Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits—Updated for the 2014 Implementation of Obamacare

20 Best Part-Time Jobs With BenefitsNow that the Affordable Care Act has officially launched, it’s a good time to revisit the possibility of finding a part-time job with benefits.

Prior to the 2014 implementation of the health-care mandate, many big-name businesses such as Papa John’s indicated that owners and franchisees would have no economic choice but to reduce employee hours to below the 30-hour per week threshold for offering health insurance mandated by the ACA. That seemed to suggest that finding a part-time job that offered health insurance would become an impossible task after 2014.

While several major companies that once offered health insurance for their part-timers have now dropped that perk, there are still many employers giving benefits to their part-time employees. Here’s the skinny on the employers offering health care coverage as of 2014:

Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits—Updated for the 2014 Implementation of Obamacare

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1. Aerotek – This national temp agency offers generous medical benefits to its contracted workers who put in at least 20 hours per week. Medical benefits include dental and vision coverage, and spouses and dependent children are also eligible for the insurance. For a part-timer who needs health coverage for other family members, this would be an excellent employer to join. Check out Aerotek’s benefits page.

2. Chico’s FAS — Chico’s FAS is the umbrella under which you’ll find four clothing retailers: Chico’s, White House Black Market, Soma Intimates, and Boston Proper. If you become a part-time associate at any of these stores, you will be eligible to purchase limited medical, dental, and vision coverage through your employer. Learn more at the Chico’s FAS Benefits page.

3. Cost Plus World Market — This specialty retail store specializes in furniture, décor, wine, craft beer, and international food products. Part-timers who work in the fun and eclectic stores are eligible for a limited benefits plan geared toward preventive care and wellness. See Cost Plus World Market’s benefits page for more information.

4. Costco — Coming to work at one of the Costco Warehouse stores can be a great move, benefits-wise. Part-time employees who average 20 hours per week are eligible for the health benefit plan, as well as a basic dental care plan after 180 days of employment. In addition, most Costco stores have both pharmacies and vision centers, which means employees can use their vision care and drug benefits right at work—and copays on generic drugs can be as low as $5. See Costco’s benefits page for more information.

5. 5/3 Bank — The banking giant offers fairly generous benefits to part-time employees who put in more than 20 hours per week. These benefits include health, dental, vision, and life insurance, all available to employees after an initial 30-day waiting period. In addition, part-timers are also eligible for “Benefit Choice Dollars”—an additional cash compensation equal to 4% of benefits salary that can be used to offset the cost of elected benefits. Read more about Fifth Third’s benefits in this PDF file.

6. Home DepotPart-time employees working at this home improvement giant are eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as short-term disability and life insurance. As of 2014, part-time employees are no longer eligible for health insurance. However, Home Depot does offer part-timers a hospital indemnity plan, a critical illness protection plan, dental, vision, and term life insurance. Learn more about Home Depot’s benefits.

7. JP Morgan Chase – This enormous multinational bank is remarkably generous with its part-time employees, starting with the easy-to-meet eligibility requirements: part-time employees for JP Morgan Chase only need to work between 20 and 40 hours per week in order to qualify for benefits, and those benefits are available starting 90 days after the date of hire. The benefits include medical, dental, and vision, use of flexible spending accounts, disability and life insurance, and a 401(k). In addition, after one year of service, all employees may take part in the JP Morgan Chase retirement plan, becoming 100% vested after three years of service. This is truly a bank that wants to take care of its employees. See Chase careers.

Update: While the benefits page of JP Morgan Chase’s website states that benefits are available to part-time employees who work more than 20 hours a week, the site does hedge that promise somewhat by stating “Benefits are subject to on-going review and considerations.”

8. Kaplan – This educational company was once only known for test preparation, but it offers many different career opportunities for a part-timer–from teaching and tutoring to customer service and marketing, from publishing and academic administration to technology and management. While Kaplan’s part-timers are not offered the same benefits as its full-time employees, you are still eligible for a limited medical and dental plan, as well as paid time off, commuter benefits and access to a flexible spending account. Check out Kaplan benefits and perks.

Update: Kaplan now states that part-time employees have access to a third party company that will help them to enroll in a health insurance policy. Basically, it sounds as though Kaplan has hired a company to help its part-timers to navigate the Obamacare insurance exchange.

9. Lands’ End – This socially responsible retailer provides part-time employees with dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as retirement plans. Though it does not offer medical insurance to part-timers, those who work at the Wisconsin headquarters have access to the medical clinic on site. Also, a generous discount at both Lands’ End and Sears is a major perk for employees. See Lands’ End job benefits page.

10. Lowes – The home improvement giant gives its part-time employees access to health, vision, dental, disability and life insurance plans. The health plan is a limited care plan, so it may not cover all the medical needs you may have. However, Lowes also provides vacation accrual for part-timers, as well as 401(k). See Lowes career site.


11. REI – A truly worker-friendly company, the outdoor gear retailer provides benefits for employees who work less than 20 hours a week. These benefits include a part-time health plan, as well as dental, life and disability plans, in addition to incentive pay and a retirement and profit sharing plan. Being a weekend warrior at this store can really pay off. See REI jobs.

Update: REI also wants to help take care of its employees who work less than 20 hours per week. For those employees, the retailer provides “a wealth of materials to guide employees to navigate the health insurance marketplace.”

12. Staples — The office supply store really does try to make things easy, even for its part-time employees. After 90 days of service, all part-time associates are eligible for a fixed benefit health insurance plan. According to the Staples benefits page, the employee contribution is a very reasonable $20.96 per paycheck.

Update: Staples makes clear on their benefits page that the fixed-benefit plan offered to part-time employees is not considered creditable coverage for the purposes of Obamacare, meaning you may need additional coverage to avoid the federal penalty.

13. Starbucks – Becoming a part-time barista at one of the over 16,000 Starbucks locations in the world will not only score you a free pound of coffee per week, but it will also provide you with medical, dental, life and disability insurance. Employees only need to work 240 hours quarterly (just about 20 hours per week) to be eligible. See more about Starbucks benefits.

14. TargetIf a red tee shirt is in your part-time future, you will also benefit from a health and dental plan from this chain. An added bonus: your employee discount is good toward your out-of-pocket cost for prescriptions if you fill them in the store. Finally, the company provides a life resources hotline for all employees with access to confidential counseling and support. See Target’s corporate careers site.

Update: Target is one of the big-name companies that officially dropped part-time health insurance in response to the Affordable Care Act. Citing low enrollment in the program and a belief that its part-time workers will be financially better off getting insurance through the exchange, Target eased the transition for current part-time workers by offering a $500 cash payment to every worker who lost coverage.

15. Trader Joe’sThis quirky grocery chain offers medical, dental and vision to part-time employees, as well as paid time off and retirement. See Trader Joe’s careers page.

Update: Trader Joe’s is another major retailer to end its practice of offering health insurance to part-timers. (However, since the grocery retailer defined part-time as anything up to 40 hours per week, any of their “part-time” associates working 30 or more hours per week will still be covered per the rules of Obamacare.) Like Target, Trader Joe’s offered part-time employees who lost coverage a $500 cash payment to help them afford health insurance through the exchange.

16. UPS – In many ways, the United Parcel Service is the ultimate part-time opportunity. Not only does the company regularly hire for seasonal and part-time work, it also offers full benefits to those employees, which in addition to medical and dental coverage also includes tuition assistance. This could be an ideal job for a college student. See the UPS benefits page.

Update: UPS did make news last year when it announced that it would drop medical coverage for some employee spouses. However, there has been no indication that their part-time health insurance benefits will change.

17. USPS — Taking a part-time job with the Post Office means that you are fully eligible for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Since most of the cost of this program is paid by the USPS, your paychecks will go much farther. See the USPS benefits page.

18. Wegmans – This grocery chain is only located in the northeast, but it is a great place to work part-time. The medical insurance for part-time employees includes a prescription plan, and as an employee you are eligible for discounts at health clubs, as well. Holiday pay and 401(k) round out a nice benefits package for part-time employees. See Wegmans job site.

Update: Wegmans will continue to offer health insurance for employees working between 20 and 30 hours per week through the rest of 2014. However, as of January 1, 2015, those benefits will only be available for employees working more than 30 hours per week.

19. Whole Foods Market – The go-to supermarket for natural and organic foods is regularly listed among the 100 best companies to work for, and the benefits package is part of this ranking. Whole Foods offers all employees medical, dental and vision coverage after 400 hours of service-about five months of work at 20 hours per week. In addition, that 400-hour threshold also makes you eligible for life and disability insurance, as well as access to a flexible spending account. One caveat, however: apparently the deductible for the health insurance offered through Whole Foods is over $1500.

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Do you work a part-time job just to get the benefits? Know of any other part-time jobs with benefits to add to the list?

Do you work a part-time job just to get the benefits? Know of any other part-time jobs with benefits to add to the list?


We sourced this content using AOL’s article, “Companies That Give Benefits to Part-Timers.” Additionally, for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 iterations, we also used this post from Free Money Wisdom to find additional employers, as well as this post from Money Crashers and this one from ABC.

We got the information about Whole Foods’ deductible at from this employee review at Glass Door.

Finally, we never heard back from these PR departments: FedEx, WalMart, Safeway, and Macy’s. The information we were able to find on those three employers was not clear enough for us to feel comfortable including them without getting the skinny from the company itself.

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