The Best High Yield Online Savings Accounts of 2014

The Best High Yield Online Savings AccountsI spend a lot of time talking about the need to have your money in a high-interest or high yield online savings account, so I thought it was time I put together a list of the top high yield online savings accounts.

This is by no means a complete list of the accounts out there. It’s just the one’s I’ve had some experience with. I will link to this post from the home page and periodically update this listing with new accounts that I find and all the rate changes that take place.

Rate (APY)
Additional Info
No Minimum
GE Capital Bank Review
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Ally Bank Review
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FNBO Direct Review
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Capital One 360 Review

The rates are constantly changing, so don’t focus on that too much. One thing to note though is that any of these accounts would be great compared to the savings accounts held at traditional brick and mortar type institutions. And don’t forget that all of these high yield online savings accounts are FDIC insured, unlike peer lending or the stock market.

There are many of these accounts now available across the web. All contain different features, both positive and negative. But most, if not all, are FDIC insured, contain no fees, and pay an interest rate significantly better than traditional savings accounts. You should definitely find one that’s right for you and get started saving. And don’t just consider this list. These are just some of my favorites.

PT’s Recommendation (My Online Bank of Choice)

high yield online savings accounts - Capital One 360Capital One 360- Capital One 360 is, in my opinion, the reigning leader in online savings because of their great website, excellent customer service, and multitude of other financial products. They offer a great savings account, a $50 bonus to get started, 360 checking account, as well as debit cards to access your money. Like others, there is no minimum to open an account and they extend their services into CDs. They also have mortgages, life insurance, and low-cost investing through their ShareBuilder product. They are also FDIC insured, and have no crazy fees.

I’ve been banking with Capital One 360 for several years now and I’ve been completely happy with the savings account. So much so that I made them my primary bank, opening up a checking account there and also doing some investing using ShareBuilder.

GE Capital BankGE Capital Bank – New to our list, GE Capital Bank has the best savings rate of any bank above.  0.90% APY may not sound like a victory, but these days it is.  The minimum to open your account and maintain this interest rate is just $1 and GE Capital (currently) does not offer any other deposit products at this time.   The rate is good enough where I’m going to open up an account and give these guys a shot.

high yield online savings accounts - Discover BankDiscover Bank – Most people don’t realize that Discover also has an online bank. They started offering the online Savings account in the Summer of 2009, and they have a really good offering. The offer one of the better rates. They have an initial deposit requirement of $500. They have no excessive fees of any kind and they are FDIC Insured. In addition to the savings account, they have a really attractive set of CDs, and their one-of-a-kind IRA CDs.

high yield online savings accounts - Ally BankAlly Bank – Ally Bank is one of the newest faces in the online banking world. Although, they are really just a re-brand. They used to be GMAC bank. Either way, they offer some pretty nice services aimed at treating their customers responsibly (you’ve seen the commercials). They have both a savings and an interest checking account. They also offer some of the best CDs available today. Not just because of rates, but because of their flexibility. They have a no penalty CD and a one-time rate adjustment CD. They are FDIC insured and charge no ridiculous fees.

high yield online savings accounts - FNBO DirectFNBO Direct – FNBO Direct is a product of the very old and stable First National Bank of Omaha. That’s where Warren Buffet lives. That’s got to be a good sign right? Anyway, they offer a nice, FDIC-insured savings account with a leading interest rate. There is no minimum to open a savings account. They also have a bill pay (checking) account, certificates of deposit (CDs), ATM card, credit card, and now a debit card. Their website is very user friendly, but maybe not as easy to maneuver as others. They are FDIC Insured and void of any bad fees.

high yield online savings accounts - EverBank LogoEverBank – EverBank has a great interest rate. They have an initial deposit requirement of $1,500, but their account, both online and mobile have no surprise fees. This account is FDIC insured and gives you the ability to make six withdrawals each month. One of the best features of this account is the check deposit by scanner feature. No other online bank offers this service.

Why We Need High Yield Online Savings Accounts

I love the online savings account. It has so many uses. Mainly it will simply help you start saving more of your money. When I first started getting passionate about my finances and making changes with managing my money, one of the first things I did was open up an online savings account. Here’s why I did and some of the benefits to having one. Hopefully this list will convince you to open one up of your own.

Put Your Savings Behind a Wall - Since these high yield online savings accounts are usually online-only, getting to your funds isn’t as easy as say a regular savings account, where you can walk into the bank, or move the money in a second to a checking account using an online feature. Online banks don’t have physical locations. To get your savings in and out of these account, you’ll typically need to transfer your money to another bank and then make a withdrawal and or use the ATM. I know this sounds like a negative. But it isn’t. Your savings is money you should only need for emergencies or for a short-term savings goal. It wouldn’t kill you to have a 2-3 day barrier to getting your money (learn why this takes so long). I’ve found that this barrier often dissuades me from spending money that I shouldn’t, or keeps me from raiding the emergency fund for something frivolous. So you see, this faux-wall to your savings actually helps you to save more in the long run.

No Fees or Minimums to Worry About – Let’s face it. The big guys on the banking block have run the show for far too long. A Chase checking and savings account can cost you hundreds in stupid fees every year. There’s no reason you should put up with ridiculous fees and minimums from banks, just so you can lend them your money. They should be paying you. But they can’t because they are fat and bloated and need your money and fees to cover their fat cat expenses. Don’t play that game any longer. Move to an online bank where you can enjoy a fee-free environment.

High Interest / High Yield – If you do like I did for so long and keep your savings in a regular savings account like Bank of America or Chase, you will earn a very small amount of interest on your savings. Typically this is something like 0.10%. That stinks. That won’t even allow you to keep up with inflation. Boo. With a high interest online savings account, you can earn much more. Look at the rate chart above to see the current annual percentage yield on these accounts. These rates also fluctuate with the LIBOR rate,so when interest rates start to rise again, you’ll see these rates shoot back up. I remember when the rates were something like 5.00%. Wow!

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