Sell Your Old Phone (or Gadget) for Cash

Well, I broke down and made a move to get a new iPhone. If you’re wondering, I didn’t buy the 4s. I decided I didn’t need Siri (yet), and purchased a new iPhone 4 for $99 (upgrade price).

I love the new phone. Haven’t thought once about missing out on anything, so I guess it was a smart purchase. The wait and think on it rule when making large purchases has served me well in the past and I feel like it did me well once again.

What to Do with Old Phones

The point of my post today, however, is that I decided to sell my old iPhone 3Gs on and get some money for it. It’s in horrible shape. The screen is cracked, the back casing is cracked and scuffed. It’s a wreck. I thought there is no way that anyone will want this thing.

In the past, when I’ve upgraded phone’s I just threw the old phone in a drawer and forgot about it. I take that back, one time I actually sold an old phone to a guy running a gas station. This was back in 2004. I guess the guy had figured out where the second hand phone market was and he was willing to buy old phones and make a little extra money. Besides that one time though, old phones just junk up my desk drawer.

Sell Your Phone on

Got an old phone? Sell it on They are giving me $42 for my old iPhone 3Gs. If the phone would have been in halfway decent shape they would have given me $100. is constantly changing the dollar amount they will give you for your phone or other electronic gadget, so be sure to sell your stuff to them as soon as you stop using it.

There are probably ways to make more money on selling your gadget. Mainly selling it direct on eBay or Craigslist, but makes it super easy. The steps to sell your phone to them are simple:

  1. Tell them what gadget you have.
  2. Tell them the condition of your gadget, along with a few other details.
  3. Accept their offer.

Then, sends you a handy-dandy, pre-addressed box to mail your gadget to them.

Gazelle Mail Out Steps

Follow the simple steps to mail your phone to for cash.

Once receives your gadget they will send you payment. You can choose to receive a check, gift card (2% bonus), or PayPal. I chose to take the Amazon card and will be receiving a 2% bonus for doing so for a total of $42.

click here to see Gazelle’s chart on trade-in values based on capacity
Sell your phone on!
Have you ever sold your iPhone or other gadget on Is there a better way to make money from your old stuff?

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  1. Sustainable PF says

    Here in Ontario, Canada, we have programs where you can donate your old phone to groups that distribute them to women who are at risk from spousal/partner violence. A great cause.