on or a post date before,and if u can order a tax refund transcript from 2011 year then that mean u r outtaprocessing and ur money is on the way,

    1. @wheresmymoney thanks for posting. I was able to order my 2011 trancsripts…hopefully my refund is on it’s way!!

    2. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @wheresmymoney U will probly get today mine was DD 2/22 andy money came in 2/21 good luck

      1. @Meinsameboat @wheresmymoney I hope so. Thanks!

  345. Avatar amanda23glass says:

    ok please i need information… i filed my return by mail 01/31 an it got excepted on the 4th ..but i also had to file a identiy theft form im tryin to find out how much do got to wait for my money…has anyone ever been through this befor?? if so how long did it take the irs to reslove it an get yur refund

  346. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    OMG- now the WMR is saying can’t find any information! What the …..

    1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @Brooksie97 Thay don’t mean anything I got my money yesterday and it says no info 3 weeks to process

  347. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

    so can sbbt release funds anytime of night/day? becuz alot of random ppl have luckily gotten their funds released. have NO DD waiting on the chk to be realeased @ tax preper’s! filed 2/1

  348. I did mine on the 4th . Did any one get it yet ..

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @vinnyboy i did mine on the 4th…no date…no info…

  349. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    Any of you that filed the 3rd and was accepted the 3rd. What are they saying to you now? They are still telling me March 6th.

    1. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

      @Brooksie97 Me to. We went through h & r block.

    2. Avatar PrettyBigGirl1 says:

      @Brooksie97 same here smh

    3. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

      @Brooksie97 That is what they are telling me too. Getting real tired of this. My daughter filed last Monday and she got hers today. Hers was a more complicated return too, kids, works and owns her own business, and still got hers before we did.

    4. @Brooksie97 I file on the third an got accepted that same day an I have a dd date 24 it was the 6 then it changed an has been that way for some days now

  350. Ok so tuesday wasn’t so lucky so come on lucky Wednesday give it to me baby!!!

    1. @evoevy1 me and you are in the same boat :/

      1. @Sarah712 I know ugh..I filed 2/2 through h&r block online ..what about you? Alot of peeps that filed after me got return was simple single no kids

        1. @evoevy1 I filed threw turbotax the 4th got excepted a couple hours later! I’m about to lose my mind

  351. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

    @kfab Yes I got mine today. DD. was 2/22 for a while and I got it today however the WMR has no info @ all could take 3 weeks it says

  352. Avatar sandsurf15 says:

    I filed on the 3rd got approved on the third and just on Friday the wmr site said march 6th. My daughter filed last Monday, has her own business, a regular job and lots of deductions and she got hers today. It doesn’t make sense. Does anyone know what bank to check if you filed through H & R block and it is suppose to DD to your bank account?

    1. @sandsurf15 If you are having your fees deducted from your refund it’s If you already paid your fees, it will just go straight to your bank.

      1. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

        @JuliaD@sandsurf15 checked on and has all the deductions listed but still states that they havent received it from the IRS, what time does the IRS release funds anyone know?

        1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

          @mjcarter6 @JuliaD @sandsurf15 From what I am reading this year, The IRS is releasing funds all different times and days.

  353. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    There were a few that did. If you scroll down you will find them.

  354. Avatar ChristinaL says:

    Did anyone else already get their STATE refund and our waiting on their FEDERAL now??? I got my state last week so I figured my federal would be coming right after.

  355. Just curious if anyone got their refund today? (Tues)

  356. Just curious if anyone got their refund today? (Tues)

  357. Just curious if anyone got their refund today? (Tues)

  358. Just curious if anyone got their refund today? (Tues)

  359. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

    just looked up the sbbt and they have not recieved my refund from the irs yet!? how can this be i filed on 2/1?!

    1. Avatar ChristinaL says:

      @mjcarter6 whats sbbt

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        It is Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. I think it the bank that is used for people using Turbo Tax.

      2. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

        @ChristinaL its like the govt bank that distributes the chks to whatever bank or tax prep-er u got it from..

        1. Avatar ChristinaL says:

          @mjcarter6 ohh okay.. well I heard that people that filed the last week if jan and first weeks of feb are delayed a week from getting their refund. I don’t know the exact details just was told the early birds on taxes got screwed.. :/

  360. Avatar ChristinaL says:

    I filed on the 31st of jan. Anyone else with that date. email status about my refund says Ill get it today still but nothing. but I got my stat refund last week. Im so confused..

  361. Just got done talking to the IRS fkrs didn’t have info for sh*t I’m losing patients here :,/ all they said was to wait until the end of the week that’s when my 21 days are up and if it’s not there give them another call back Monday just GREAT!

  362. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

    I haven’t seen anyone that went through Taxact that filed during the time I did get their return yet. Mine goes directly to my bank account from the IRS so I just have to keep checking my bank account. Nothing was deposited in there today. I will check again 8:00 in the morning. this is absolutely crazy. I keep getting the March 6th on WMR and saying they are still processing it. I filed the 3rd and was accepted the 3rd. It shouldn’t take that long to process especially because there was nothing really hard about my return. Married with one child. Did 1040. What makes me mad is we just do the regular deductions and we could itemize and probably get a lot more back but we just do it the easy way. There should be no problem but yet there seems to be this year. We efile to get our returns back earlier but yet we don’t.

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @Brooksie97 i efiled with taxact got email they accepted my federal on 4th..and my state on the 9th..they said today it was processin then said they didn have it at all then said it was processin again..have u got ur state??

      1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

        @brokeashell I haven’t filed my state yet because we owe on that. My husband was collecting Unemployment for part of last year so of course we owe them now. I will wait until the last minute to file that one!

  363. Tried calling again and it hung up on me ugh!! WMR just keeps saying no info,so im thinking they still havent processed mine.

  364. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

    Ok guys update on my refund .
    I filed on 2/2 WMR never showed me a DD until last Wednesday DD of 2/28 on Thursday it changed to 2/22 and stayed that way till today say no info on my refund (site probly down) well I checked the web page republic bank and says the money has been received waiting approval allow 24 to 48 to b available .
    I did my tax with liberty taxes.
    Now I just wait to pick up my check good luck to all and I’ll still b around after I get my money how all get soon

    1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      Well they just call me my check ready on way 2 pick up awesome

    2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @Meinsameboat CONGRATS!!!

  365. Avatar michigan97 says:

    you guys are GREAT! thanks so much for all the good advice, talks it really helped! (even though there is alot of people that are waiting way longer then i did) i was a little frightened to say the least after all the crap I have heard! I am still here, I really want to know everyones outcome! but thanks again EVERYONE!!!! in a weird way, kinda glad i freaked out and found this site!……….. POSITIVE THOUGHTS REMAIN>>>>>>>>>>

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @michigan97 ty

  366. Avatar brokeashell says:

    runnin to store be back

  367. Avatar brokeashell says:

    im thinkin should i refile like the 2nd irs agent said????

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      i just dont kno what to do :(((

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @brokeashell who did you efile thru? I wouldn’t efile again…not yet but that’s just my opinion…when did you file? IRS told me that just like if our returns were going down a conveyer belt, they pulled out a bunch and those are in the black hole right now…at least causing a week to two week further delay on releasing tax refunds! I would give them what proof you have that you already efiled…sorry, but I just don’t want you to do something to fast, again, just my opinion!

      2. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @brokeashell I wouldnt either in my opinion, i would think that if you would have to wouldnt your tax person tell you that? isnt that what they get the big bucks for??? lol Seriously I would think if you dont have anything this week, then we should search new avenues for you, you think?

    2. Avatar ForPeaches says:

      @brokeashell Who did you file your taxes with?

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @ForPeaches i filed thru tax act on the 4th

        1. Avatar ForPeaches says:

          @brokeashell I filed thru Turbo Tax and when I call and spoke with a rep at the IRS they keep telling me it’s in process but when I try the automated system and the WMR it gives me no information and never have.

        2. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @ForPeaches same here

  368. So I’m guessing 2/2ers are in a major blackhole!! Any 2/2ers recieve their money? (I know they are all long gone but there mmight be that one lol)

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      @evoevy1 lol…there was a 2 of the feb 7ths that got theirs today

    2. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @evoevy1 Same here filed 2/2 and my DD is 2/23 tomorrow sucks

      1. @Meinsameboat I don’t even have a date 🙁 hope I get mine tomorrow too I’m just strolling along with everyone lol trying to guess my date

        1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

          @evoevy1 Well I got some news on mine says bank received waiting for approval

        2. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @Meinsameboat @evoevy1 yay!!! when did u file???

      2. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @Meinsameboat @evoevy1 sameboat what time did u get ur money?

        1. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

          @brokeashell @evoevy1 I filled 2/2 and I checked the tax preparer bank @ about 4:30 ET and was allready their

        2. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @Meinsameboat @evoevy1 congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  369. Avatar brokeashell says:

    omg now WMR is sayin i might not of entered my info correctly!!!!!!!!!!!! this sux ass

    1. Avatar ForPeaches says:

      @brokeashell It tells me the samething when I enter my info. It has not said anything else but when I call the IRS they tell me it’s in process.

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @ForPeaches good thinkin im callin the automated # n see what it says…the WMR has always said that to me…but for bout 3 hours today it went to a dif screen sayin they have no info,,,i kinda got xcited cuz atleast there was a change..but now its back to the samething 🙁

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @brokeashell @ForPeaches I have found that after you have checked the wmr site over and over again, it locks you out and you get that “we have no ifo” crap! I also was told that the 9001 code was another way of telling you that you have exhausted the wmr too many times…..

    2. Avatar Meinsameboat says:

      @brokeashell Thanks 2 all and been a roller coaster but I’ll stick around I was on the same boat but thank good it’s all good hope all get ur refund soon

  370. Glad to see so many got their money hopeful I will get mine soon

  371. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    the IRS delay seems to be affecting only those efilers that filed between Feb 2 – 5th! OF COURSE that would had been when I filed!! Those that are filing now are getting theirs back before I will!!! ugh!

  372. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    did anyone on here file on the 3rd with turbo tax, accepted same day and getting the March 6 POSSIBLE refund date? If so, are you still waiting or have you received your refund?

    1. Avatar brokeashell says:

      everyone who has got their money is gone!!!!

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @brokeashell yeah…duh~~you’re right!! lol was a pretty dumb question…lol

      2. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @brokeashell not me!!!! I want to see a good outcome from this group!

    2. @judgessidekick

      I efiled feb 2 an also have march 6 on wmr im hearing we should get them feb 23 i sure hope so there a bunch of morons.

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @Teresa45 lol….where have you been hearing we should get them feb 23??? IF, you don’t mind my asking……

    3. @judgessidekick I filed the 3 and accepted same day no money and nothing on wmr.

  373. Ok here’s my situation..I defiled through the free editio h&r on feb 2 was accepted within an hour or so…waited a few days checked wmr and said iI should recieve iit by Feb 21 checked it a few days after that and said it was scheduled to be deposited Feb 14 and if it wasn’t in by the 19th to call my bank..well 14th came and went…checked it the 18th and changed to no info call number blah blah with code 9001 sooo now I don’t have a DD date has anyone rreceived their money without a DD date? I’m sooo irritated

    1. N@evoevy1
      Last week it was telling me feb 15 th I’d recieve it I called it yesterday and today no info! This is bs

  374. Avatar dajackson says:

    Great job this year IRS.not u suck at life n now the ppl that paid you on time everytime r getting screwed. i like how they say to not count on your refund but the thing is last time i checked that money was mine. how come i paid you on time everytime i got paid but now its your turn to give me my money back and you have no info to give me at all and no apology nothing. the irs sucks at life n they r worthless

    1. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      It really makes me sick that they can take their time paying back and have no penalties. When we efile we should be reimbursed something if we don’t get it within 21 days.

  375. Avatar brokeashell says:

    to anyone who has been told thier shyt is processing,,,how long did it take to get a DD date??

    1. I just got a dd date today. I filed on Feb 1 however the IRS states that they didn’t get it unitl Feb 7. It kept telling me that it was processing. I checked today and I have a DD Feb 23 and if I don’t receive it by Feb 28 then to contact my bank. I will be keeping my fingers crossed as I have been waiting for a long time.

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @lcombs68 good luck

        1. @brokeashell Thanks

    2. @brokeashell Been waiting 20 days no info yet.

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @casper61 o wow!! 17 days here n they just told me today it was processin but i had to speak w/someone…automated sys or wmr gives me no info

  376. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    does anyone know a real contact number for turbo tax??? I am going to call them and find out what they know!!! Probably be ANOTHER dead end!!

    1. I didn’t get any help with Turbo Tax. They kept telling me that its all on the IRS and they did their part. I had to go to their website and click on the contact button and then they give you the 800 number to call them. It was worthless to talk to them. This was the first and last year for me using their services.

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @lcombs68 I just talked witih turbo tax too….the girl was very nice but she told me I needed to go by what ever date the IRS gave me! ANOTHER DEAD END!

        1. Yes the person I talked to was nice as well however it was such a waste calling them. I just hope that I get it soon. Its been almost a month and people that filed before me have already gotten theirs

  377. I efiled on feb 1st,it got accepted same day.I was supose to have dd feb 16 and still nothing.I called twice and the two very rude agents keep telling me it hasnt been processed.I’m sorry it’s NOT my fault you idiots waited until tax season to update your system.I just had a kidney transplant and i need my refund for meds and medical bills as I had to stop working.I dont understant how ppl filed on the same day as me and after me and have gotten their refund.I want to call again but why waste my time.

    1. @Jessie22 I filed on the 1st also. When was the last time you called? I called on Thurs and it was still processing. I called on Fri and it was done processing and scheduled for DD this Thursday. They said it would take 3 weeks and the 23rd is 3 weeks.

      1. I called sat and the agent said it hasnt even been processed yet.She said to call back after 3 weeks so I guess i’ll be playing the waiting game lol.Glad to hear you’ll be getting your!!

        1. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @Jessie22 i filed the 4th…called today n its suppose to be still processing

        2. I just think this is crazy.I have friends and family that dont even care if they get it or not and of course their the ones that get it back a wk after

        3. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @Jessie22 ridiculousness!!!!!

        4. Your telling me….they are off on shopping sprees and Im here looking dumb like wth?But what can i do?Just sit and wait and hopefully they actually get to processing it something in my

      2. @Bonita. I finally called them on Friday as well and I actually got a nice man this time. He told me that I could expect it on Feb 23rd as well. That is on a thursday so I am wondering if it will actually be this week as I heard that they only make deposits on Wednesdays…not sure if thats true or not. I will just be happy when I see it!!

        1. @lcombs68 It appears they deposit on several different days. For this week people are scheduled the 21,22,23rd. Same with last week. Last week a lot of people from the 29th, 30th and 31st got their money. These week I have seen people from the 1st and 2nd scheduled.

        2. thanks Bonita! I’ll stay positive and hope for the best. Good luck to you as well!

  378. Avatar brokeashell says:

    WMR was sayin i may i entered the incorrect data b4 ….now it says no info

    1. @brokeashell. Does it give you that 9001 reference code?

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @evoevy1 no it dont

  379. We filled on the 7th and the wmr site says a DD of the 23rd.. Our friend who did his the same way we did ours filled on 3rd and he got his last week. i think they just pick out of a hat who to pay…grrr

  380. Avatar michigan97 says:

    just checked my bank…… I GOT IT!!!!!! THERE IS MONEY!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!>>>>VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    1. Avatar michigan97 says:

      that wmr site is bogus!!!!!! IT I TELLING ME THE 6TH OF MARCH!!!!!!! Its in my account TODAY!!!!!

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @michigan97 yay!!!! what time did u get it?

        1. Avatar michigan97 says:

          @brokeashell about 2pm

        2. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @michigan97 well,,,,,,,im gonna miss you lol…congrats!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Avatar michigan97 says:

          @brokeashell I will be here until you and others get your positive thoughts!!!!!!!!!

        4. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @michigan97 lol awwwwwwwwwww!!!!

        5. Avatar michigan97 says:

          @brokeashell aw…. thats nice! but i will be here until i hear all good news!!!!!!!

      2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @michigan97 when did you file and who did you file thru?

        1. Avatar michigan97 says:

          @judgessidekick my tax lady feb 7

        2. Avatar michigan97 says:

          @judgessidekick not thru turbo or h=r block or anything like that

    2. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

      yayy! congrats! super happy for u, send those good luck vibes this way plz!

    3. @michigan97

      Yay congrats.. thanks for the update hon.. thats great news.. another person down.. so brings it closer for them to do mine!

    4. Avatar dajackson says:

      @michigan97 hell yeah im happy for u now i hope they can get to mine b4 i lose it lol

    5. Avatar judgessidekick says:

      @michigan97 WOW!! Sooo happy for you!

    6. @michigan97 when did you file? Happy that you got your.

    7. @michigan97 What day did you file your again michigan97, I filed my Feb 9th and my dd date says today as well. Also did you file your michigan tax’s that day and have you gotten them. Im from michigan too so just wondered 🙂 glad you got yours!

      1. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @ash12488 feb 7th

    8. @michigan97 that’s Aweeesssoooommmeeea!! Congratulations

      1. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @evoevy1 thanks very happy!!!!! they are coming guys…….. I will be here to get updates….. now off to get my kiddos from school….. i will be checking back!!!!!!!!

    9. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      Im happy for you! I haven’t got mine yet. I have DD to my bank and I haven’t gotten anything that has a certain date yet. Just the still processing and should receive by March 6th. The 3rd was when mine got accepted.

      1. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @Brooksie97 the wmr website still says march6th!!! i just checked it again lol, so really anything is possible this year! CRAZY 2012!!!!!!

  381. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    UPDATE…just got off the phone with a VERY nice young man! He explained that there are returns that were filed in the middle to later part of January and again the early part of Feb. that those returns hit the time frame when they were adding a new fraud/security processor to the processing of returns, so those that fell into that time frame are delayed a week past the 21 days after their return was accepted!! He told me that would make my refund due date about March 2!!! NOT what I really wanted to hear at all….really wanted my money this week but it is a few days better than March 6!!!

    1. Avatar dajackson says:

      @judgessidekick wow if we wouldve waited a couple of more days to file we would already have our returns. its sad they know this happened to our returns n still didnt do anything to get us our returns on time. atleast u got some new information about the situation

      1. Avatar brokeashell says:

        @dajackson @judgessidekick why would they make changes in the middle of tax season

        1. Avatar dajackson says:

          @brokeashell @judgessidekick idk doesnt make sense but it doesnt have to cause they r the irs and they cant be held accountable for it so now i have to sit here broke pretty much and dream of the day i get my return lol. hope they have this sorted next year but i doubt it they had a whole year to prepare this year but that wasnt enough time i guess lmao

      2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @dajackson just not the information I really wanted to hear…I was REALLY hoping I would get mine this week! When did you file and thru who?

        1. Avatar dajackson says:

          @judgessidekick i filed on 02/03 it was accepted 02/05 and i used turbotax to do it. on my turbotax app i was supposed to recieve it on 02/10 but i have no clue when it will come. im about to start devoting my time off to harrasing the irs.When did u file and who did you use?

        2. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @dajackson I filed the same as you with Turbotax! The IRS guy told me that there was nothing wrong so far regarding my return but still processing and that there was no indication of any release of my refund as of today!!! I am soooo upset! I have a disabled son and I really need this money to install a handicap bathtub so I am really about in tears!!

        3. Avatar dajackson says:

          @judgessidekick the only thing i can tell you is to talk to a tax advocate and see if u can claim a financial hardship and then they can sometimes force the irs to release your refund.

        4. Avatar brokeashell says:

          @judgessidekick @dajackson sorry bout that…prayin u get urs soon!

    2. Avatar Brooksie97 says:

      @judgessidekick It still doesn’t make sense to me why people that filed after us are getting theirs before us. They should of put ours first!

      1. Avatar dajackson says:

        @Brooksie97 @judgessidekick yeah the new better system works great doesnt it. they r working backwards to fix it. on wmr it says i should have it march 6th. i was supposed to have it on 02/10

        1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

          @dajackson @Brooksie97 just my ongoing luck that when I file the date would fall into the March 6 BLACK HOLE!!!

  382. Avatar mjcarter6 says:

    filed on 2/2…havent received anything yet, my tax office says im still not “on the list” for checks today…and to make things even more messed up the WMR still claims to wait till 3/6…anyone have any luck today?

  383. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    I’m on the phone with IRS again now….waiting 10-15 mins for someone to check the status of my refund….kinda just doing this for fun really because I just want to see what they say THIS TIME!!

  384. I wonder if theres a way that I can get my money back from H&R for paying extra just to file because this is taking to long and i can sure use what I payed for gas money . since its almost 4

  385. Avatar ChristinaL says:

    26th is on a sunday.. how can they deposit on a sunday?? its all weird. I don’t understand it.

  386. Avatar ChristinaL says:

    I got my state refund in the mail on the 18th which i asked for it to be deposited but o well and was told the 21st my refund should be in my account.. still waiting on it. checking my account every hour.

    1. Avatar michigan97 says:

      @ChristinaL me too! expected it today! i keep checking as well!!!!

      1. Avatar michigan97 says:

        @ChristinaL hopefully they didnt mail that one too??!!!!

        1. Avatar ChristinaL says:

          @michigan97 they probably did. my mother in law did my taxes and is certain she didn’t push the mail button but all I want is my money wether n mail or account.

  387. Avatar judgessidekick says:

    so….just what the H— is processing anyway??? I thought it was just to get your money to you, but it seems as though they are checking each of us to make sure we are even alive, personal references, birth certificate, criminal background check, any living relatives, religious preference, what political party we belong to, do we prefer coffee or tea, how much we weigh, do our kids behave….OMG!!! this PROCESSING is nothing more than they don’t have our money!!!!

    1. Avatar michigan97 says:

      @judgessidekick AMEN!

      1. Avatar judgessidekick says:

        @michigan97 why is all this crap not all over the news media?? I really think the IRS should have to suffer some major consequences for all this hoop-holla and major mess-up with hard-working people