The Cash Flow Analysis for Our Rental Property at Year End 2013

Rental Property Cash Flow Report

Another year has passed and it’s time once again to report on the progress of our rental property. To see 2012, visit the link at the bottom of the post.

Generally speaking, it’s been a very positive year. No issues with the tenant other than the threat of a job loss, which would have forced him to move. Luckily, that didn’t happen and I’m thankful I have a tenant that over-communicates in this area.

Given that there were 12 solid months of on-time payments and no major repairs or unexpected expenses, I expect the year-ending cash flow report to be very strong. Let’s dig into the numbers.

Cash Flow Analysis

Rent Collected

$1,775.00 January Rent
1,775.00 February Rent
1,775.00 March Rent
1,775.00 April Rent
1,775.00 May Rent
1,775.00 June Rent
1,775.00 July Rent
1,726.31 August Rent (less tenant repair)
1,775.00 September Rent
1,775.00 October Rent
1,775.00 November Rent
1,775.00 December Rent

Total Rents Collected $21,251.31

We collect rent using Chase Quickpay, which makes it super easy and free.

Expenses Paid

$10,104.44 Mortgage Payments for 12 Months (Details of the loan)
4,298.90 Property Taxes (I told you they were high in Texas)
2,100.00 HOA Dues for 12 Months (It’s a townhome, so this pays for lawncare, outside insurance, and the pool)
491.56 Insurance (Condo policy through Allstate)

Total Expenses Paid $16,994.90

Total Cash Flow $4,256.41

Nice! This easily beat my expectations and it’s more than made up for the slow start in 2012. Given our initial investment of $41,796, this cash flow produced an annual return rate of roughly 10.2%.

Being a landlord definitely comes with its risks, but this is certainly one of those times when I’m going to celebrate and feel good about our investment.

I have this tenant till August 2014, and would love to keep him on, so the next thing I’ll cover is signing a follow-up rental agreement.

You can read the entirety of my rental property experience by sifting through the real estate category.

What are your thoughts on our year two cash flow report? Leave your comment or question below.

So see last year’s cash flow report, click the next page below…

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