10 FinTech Startups We Like from Finovate Spring

The PT Money team headed to the Finovate Spring conference in San Jose, Calif. a few weeks ago, where the newest in financial technology debuts every year.

We were on the lookout for innovative financial products and services that you could begin using in your financial life.

Here’s a look at some of the products we got to see on stage:


Let’s face it, writing a check can be a hassle and receiving one just adds one more errand to your daily list of to-dos. Checkbook tries to eliminate that problem by streamlining the process using digital checks.

For no charge, any consumer can go to their website to send a digital check to any e-mail or physical address. The funds are guaranteed to be there as the sender has already provided their online banking username and password to Checkbook in order to verify their balance.

The recipient can print out the check and take it to the bank or have it digitally deposited into their verified bank account.

Ultimately, the company would like to see businesses use their platform to send out payment, rebate, and other recurring payment checks that are now sent manually.


Insto allows you to create an installment plan for any purchase. Whether you buy something from a small business or from someone on Craigslist, Insto gives you the option to pay over time in places that would never offer installment plans on their own.

While we're not fans of loans for consumer purchases, we realize there may be a true need for this type of purchase and it's nice to know the technology exists.


Unison (and their HomeBuyer program – see our review) helps you buy a home with down payment assistance. They partner with you to help you keep your cash and/or avoid PMI, by funding up to 50% of your down payment interest-free. In return, they will share in the profits (or loss) when you sell your home.

They offer a similar service, Unison HomeOwner, for those looking to access the equity in their home.


Using just your license plate number and the PToll app from BancPass, you can to pay the toll on any road or bridge in the U.S. It eliminates the problem of incompatible electronic toll transponders and helps you to avoid the dreaded rental car tolling fee.


Medput tries to make paying your medical bills a little easier, using a two-pronged approach.

First, Medput will negotiate down your medical bills, then pass the savings onto you.

Second, when it comes time to pay the bill, Medput will front the money first. Then, they’ll take regular deductions out of your paycheck automatically, until the bill is paid off.

The balance that you owe them is carried interest-free. The only catch is that your employer must sign up with Medput first in order for you to take advantage of their service.

Editor's Note: I'm not much for active investing. Most people shouldn't bother with it. And those that do should only be using 10% or less of their portfolio for it. But for that 10% here are some new tools to check out.


Divy attempts to make it easier to get on board with active investing.

Capital One Investing and LOYAL3 allow investors to buy a fractional share in companies they like.

Divy supposedly takes this idea one step further by helping you to connect with brands that you know and gives you as much information as you like about them.

Then, they try to make it easy for you to buy into the companies you like through fractional share ownership.


HEDG tries to make investing a more robust and social experience. Investors can create their own portfolios (or funds) and share it with their trusted friends and family.

Those needing more assistance can turn to a human advisor when they need it.


Hedgeable tries to make investing as easy as using your voice.

Using their new artificial intelligence platform, the customer can use voice commands to ask questions about their investments.

“Katana” will respond instantly with the same type of advice you get from an investment advisor. From basic transaction functions like funds transfers to long range investment modeling, Hedgeable links Katana’s capabilities into their Robo Advisor platform.


Instead of doing hours of research on a new investment, what if you could swipe right instead?

Newchip wants to bring the ease of using Tinder (the online dating app) to investors interested in new crowdfunded businesses.

The interface is simple, but there is a lot of information at every turn. With Newchip, you can be an informed investor while having fun, “Shark Tank” style.

Finovate FinTech Startups NewChip


Voleo takes the idea of an investment club into the digital world.

The concept is simple: gather some of your friends, throw some money into Voleo, and figure out what to invest in.

Using the platform, your club can discuss, vote on, and execute trades. And if the club votes against your recommendation, you can later track how the club would’ve done had they followed your advice.

A potentially savory “I told you so” in the making!

Which idea has the most potential?

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  1. Mr. and Mrs. Money Sloths says:

    Interesting startup ideas, but nothing that seems like it could be the next “big” thing in the Personal Finance world…at least at first glance.

    • Philip Taylor says:

      I agree. No big players. Finovate wasn’t as strong for the consumer-facing apps this year.