Don’t Forget to Max Out Your Health Savings Account: Annual HSA Contribution Limits

I'll be writing a couple of checks out in the next few weeks to my credit union.  This will bring our HSA contributions for last year and this year up to the maximum limits for each year.  The process is pretty painless (good people at that credit union), and I know I'll leave with a good feeling about how much I'll be saving in taxes. If you'll remember, I opened our HSA (health savings account) with a local credit union a few years ago.  I did this since I'd become … [Read more...]

Buy the Best Life Insurance in 7 Easy Steps [The Ultimate Guide]

Do you need life insurance? Ever wonder what it's like to go through the LONG process of researching and selecting a life insurance policy? I highly recommend you get life insurance, but I don't necessarily wish the buying process upon you. It can be tough to navigate. That's why today I'm going to share the steps you need to complete while searching for and buying life insurance. I'll share my experience with buying my own term … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About the Obamacare Exchanges

Update 2014: I just left Obamacare for Medi-Share. Read my review about this Christian medical sharing program. If you are self-employed like me and/or you need to purchase your own health insurance (either because you aren't employed or because your employer doesn't offer it), then you'll want to pay attention to the opening of the Obamacare state health insurance exchanges or marketplaces. These exchanges open up on October 1, 2013. Head to … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Premium By Several Hundred Dollars

Homeowners insurance. You don't need it until you need it. I recently reduced my annual homeowners insurance premium from $1,430 to $856.00 by not escrowing and paying annually, renegotiating my policy, and most importantly, raising my deductible. Here's what went down... I'm a homeowners insurance newbie. Up until last month, I hadn't had to deal with a regular homeowners insurance policy. We used to only own a townhome, which came with the option to get away with … [Read more...]

An Expert Interview About Long-Term Care Insurance

Wendy Boglioli, Long Term Care Planning Specialist Who will take care of you when you can't take care of yourself? Whether it's due to an early onset of Alzheimer's or you're simply too old, if you can't take care of yourself, you'll need help. Your loved ones can only do so much. You may be too wealthy for government assistance, and you may not be wealthy enough to pay for it all yourself. This is where long-term care insurance comes in. What is Long Term Care … [Read more...]

The Real Reason You Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance: Get it before you get blown away by a lawsuit. Did you know that simple things like owning a swimming pool, having teenage drivers and a family dog, owning residential rental estate, and even throwing parties in your home can make you susceptible to being sued? Even the type of car you drive or how likely you are to be Googled can help determine the probability of you becoming entangled in a lawsuit. I have to admit that being sued is one of … [Read more...]

Gerber Grow Up Plan: Sound Investment or Scheme for Suckers?

Does your most precious possession need a life insurance policy? We can all recognize the adorable half-smile of the Gerber baby. It has been around long enough that today’s parents and grandparents who are feeding pureed carrots to their little ones once smeared that same Gerber brand baby food in their own hair. That longevity makes it one of the most well-known and trusted baby brands out there. But another branch of the Gerber empire may be capitalizing … [Read more...]

Dentist: How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth Without (Insurance or) Spending Too Much

Marissa Miller, D.D.S. of Shelby, Ohio It’s a story that Marissa Miller, D.D.S., of Shelby, Ohio sees all too often. Patients don’t bring their children to the dentist until after there’s pain, a visible hole in the tooth, or even the chronic bad breath of tooth decay. “At that point, it’s too late to do any of the simple and relatively inexpensive treatments that are available when you catch a cavity early on,” Dr. Miller stated. Going to the dentist is one … [Read more...]

13 Money Moves That Scare the Heck Out of Me

Are you scared? If I ever found myself making one of these financial moves, I'd be frightened for my financial future: 1. Having kids and no life insurance. If you die without life insurance, your kids will, at a minimum, be stuck with your funeral bill. Get a simple term life insurance policy, even if it's just $100,000. 2. Living without any health insurance. There's a lot of noise about health insurance premiums being unaffordable. Don't let that sway you … [Read more...]

Ouch! My Uninsured Trip to the Dentist

Do you have dental insurance? Confession time. I haven't had dental insurance since February of 2010 when I quit my job. Subsequently I haven't visited the dentist since that time. I've wanted to go a few times, but I either never found the time, or I was scared off by the fear of having to do a crown or something ridiculously expensive. So ignorant, I know. The lack of insurance is by choice. I could totally afford a small dental policy, but I just haven't … [Read more...]

Do You Need LT Disability Insurance?

Do you need disability insurance? Do you have enough insurance? In the past, I've stated that there are 5 types of insurance that you need. I have four of the five. I don't have long-term disability insurance. This fact has bothered me for some time. I'm finally beginning the process of determining if I really need long-term disability insurance, as well as, how much and what type to get. Long-term disability insurance or LTD insurance is insurance that … [Read more...]

Safe Driver Discount: What’s the Catch?

What's the catch? We've all seen the commercials. According to the distinguished, gravel-voiced man who assures you that you're in good hands, and the perky lady who wants you to compare prices with her company, being a good driver means that you can save a lot of money on your car insurance bill. See: 20 Tips for Affordable Auto Insurance I tend to be somewhat skeptical about any advertised "bargains," so I've often wondered what the fine print would be on a … [Read more...]