Get Fit this Summer for Less

I just purchased P90X from someone off of Craigslist. I was able to get it for $60. It's still in the box and sealed. I feel pretty good about the purchase. If I can get 90 days of workouts from it, it will definitely be worth it. Here are some more ideas for getting fit this summer for less money:

Walk in the Park – Take advantage of the parks in your community. Make it a daily ritual to go to the park and make a couple of loops.

Mountain Bike Trails – Check out your local off road bike association and search for all the trails in your area. These are usually all free. Or, try a State park in your area. You'll pay a small fee to enter, but you'll have some nice trails to ride.

Walk the Mall – This is the coolest place in town to go walking for free. Most will even let walkers in early in the morning. Just don't bring your wallet. 🙂

Community Fitness Center – If your community has a group fitness center for you to use, take advantage of this freebie and get in shape for free. It's likely that your HOA dues are paying for it anyway. I once trained for a half marathon using nothing but a treadmill in my apartment fitness center.

Free Workout Programs – Try out the couch to 5k running program. Or test yourself in the one hundred push-up challenge.

How do you stay fit for less?

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Last Edited: June 26, 2017 @ 5:51 pm
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  1. I did p90x for about 8 days till the 6 day a week schedule caught up with me. IT IS AMAZING BUT HARD! The only compliant I had (and it could be that I used to work out hard) is that the arms and shoulders day should really be done with multiple weight.

    Good luck! I think I am going to start mine back up next week

  2. Shannon Lutz says:

    Even if you paid full price for the DVD set you would have gotten a great deal. I purchased the program for the regular price from Beachbody a year and a half ago and I am still using P90X on a regular basis now. I completed two full rounds of p90x and one round of the new program Insanity. I have lost 35 lbs in all and reduced my body fat % from 24% to 13% in a year and a half. if anyone is considering buying a program from beachbody i urge you to do it. Not all online distributors are legitimate and not all programs that you purchase from sources other than beachbody are reputable. just be careful. I am the 1st to stand in line to save a buck and I actually considered buying from craiglist or ebay when i was buying it but i opted not to.

  3. I did the Yoga cd yesterday-made it half way through.

    Very sore today! good program if you can stick to it!