Could You Be a Rockstar Blogger?

Rockstar Blogging ReviewToday I’m going to review Rockstar Blogging, the recently-released ebook ($24) and resource offered up by friend and fellow financial blogger, Shannyn Allan.

You can see Shannyn and the strategies for making money blogging in action over at

Review of Rockstar Blogging

Shannyn’s advice focuses on making money through blog sponsorships, reviews, giveaways, brand ambassadorships, free products, and ads. In the ebook Shannyn gives you examples of how she pitches companies to work with her. She does a great job of explaining how to set your blog site up to be more attractive to advertisers, as well as what they are looking for in a blogger. Rockstar Blogging also includes:

  • How to put together your media kit (the important, but simple document you’ll need to give to interested advertisers).
  • Exactly who, how, and what to pitch. Shannyn includes her example email pitch.
  • How to optimize blog giveaways.
  • Tips for maintaining relationships with brands for on-going promotions.

In addition to this, Shannyn has some add-ons ($44 total) that include templates, videos with other successful bloggers, and even a guide to help you score free stuff for this Christmas.

Rockstar Blogging comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

The one downside I found with the guide is that I think more could have been done to clearly define what the types of monetization methods are. For instance, someone who’s been blogging for a while might understand what it means to be a brand ambassador or get sponsored, but newbies might struggle with these concepts. Luckily, I know Shannyn is the type of person who you could probably just email with any follow-up questions, no matter how basic.

How Rockstar Blogging is Different

I don’t make a practice of sharing these types of reviews, but I believe what Rockstar Blogging offers is different than what you normally get from a “make money blogging” ebook. That’s not a diss on other ebooks. I’m sure most of them offer solid information that if implemented will produce results over time. I just think it’s note-worthy what Shannyn is bringing to the table with her strategies. But that’s what I love about this new media era we are living in. We’re writing the rules and Shannyn’s ebook is a perfect example of that.

There are a lot of “make money blogging” ebooks out there. Most that I’ve seen follow one of two different paths: making money with adsense and affiliates (what I do), or making money putting together your own product.

Both strategies take a lot of time and effort to see much traction. For instance, I didn’t make my first $100 in adsense until my fourth month of serious blogging. And it wasn’t until well over a year that my site finally had it’s first $1,000 month. That’s a lot of time and dedication for a payout that I could have reached in one month by working harder at my main job or picking up a part-time weekend job.

Rockstar Blogging Pricing

Rockstar Blogging Pricing

What Shannyn’s ebook has shown me is that there are some strategies I could have been using in those first few months that might have netted me some quicker cash, or at least some free swag for my efforts. This isn’t to say that making money with Shannyn’s strategies is easier. Blogging and trying to profit off of your efforts is hard work. But Shannyn’s strategies definitely open up a lot more opportunities that might payoff quicker than how I go about doing things. They are also strategies I could (and may) implement more of around here.

Another takeaway I had from reading Rockstar Blogging is that some people might actually want to be a rockstar with their blog. When I first started blogging I didn’t really think like that. I hid behind the anonymous moniker, PT, until I felt comfortable coming out from the shadows. I see the value in branding yourself now, and while I’m still not a “rockstar” (at least in my mind) I wish I’d thought more like that when I first got started. Blogging (and being a blogger) can be a lot of fun. Having your own blog provides you with your own platform to create a valuable brand that can take you places and even help you make a little extra cash.

If you’re new to blogging, or if you just want to spice up what you’ve been trying to do with your blog I hope you’ll check out Rockstar Blogging.

Exclusive Offer

Rockstar Blogging VideoIf you decide to purchase Rockstar Blogging I’ve got an exclusive offer for you.

Shannyn recently spoke on her rockstar blogging strategies at FinCon (the conference I organize).

I recorded her 30 minute session and she’s given me permission to share it with you.

After you sign up, forward your email receipt to me and I’ll send you Shannyn’s 30 minute video and slides.

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