People Are Saving For…

Have you ever wondered what other people are saving their money for? Well, here’s your chance to find out.  In my latest book review and giveaway, I asked some readers to share with me what it is that they are saving for.  The giveaway is still open, by the way.  Just leave a comment on my Easy Money review post.  Here are some of the early responses:

  • VickieA – I am saving to pay my 2008 taxes. I am a little behind.
  • Brian – I am saving for a guitar
  • Carla – At this moment I am saving for an emergency fund. I also have a loose change bucket that is saving for a Disney trip.
  • Christin – A house! And we’ve been saving 35% of our income, so maybe soon… :) I really want to have 20% for the down payment!
  • No Debt Plan – We’re currently saving up for a “new” used car for my wife for the year 2012 :)
  • Mary – We are saving for an emergency fund. We are just beginning this process and trying to stay motivated.
  • Uncommonadvice – At the moment I’m saving to make over-payments on my mortgage – the only problem is my house value is dropping faster than my debt!
  • BW – I am currently saving for a down payment on a house.
  • zoz – I’m saving to build up my emergency fund and to pay down my debt.
  • J – Saving to return to school for a bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a concentration in personal finance. Then again, I did the completely irrational thing and bought tickets to Metallica last night. Floor, Row 6. Nope, no regrets!
  • tiffany pettey – im saving to build a house
  • Becca – Saving to buy a car in 2010 after my current lease ends. Yep, i know leasing is a bad idea, hence the saving strategy.
  • israel y – i’m saving for money to pay back college loans, thanks for the chance to win this book
  • Susan C – Well, this might be silly-but I am saving for new t.v. Ours quit working!
  • Susan – I’d like to try to save for a decent down payment on a car.
  • Pat Connors – A family trip to see Mickey.
  • Connie Brooks – Let’s see, we are saving for a new used car. :) Not wanting that payment unless we have to have it.
  • Andy – I am saving up for a chance to see the US golf Masters at Augusta next year!
  • Stacy Trottier – We are currently saving to send our 2 kids to college (among other things.) Good luck to everyone in meeting their financial goals!

All look like great savings goals to me.  Thanks for sharing everyone and good luck sticking with your savings plan!  Having an actual goal puts you way ahead of most people I would think.

If you haven’t heard, we’re currently saving up a little something extra for all the expenses related to our baby that will be born next March.  This is in addition to our 401k maximum and a stretch goal of IRA maximums.  Stick around to find out if we make it..and please, keep sharing your goals with me.

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  1. Congratulations on your new little one!!!

    Life will never be the same again – it will be better than you can ever imagine!

  2. Let hope he/she is a little something…I’m not sure I should be showing this much, this early! :)

  3. We are trying to save money for a trip to DisneyWorld. We would like to fly and stay for several days. Lauren overheard me talking with my brother, and several times since then she has asked, “Are we gonna see Mickey tomorrow?” I tell her we are trying to save money to go, and she tries to put every bit of change she finds in her piggy bank.
    I have really enjoyed readin some of your blogs, and I even showed a good friend PT’s video. Good, sound advice.

  4. Hey B! – Thanks for swinging by the site and for the kind words.

    Oh, I bet she would absolutely love it there. I can just see her getting her pic with Mickey. Getting to fly would be a nice treat too. That’s a cute story about the bank. You found a teachable moment it seems.

    Hope you guys are doing well. :)

  5. Joshua Charles says:

    I hope everyone here is using a High Yield Savings Account to put their money it. Putting it in the local bank’s savings account typically pays barely 1%. I work with one called ShoreBank. They have an online one going for 3.5% APY. Check them out at