23 Companies Hiring Remote Workers in 2024

Working remote is the way of the future for many satisfied employees. If you have been laid off recently, or you’re just looking to get back into the working world, a remote job opportunity may be what you need.

The good news is that there are a number of companies that have actually increased the number of remote workers they are looking to hire. And remote work is expected to stick around well into the future.

I’ve worked remotely for over 10 years now and I could never see myself going back into an office. We did our research and have listed below 23 companies hiring remote workers right now.

What Are the Companies Hiring Remote Workers in 2023?

1. Zoom

As a leading video communications company, Zoom has seen major growth in recent months in the number of people using their software to work remotely. Because of this, they are ramping up hiring and are actively looking for a large number of new employees. Check out Flexjobs to see the positions available.

2. Amazon

It’s no secret by now that the online retail giant has announced on March 16, 2020 that it is looking to hire around 100,000 new employees in their fulfillment centers and delivery networks to keep up with the current demand for its products. They announced on April 13, 2020 they had reached that goal and have created an additional 75,000 jobs. If you are looking for a job with steady hours and the decent pay that probably isn’t going away anytime soon then Amazon is a good place to start. Apply

There are plenty of opportunities at the fulfillment centers, but don’t overlook the opportunity to work remotely for Amazon. These include positions like customer service associates, recruitment positions and engineers. Sign up for Flexjobs to see these listings and more. 

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3. Pepsico

The famous soft drink brand is looking to add an additional 6,000 workers to its workforce in the very near future. Apply

4. Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics is a leading refrigerated warehousing company operating in North America and Europe. They are looking to add an estimated 2,000 additional employers to their rosters in response to increased workloads due to COVID-19. Their website claims that ‘new jobs are added daily’, and encourages ‘checking back regularly to explore new positions’. Apply

5. GE Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been impacted like no other by the Coronavirus pandemic. GE Healthcare, a global medical technology leader, has seen an increase in the demand for their products and services in this trying times. To combat these increases they are looking for new employees to join their team. Apply

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6. Farmstead

The digital grocery delivery service is looking to hire Customer Happiness Reps to work remotely solving customer service issues. Apply

7. Outschool

Outschool is looking for teachers to work remotely from home. They DO NOT require any formal teaching credentials. Apply

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8. Raley’s

Raley’s is looking to hire additional online order fillers. Apply

9. Support.com

The online support company recently announced that they will be hiring an unlimited amount of remote customer and tech support representatives. This is due in part to the increased number of people working from home who will need support to set up their remote workstations. Sign up on Flexjobs to see all their telecommuting postings.

10. 3M

3M is one of the leading manufacturers of respirators that are in high demand during these trying times. The increased demand for their products has led to an increase in hiring. Apply

11. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is meal kit service provider. They are looking to hire more staff because of increased demand for their products. Apply

12. Sitel

Sitel is a leading technical support company. They are looking to hire a number of remote Inbound Call Center Associates. Apply

13. GrubHub

More and more people are looking to stay home and have their meals delivered to them. App-based delivery services like GrubHub are looking to hire delivery drivers to fill this need. If you have reliable transportation and want to make some extra money give GrubHub a look. Apply

14. Postmates

Postmates is striving to build the world’s most trusted, eccentric company. The app-based delivery service has also experienced a huge number of orders as more and more states are instituting stay-at-home laws. If you love to drive and want a flexible schedule consider Postmates. Apply

15. U.S. Census Bureau

The 2020 Census is still taking place and more part-time Census workers are needed. Apply

16. DoorDash

Another app-based delivery service. By now I think you get the point that they are all hiring. If you like DoorDash and want to work for them check them out. Apply

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17. Slack

The messaging platform Slack is hiring Customer Experience Agents around the world. If you are curious about what a CEA actually does visit the Slack careers website to learn more. Apply

18. UberEats

If you love to drive, have dependable transportation, and want to set your own schedule then driving for UberEats might be a Coronavirus career for you. Apply

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19. Netsmart

Netsmart is a medical health records company that is hiring full time and part-time remote Chart Reviewers. If you are looking for a work at home job then this might be the one for you. Learn more about Netsmart and to apply for a remote position today. Apply

20. K12

K12 is an online education company that is actively hiring for new positions every day. If you are interested in doing some online teaching from home visit their site. Apply

21. Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is hiring remote System Technologist to provide customer support for their communications products. To figure out what exactly that means visit their careers website. Apply

22. Vitamin T

Vitamin T is a talent agency that is looking to hire for a number of remote positions. Learn more about the company and browse all open positions. Apply

23. 24 Seven

24 Seven is looking to hire a remote-working Social Media Specialist. If you are good with social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok then this might be an ideal work-from-home job for you. Apply

Common Questions About Working Remotely

1. What are the benefits of working remotely?

There are plenty of benefits to working remotely! For starters, you can save on costs associated with commuting and working in a traditional office setting.

Additionally, working remotely gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, which can be a significant perk for digital nomads and travelers.

Finally, many people find they are more productive and efficient when working from home since they can create schedules and eliminate distractions.

2. What types of companies are hiring remote workers?

There is a growing trend of companies hiring remote workers, especially in the tech and digital industries.

However, many industries have remote job openings, including customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and more.

3. What skills do I need to work remotely?

The skills you need to work remotely will depend on the type of position you’re applying for.

However, some general skills often required for remote jobs include strong written and communication skills, the ability to stay organized and focus on tasks, and experience with standard remote work tools like video conferencing and project management software.

4. How do I find remote jobs?

There are a few different ways to find remote jobs. You can search for remote positions on job boards like Indeed or FlexJobs or contact companies directly to inquire about remote openings.

Additionally, many companies will list their remote job openings on their websites, so check your favorite companies’ career pages.

5. How do I know if a remote job is legitimate?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there when it comes to remote jobs. The best way to avoid these scams is to research and only apply for legitimate positions.

Read reviews of the company before using it, and if possible, try to find someone who currently works for the company who can give you more information.

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Know any other companies hiring remote workers? Share in the comments below…

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