PTM 011: Making Extra Money as a Pizza Delivery Guy to Payoff $45,000 in Debt with Jeff Kosola from

Part Time Money PodcastIn today’s episode, I interview Jeff Kosola from I love Jeff’s story. I think you will too. Especially if you are struggling with a lot of debt to pay off. Have you ever wondered how much pizza delivery drivers make? Apparently, it’s enough!

Jeff took on the classic part-time job of delivering pizzas on the weekends so he and his wife could get out from over $100,000 in debt. Since he started working his part-time job, he’s been able to pay down over $45,000 of the debt from his earnings. Jeff also took to the personal finance blog-o-sphere with this story. Look for his new online video venture: Minute Money Tips

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Here are a few of the questions I ask Jeff:

Motivation for Part-Time Money

Pizza Delivery Driver Jeff KosolaWhat led you want to make part-time money?
What lead you into that much debt?
What was the catalyst to finally wanting to get rid of debt?

About Pizza Delivery

What was it about delivering pizzas that worked out for you?
What was the appeal of the job?
What was the job application process like? What skills did you need?
How many hours a week did you work?

Family and Dealing with Debt

How did you wife feel about this?
What allowed you and your wife to come together under that common goal?
Why did you need a financial coach?
What did the financial coach teach you?
How long did it take to pay down your debts?
Did you do anything extra to pay off your debt?
What is it about your debts that allows you to press pause and focus on the down payment?

Making Money in Pizza Delivery

What kind of money were you making an hour at delivering pizza?
How did you stick with it?
How do you make the most of your efforts at a pizza delivery job?
What mistakes did you make early on?
Are you sick of pizza yet?

Blogging About Debt Reduction

Why did you start
Do you make money from your blog to help you more with debt reduction?
What’s next for you?

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