12 Signs You’re Broke and Not Afraid to Show It

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s struggling with money. Other times, it’s obvious.

Whether you know it or not, here are signs you’re broke and may be showing it.

1. You have more things in your home than dollars in your bank account


Hoarding? Too many things may = too little money

Image by: puuikibeach

2. Your favorite book is actually a catalog


Why read about saving money when you can read and spend it?!

Image by: Mr.Thomas

3. You’re convinced eating out saves money


“Specials” are just like a sale, right?

Image by: avlxyz

4. Your DIY fixes are less than perfect


Duct tape (sorta) fixes everything.

Image by: schumela

5. “Payday” is more like “Spend it all day”


Cashing your paycheck: not a winning strategy.

Image by: quinn.anya

6. Your retirement plan requires winning the lottery


Lottery treasure? Incredibly unlikely.

Image by: Montage Communications

7. You’ve taped over the “low gas” light because it’s always on


Or maybe you weren’t aware the light ever turned off?

Image by: mroach

8. You’re a little too familiar with fees

9. You’re on a first name basis at the pawn shop

10. Checking your account balance is always depressing


Is this how you look after checking your balance? Bad sign.

Image by: Sander van der Wel

11. You splurge on expensive vacations and shopping trips “because you deserve it”


Hope this didn’t put you in credit card debt

Image by: Loozrboy

12. Your theme song is “Mo Money Mo Problems”

What other signs of being broke have you seen?

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Last Edited: July 21, 2014 @ 11:19 pm
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