I Lowered My Cell Phone Bill by $20 Without Changing Providers | Validas Review

Update: I finally changed providers. I moved from AT&T, where I was constantly having to use tactics like Validas to keep my bill under control, to Republic Wireless. See my review and how I pay just $25++ a month for a great plan.

Validas Cell Phone Plan ServiceWould you pay someone $5 to: (1) review your cell phone bill, (2) show you where you can save, and (3) provide you with an email template to send to your carrier to take care of the changes? That's what I just did. I used a unique service called Validas.

The great thing about this service is that they aren't like those free services who are primarily interested in pushing you on a new carrier just to pick up the commission. They are truly interested in saving you money on your current cell phone bill.

They analyze your plan, your usage, and provide you with the changes needed to start saving. I did experience a few hiccups along the way, but in the end it was worth doing because my cell phone bill is now $20 cheaper, saving me $240 a year.

Who is Validas?

Validas is an online service that saves people money on their cell bills quickly and easily. They have been featured multiple times on Good Morning America and in national publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Consumer Reports.

Their enterprise-level clients include eBay and The State of California. They are helping a lot of people adjust their cell phone plans to match their needs.

3 Quick and Free Steps to Have Your Bill Reviewed

  1. Create a Validas account
  2. Select how you would like to import your current bill
  3. Provide your carrier login details or import the bill

After those three simple steps, Validas will spit out a simple report showing you how much you could potentially save on your cell phone bill. Here's a small snippit of the free report:

Validas Cell Phone Plan Savings

How much will you save with Validas?

Up to this point, the Validas service is completely free. For a full report and for an email template, you simply pay $5.

Email Template Example

When you pay for full service with Validas (just $5), they will provide you with an email to send to your carrier which explains what changes you need to reduce your bill. They even give you the email address of the person at your carrier who can fix this for you. Here's what my email template looked like:


I am interested in making changes to my cell phone bill. I would like to avoid pro-rates, contract extensions, and if possible have my changes be back dated.

PHILIP R. TAYLOR 555-555-0692 Nation Plan 1400 w/Rollover
TERESA M. TAYLOR 555-555-0789 Share

PHILIP R. TAYLOR 555-555-0692 Based on your current usage we were unable to find you a better plan.
TERESA M. TAYLOR 555-555-0789 Messaging 1500

PHILIP R. TAYLOR 555-555-0692 DataPlus Personal 200MB
TERESA M. TAYLOR 555-555-0789 DataPlus Personal 200MB

Please set these numbers as my A-List numbers.

Please make sure you email me back before making changes.
Lastly, if you can find any other ways to save me money then please do.

Thank you for your help and enjoy your day!

Last 4 digits of SSN: XXXX
Account Password: xxxxxxx

So How Did Validas Work For Me?

Using a $5 credit that the folks at Validas very graciously gave to me, I signed up for their service and immediately sent the above email to the AT&T email address that Validas gave me. Then, Validas sent me an email telling me what I could expect next. Here's what it looks like:

Validas Email

Email you will get from Validas

Things were supposed to turn around pretty quickly, but it didn't work out like that. No one from AT&T got back to me withing 48 hours. So, I reached out to Validas and someone called the Wireless Butler replied to my email telling me to resend the email with a request that AT&T call me before making changes. This worked!

A day or two later someone from AT&T emailed and called me to tell me that they were ready to change my service, but had a few questions first. Long story short, AT&T wanted to ensure I was okay with dropping one of their unlimited, expired data plans. I would never be able to go back to this plan if I dropped it.

After a quick call with a very helpful AT&T rep, I settled in on a plan that would work for me going forward, and would save me roughly $20 a month. Try Validas today and see if they can help you save on your existing cell phone plan.

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  2. @Juno – indeed. thanks for coming back to give feedback!

  3. Just checked this out. Seems like a smart and very useful service. However, according to the analysis I received, I’m already on the best possible plan. Good to know, right?

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