How Much is Unvaccinated Sperm Worth? The Next Bitcoin or Bust?

Hey there, my pure-blooded friend. Wondering how much money you can make from your super sperm? Lucky for you I like researching weird ways to make extra money. Here’s what I’ve discovered on this one.

I contacted several sperm banks and joined several Facebook groups for sperm donors (yes, this exists) to research this question. Based on my research, unvaccinated sperm isn’t worth much more than the ~$150 a pop sperm from an individual vaccinated against C_V_D – 19.

At this time, the industry isn’t making a distinction between vaxxed and unvaxxed sperm. One sperm bank in Seattle even went out of its way to write an article on the subject, citing a couple of studies that showed “sperm quality” is not different.

They’ve obviously been fielding questions and concerns from buyers. The speculation is rampant. Check out this fake piece on a supposed 21,000% increase in the price of sperm!

But all is not lost. Let’s say you avoided the covid vaccines. I did notice, anecdotally, that in the Facebook groups (e.g. Sperm Donors USA), donors would mention their vaccination status. There seemed to be an interest in this fact on either side of the ideological aisle. Some recipients wanted vaxxed, while others preferred unvaxxed. Is there any subject we aren’t divided on?!

So maybe selling unvaxxed sperm isn’t going to make you rich. But it doesn’t stop the hype.

How much is sperm worth, generally speaking?

You can purchase anonymous donor sperm from the California Cryobank for around $1,200. This is what someone will need to pay to get the semen and go through the intrauterine insemination process.

As a donor, you will be paid a percentage of this from the bank.

How much can a man make by donating sperm?

According to, “[d]onors can get reimbursed up to $1,400 per month and earn extra cash as an ambassador (aka, making referrals).” California Cryobank promises a similar monthly income from sperm donation.

Major Sperm Donor Uses Facebook

What do the highest-paid sperm donors make?

You are generally discouraged from running the proverbial sperm donation table and making major bank by yielding a small country of children. So 25-30 is max from one human most banks will allow. But they have a hard time monitoring this given that not all pregnancies are reported back to them.

The gentleman linked above claims 800 donations at 40 pounds each, for a grand total of 40,000 pounds ($48,250 USD).

And not all donations are made via sperm bank. Many are now made possible through social media…the Facebook groups I mentioned above. The sky is the limit on earnings.

What are the sperm donor requirements?

Requirements vary by bank, but some can be very strict. Fairfax Cryobank in Texas says that less than 1% of potential donors are accepted. They really do take into account your overall health.

Typically you’ll need to take some health tests, complete a questionnaire on your history, and provide your first sample.

How many times can you donate sperm?

The Sperm Bank of California touts one donation per week as the average rate of donation. And the California Cryobank states that they’d like to max out at 25-30 family units per donor. The time it takes to achieve this goal can vary, depending on sperm quality and the recipients.

While the banks try to limit sperm donation, the laws don’t. And like we share above, many donors use Facebook and go hog wild on donation over several years, including Saturday delivery.

Other ways to make money from your body

Sperm isn’t the only way to make money with your body. Donating blood plasma is another big one.

What do you think of sperm donation as a way to make money? Do you think unvaccinated sperm will fetch a better price in the future?

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