Free Office Space Anywhere in the World

I just received a great tip from Karol over at Ridiculously Extraordinary. In his newly released online e-book, How to Live Anywhere he shares, amongst many other tips, how you can get free access to airline lounges and free access to office space at over 1,000 Regus business lounge locations by being a Platinum Card® from American Express card holder.

Free Office Space for the World Traveler

While it’s not exactly “anywhere” in the world like my title suggests, they (Regus) are located in most major cities throughout the world. In their business lounges you get a quite place to work, free wifi, and even free coffee and tea.

The Platinum Card from American ExpressWhat’s the catch? Well, the Platinum Card® from American Express comes with a pretty hefty annual fee ($450). If you plan on using an office only a few days while traveling you’ll quickly make this back though, as Regus lounges and airline lounges can be expenses at the daily rate.

Couple the free Regus business lounge with a free Skype account and you’ve got yourself a nice free office space anywhere you are. There’s your world traveler money tip for the day.

A Peek Inside the Free Office Space at Regus

Update: I recently visited my local Regus offices to confirm this deal and to see what the business lounges look like. The deal is accurate as described above, but here’s more detail. When you sign up for the Amex card above, they will send you an invite to check out the Regus offices and get their Gold Businessworld Card for free (that’s normally $49 per month). This Gold card allows you free access year round to any of the business lounges in their locations. Here are some picture of my local business lounge (click to enlarge):

Do you have the platinum Card from American Express? Have you taken advantage of this perk of the card?

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word PT! 🙂

    Congrats on the Plutus awards nomination!

  2. No problem, Karol. Thanks for letting me share it. Hopefully people interested in that kind of tip click through and check out your book. I’m enjoying it.

  3. For $450 a year you better take advantage of every perk the card gives you! But I can understand how the Platinum Card can be useful for some people.

    Nice job on the Plutus award nomination!

  4. I was too excited to read this article when I saw your title. Though it may seems to not really represent all places all over the world, you’ve got a great share here. Thanks.

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