How to Write a Resume for a Part-Time Job: Free Sample PDF Included

Resume for Part-Time Job

So you want to create a resume for a part-time job. Maybe this is your first job? Maybe you’re in college and you just need a little income. Maybe you’re returning to the workforce on a part-time basis?

I’ve had over 15 part-time jobs in my lifetime. One thing I know is that you need a good resume before you apply for that part-time job. Let’s break down everything there is to know about writing a resume for a part-time job. Yes, this is a special scenario and it does require a special effort.

But we won’t leave you hanging to write it all yourself. You’ll appreciate these resume examples that you can copy. You’ll also love this free resume sample pdf you can download.

Just want the free sample template? Jump to it here.

How to Write Your Own Resume for a Part-Time Job

Okay, so you’re ready to create your part-time job resume. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind as you write:

Practical Resume Writing Tips to Keep in Mind

Here’s resume writing 101. You gotta get these things right.

Easy to Read

Make your resume super easy to read. By that I mean use a clear font like Comic Sans (just kidding). An actual good font would be Arial. Also, organize your resume so that it’s easy for someone to find the information they need. We’ll address the resume format below.

Strengths Focus

Next, your resume should show off your strengths. List out the skills (including soft skills) and experience that make it obvious you’re a good fit for the job. And even if you don’t have any actual experience at a job, you could pull from your activities at school or church or even just around your house that show you’re a good fit.

Include Examples

Next, use plenty of examples in your resume. An okay resume might list the things done at a job. A great resume is going to provide some tangible examples of your work/skills. For example, instead of saying “Helped customers,” you might could say “Assisted customers with picking out products and gave them really good service, which made them really happy and they liked us more.”

Include Keywords

Next, include keywords that your future employer might be looking for. Scan the job description and pull out all the keywords, like “attention to detail”. Now take those keywords (if they actually apply to you) and work them into our resume.

One Page

Next, be sure to keep it short. Obviously, try to keep your resume to just a single page and include just the important stuff.

Spelling and Grammar

Finally, proofread the heck out of it. Use a spell checker like Grammarly to check for obvious mistakes. And have a parent or friend review the resume to make sure it all checks out. You can also get a free resume scan from Jobscan.

Key Sections (aka Format) to Any Good Resume

There are a few key sections that are typically included in a resume for a part-time job. These sections help to organize your information and make it easier for the reader to understand your background and qualifications. Here are the main sections you should include:

1. Contact information:

Start by including your name, address, phone number, and an email address. Yes, it’s okay to use your parents’ address or phone number (if you don’t have one), but get yourself an email address (and make sure it isn’t something strange like

2. Professional summary:

Think of this section as a little love letter to the hiring managers of your prospective employer. Tell them a summarized story of your relevant skills and why you’re a good fit.

3. Work experience:

Here’s the meat of the resume. List out your experience in an organized fashion (chronological or relevant) and include the employer, dutied, examples/achievements, and dates. Again, if you don’t have real work experience, go with life experiences/responsibilities.

4. Education:

Simple. List what degrees you have, where you earned them, and when you earned them. Bonus points to include any relevant extracurriculars.

5. Relevant Skills:

Some skills don’t fit in the experience or education section of your part-time job resume. For instance, maybe you speak Spanish. Maybe you have a software certification. Include those types of things here.

6. Additional information:

Got anything else that will improve your chances of success? Maybe you’re an Eagle Scout or maybe you volunteer at your church a lot. Put those things here. Also, since it’s a part-time job, what part-time hours you can work are very important to your employer. Put that down as well and be sure to ask it during the interview to confirm.

Include all of the above and you should be ahead of 95% of the other applicants. Next, we’ll look at some actual examples.

Examples of Resumes for a Part-Time Job

Here are some examples of resumes for part-time jobs.

First up, here’s a resume created by Arizona State University for their college students seeking a part-time job:

Student Resume with No Experience Seeks Part Time Job - ASU

Next, here’s an example part-time job resume from our careers partner, Jobscan:

Resume for Part-Time Jobs - Example 1 from Jobscan

Finally, here’s another example for a part-time job seeker:

Sample Resume Part Time or Casual Job

Download this Free Part-Time Job Resume Sample Template (pdf)

I asked ChatGPT to create an example resume for someone wanting to get a part-time job at a restaurant:

Part-Time Job Resume Created by ChatGPT

Download this text in a PDF

If that file isn’t editable, then simply copy and paste it into a Google Doc or Word and begin adding your own information. Make the part-time job resume your own!

Final Step: Do a Free Scan to Check Your Resume

After you complete your resume you should have someone review it for you.

Did you know there is a free service that will scan your resume and review it for you? It’s called Jobscan. You can even create a resume there, or upload one you already have and they will review it for you. Try it here.

Try Jobscan and Review Your Part-Time Resume

Q&A for Part-Time Job Seekers Making Resumes

We’ve received a bunch of other questions on this topic of resumes for part-time jobs. Here they are with our best crack at answering them.

Do you even need a resume for a part-time job?

You may not. But it’s best to have one ready. Don’t leave it up to the hiring managers of the potential employer to tell you whether you need one either. Make one and have it ready. If this job doesn’t need it, the next one will. And you’ll be ready.

Don’t be surprised if the part-time job application is all online and you complete all of the “resume” sections in their input forms. Also, don’t be surprised if you bring your resume to the interview and the employer doesn’t ask for it.

How do you write a resume with no experience?

You may not have “job” experience. But surely you have life experience. So focus on putting things on your resume that show off your relevant skills and values. Do you help out at home, at church, at school? Put those things on your resume. Use examples too so that it beefs up the resume.

Ideas to include: side hustles you’ve started, chores you did at home, clubs you were in, sports you played, trips you’ve taken, etc.

Should you dumb down your part-time job resume if you have too much experience?

This is a tough one. I get it, you don’t want to get immediately rejected as being overqualified for the job. There’s something to that. My advice is to be truthful, but emphasize the relevant skills and experiences that are directly tied to this particular job.

Maybe scrap the chronological order and put together a resume that lists the relevant experiences and achievements first. But don’t lie.

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How do you write a resume for a 2nd part-time job?

You put this resume together just like you would any resume – put your best foot forward and make it relevant.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, as long as it’s not completely irrelevant, you include the experience you’re getting at your current part-time job on the resume. Don’t exclude that.

In conclusion, if you want that part-time job, it doesn’t hurt to have an amazing looking resume. Use these tips we’ve provided above and get started. Then head to Jobscan to get your resume checked for free.

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