The Sites You Should Be Using to Find Jobs Online

Let’s face it.

Finding a job in this economy is tough.

And while the experts are saying that the U.S. is finally starting to show some signs of recovery, most predict that the job market won’t fully recover for five years or longer.

The National Labor Department reports that 28,000 retail jobs have actually been dropped during the holiday season and there is no question that companies are being cautious about hiring, especially full-time employees.

But, in the face of a national unemployment rate that is hovering at about 9.5%, there are jobs out there. Finding them is just a matter of knowing where to look.

For many companies, traditional job posting methods have simply flown out the window. Newspaper classifieds, television, and radio ads, as well as job fairs, have been replaced by cheaper and more effective methods such as online job board posting, social media advertising, and forums.

And, since companies are shifting to online venues to advertise available positions, job seekers have to shift their hunting strategies to include the World Wide Web.

So, if you are looking to land a job, here are a few places you should take the time to visit.

Okay, so you’ve probably seen the commercials, but how many of you have actually created an account and logged in to see what was available?

Not only does have thousands of job listings for every available job market in the country, but there are also relevant articles for writing your resume, how to look for jobs, job interview tips, how to plan for your future and tons more. is one of the most comprehensive sites out there for job seekers and should be on the top of every man or woman who is actively looking for a job.

But, with all of those accolades comes the warning: not every job posted on is legit. It’s sad to say, but fraudsters are everywhere in this day and age. Make sure you do your homework with every potential employer before you give out any personal information about yourself to prevent your identity from being stolen.

Yahoo! does a really good job of mimicking the services offered by But, what really sets them apart is the fact that they have partnered with many local newspapers which allow them to post more local jobs than Monster. My local newspaper, The Knoxville News Sentinel, posts all of its Now Hiring ads on, which makes it easy to find companies in my area who are hiring.

Websites to Find a Job

Editor's Note: I have found to be an excellent job aggregator. Plus it has a simple interface made to mimic the output of Google search results. Very clean and easy to use.

Work at Home Job Boards

Believe it or not (it took me awhile to believe it myself) but making a good salary in the comfort of your own home is not only possible but for the highly motivated person, highly probable. And no, you don’t have to own your own business to accomplish this feat, though that is an option as well.

There are several really good job boards out there for folks who need to work from home that offer many different work from home leads including home-based customer service jobs, freelance job opportunities, direct selling opportunities and much more.

The key to finding legitimate work you can do at home is to understand that for every one legitimate company out there, there are fifty more scams. Look for well-respected work at home job boards. These boards tend to scour their listings more carefully than others in an effort to protect their reputations.

Also, review the listings that employees make and shy away from those that have paid to have their advertisements listed. And, last but not least, never, under any circumstances, pay a fee to become an employee or contractor for any business. Legitimate companies will pay you for your work, not charge you for the privilege of working for them.

Local Newspaper Online Classified

Odds are, your local newspaper has an online presence in addition to its print form. In many cases, these entities will offer employers the opportunity to post help wanted ads either online, in print or both, with a deep discount being offered for online advertising.

In order to make sure that you are reaping all of the benefits of utilizing local newspapers to assist you in your job search, make sure that you look online.

Niche Forums

A niche forum is an online chat room dedicated to a specific topic where people with similar interests can get together and ask questions and discuss a variety of interest related topics. In some cases, employers will post jobs within these communities in an effort to draw good quality talent to their organizations.

If you have a strong affiliation with a specific topic of interest, try joining a few forums. You’ll be surprised at the number of work opportunities that turn up.

Editor's Note: I would also add that social media sites that you are active on would be a good place to get the word out initially about your need for a job. The people that care about you most are going to be the one's connected to you on Facebook and other sites. Put the feelers out in these places.

Use to Get Started with the Job Search

Use the ZipSearch tool below to find the perfect job for you:

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Last Edited: July 26, 2017 @ 6:06 pm


  1. AdamBritten says:

    I’d also recommend Twitter. Many companies have separate feeds to talk about jobs, like starbucksjobs – or there are feeds you can follow that post jobs from a specific industry. Also, it’s a great networking tool that you can use to advance your job search in general.

  2. Bernie Borges says:

    Two sites I would put on this list are LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn offers a pretty robust job search function with search criteria that allows you to filter according to many variables and have the results show up in your inbox everyday. Of course, it’s also great for networking and following companies of interest.

    Twitter has a robust community of job related resources. Twitter (unlike LinkedIn) offers RSS so you can pipe the results into an RSS dashboard for ease of access. Just go to and search keywords like #jobs #jobsearch and you’ll find people that have tagged their Tweets with those words.

    Hope this is helpful.
    Bernie Borges

  3. @Rob, thanks for the tip on I’ve never used them. I can see how pulling from those sites would produce some good results, as I’ve always felt like in my searches I was missing out on some of those companies who may be doing the bare minimum (just heir website) to find prospects.

    @twentysomething – great tips! thanks for sharing and adding value.

  4. twentysomethingmoney says:

    I’ve found CraigsList has actually been pretty good too — you just have to be able to see the difference between real and fake ads. The other one was, university job boards — even as an alumni, you should have access to it, and they tend to have a much higher caliber of jobs.

  5. Rob Spencer says:

    Hey PT, I also found very useful. It acts as a centralized job search engine that not only includes boards such as Monster and Hotjobs but individual company’s career sections as well.