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Free FreedompopIf you're like me, you probably favor companies that you know are fighting for you? I’ve long been impressed by the offerings of FreedomPop, the no-really-we’re-not-kidding FREE mobile and Internet service provider that has been disrupting the mobile service model since 2011.

While their 100% free plans might not work for every cell phone user, they also provide some excellent frugal options for those of us who want to avoid spending the GDP of a small country on their cell phone usage. (Read my full review of FreedomPop's offerings.)

And now, FreedomPop has come up with yet another way to help you stay connected for literally next-to-nothing.

For the low, low price of 1 penny, you will receive a SIM card and qualify for FreedomPop’s SIM-only phone service, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 4GB data during a trial period. Here’s what you need to know about FreedomPop’s offer:

100% Free Talk, Text, & 4GB Data with $0.01 SIM Card

When you sign up for the 1¢ FreedomPop SIM card, you receive an already-activated SIM card in the mail that can be inserted into any unlocked Android or iPhone device. The SIM card supports Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.2+. Shipping is free, which means that 1¢ really means 1¢.

So what do you get for that single penny? That first month will give you 100% unlimited talk and text, as well as 4GB of data. Your phone will be using the Nationwide 4G LTE Network, so you know you’ll have excellent connectivity.

Downgrade to the 100% Free Basic Plan After Your Trial Month

Unlike many mobile service providers, FreedomPop does not require any contracts and it levies no termination fees (or any of the other don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out fees), which means your free trial month truly is free.

After the month ends, you have several options for continuing with FreedomPop’s service, including the option of downgrading to their 100% Free Basic Plan. As long as you downgrade to the 100% Free Basic Plan within 30 days of starting your free trial, you’ll enjoy continuous free service. Try FreedomPop for free.

The 100% Free Basic Plan offers you 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 200MB of data per month—which you’ll probably recognize as fairly low talk, text and data numbers. In particular, the 200MB of data would be insufficient for anyone who has regular data needs, including anyone who streams music or podcasts from their phones.

FreedomPop specifically states that their free service is meant for light users, which translates to being able to check email and browse Facebook on the go rather than watch YouTube videos in all of your downtime.

Other Costs to Factor In

So if you’re interested in free mobile connectivity, you might be worried about what happens if you go over your data allotment.

Once you get to the final 100 MB of data usage in a given month, FreedomPop automatically charges you $15 to “top up” your plan. You can be charged for up to seven $15 top-up credits per month, and then the account is suspended.

Users do receive an email notifying them of the imminent automatic charge, giving them the opportunity to opt out of it before the charge hits their account. You can also opt out of the auto-charge entirely on the FreedomPop website: Set Billing > Billing Settings > Automatic Top Up > Enabled to No. When you disable the auto top-up feature, FreedomPop charges $5 to your account to cover any accidental overage for the month.

There are three other ways to increase your data with the SIM-only 100% Free Basic Plan:

  1. You can pay $0.02 per additional MB of data that you use. This option is potentially pricey, as you will automatically be charged this amount if you go over your data usage once you have turned off the top-up option. You can receive email alerts that you are about to overspend your data, but those alerts cost an additional fee per month.
  2. You can invite friends to join FreedomPop through a program called Freedom Friends. For every friend who signs up and sticks with the service, you receive an additional 50 MB of data per month, up to a maximum of 500 MB of data per month.
  3. You can complete offers, take surveys, and download software in order to earn free data from FreedomPop.

SIM Card Pre-Paid Plans

For any users who know that the Free Basic Plan simply won’t be enough talk, text, and data, there are several additional paid options:

PlanMonthly CostVoice LimitText LimitData Limit
Basic FreeFree every month200 minutes500 texts200MB Data
Premium 500MB$13.99 per monthUnlimited talkUnlimited text500MB Data
Premium 1GB$22.99 per monthUnlimited talkUnlimited text1GB Data
Premium 2GB$24.99 per monthUnlimited talkUnlimited text2GB Data
Premium 3GB$29.99 per monthUnlimited talkUnlimited text3GB Data
Premium 4GB$34.99 per monthUnlimited talkUnlimited text4GB Data

You can change your plan anytime with no penalty, and with no contract and no commitment, you can also cancel anytime.

The Bottom Line

FreedomPop’s basic service with the one-cent SIM card is completely free, which makes it an excellent option for anyone who is sick of paying exorbitant fees to their mobile service providers.

Once the trial period ends, you will need to either keep careful track of your data usage to ensure the service remains free—or you can choose one of their very reasonable monthly plans and stay connected for less. Either way, it’s an excellent value.

Get started with FreedomPop today!

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