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Tracking Your Future Cash Flow

Do you remember my Excel-based Monthly Expense Tracker? I used to use it religiously to keep track of my future spending and saving goals. This was great because it allowed me to avoid over-drafting my accounts, and helped me to stay focused on reaching my savings and debt reduction goals. Looking  towards your future spending with your goals in mind is far more valuable than simply looking back at your past spending and beating yourself up over failures.

Well, someone took that concept and designed an online software tool that does exactly the same thing. Only theirs is far more interesting to look at and comes with a few more bells and whistles. It’s called PocketSmith.

More About PocketSmith

PocketSmith is a calendar-based financial planner. It helps you maintain a focus on cash flow forecasts. It’s quick and easy to use. In short,

“it uses a calendar paradigm for a unique view on one’s finances, and bridges the gap for many who are looking for a simple and understandable solution for working with their money.”

PocketSmith also comes with modules for adding actual spending data from your bank account. This is done using manual upload. Automation coming soon. They also have a nice goal setting module which works hand in hand with the calendar to help you reach your savings and debt reduction goals.

PocketSmith Calendar

How PocketSmith Works

When you create your PocketSmith account you are taken to your calendar. Your first step is to load this calendar up with all your known future income, spending, saving, and debt reduction activities. For instance, if you get paid on the 15th, you go to that date and create an “event” called salary (or paycheck or whatever you want to call it).

You’re then able to add in how much your paycheck will be, and set up any type of recurring options (i.e. every month on the 15th). One thing that I noticed PocketSmith might improve on is the ability to add recurring items on specific dates. For instance, I get paid on the 1st and 15th. I’m not able (as far as I can tell) able to set up my salary event using those parameters.


Adding future expenses and savings transfers is just as easy. Once you have it all setup you’re able to see what the projection for your cash flow is. Going forward you need only tweak the calendar events as your information changes.

Sign up with PocketSmith for free using thier free membership plan.

An excellent, robust alternative to PocketSmith is You Need a Budget. Take control of your money. Sign up with You Need a Budget and enter “ptmoney” (without the ” “) for 15% off at purchase!

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