33 Free Things to Do in the Summer

Free Things to Do in the SummerLet’s have some fun!

Here are 33 fun and free (minus the fuel costs) things you can do while it’s warm outside.

I have a couple of kids, so some of these may be slanted for folks with kids.

Free Things to Do in the Summer

1. Go to the park. Explore what your city has to offer. Plan a frugal family outing. Make a goal to see all the parks in your area and swing on every swing set.

2. Swim at your community pool or spray park. Slather on the sunscreen and head out to the pool for a few hours. This is my favorite kind of summer fun.

3. Visit the library. This place is awesome. The library can save you money. It is the perfect place to grab some free air conditioner in the summer months.

4. Play in the sprinklers. Throw on your bathing suit and run through the sprinklers. You know you want to.

5. Go for a hike. Scout out a nearby State Park for good hiking trails. Bring some water, a compass, and your map.

6. Play a board game. Enjoy the cool air conditioner and gather around the kitchen table for a fun family board game.

7. Learn a new skill. Learn to play an instrument, knit, etc. At the end of the summer, you’ll have “mad skillz”.

8. Take pictures. Find a few subjects and go to town. Better yet, why not organize the pictures you already have.

9. Make popsicles. Pour some of that cool-aid in the ice trays, or in some small cups. Add a spoon for a holder.

10. Watch a movie. You can rent one from the library, watch it on an over-the-air channel, or go to a movie in the park event. h/t @JayFleischman

11. Read a book. They have these things for free at your local library. Curl up next to the air conditioning vent and read to your heart’s content.

12. Play some online games. Look up some free games on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. There are plenty of fun, free games. Angry Birds, anyone?

13. Visit a free zoo/museum. Find out if there are any free zoos or museums (or at least free days) in your area. Show up.

14. Learn to cook something. Try out a new recipe. Fire up the grill to cook a rare meat (i.e. ostrich burgers).

15. Start a blog. WordPress.com is free. So is Blogger.com. Starting a blog is a blast. Use your creativity and build a following.

16. Write a book. Don’t stop with a blog. Write your own book. Self-publishing is easy these days. You could have your book on Amazon in a few days.

17. Play a sport. I like basketball. What about you?

18. Attend a free workout class. Many gyms, bootcamps, etc. will let you try their facility or program at least once for free to help you get fit this summer.

19. Blow bubbles. Make some bubbles using dish washing soap, water, and sugar (for consistency).

20. Have a garage sale. Have fun (and make money) getting rid of all of your stuff. A successful garage sale helps you meet your neighbors too.

21. Visit a Vacation Bible school. There’s one going on each week in your town, I just know it. These are free and they teach your kids awesome life (and eternal) lessons.

22. Start a garden. Find some scrap lumber to make a square foot garden in your back yard. Seeds are cheap.

23. Watch the sun rise. Get up early. Find a good spot. Look East.

24. Go to the beach. Bring a towel and take a dip. Watch out for sharks.

25. Ride your bike. Take off from your house or find a nice trail in the region. Always wear a helmet.

26. Build a fort. Pillow and blanket forts are awesome. Or go big with a fort made of scraps of lumber.

27. Write with sidewalk chalk. Unleash your inner artists and show the neighbors what you got. After it rains, do it again.

28. Start a collection. The Summer is the perfect time to start a collection of stamps, coins, or other freebies.

29. Have a picnic. Instead of eating lunch at your kitchen table for the umpteenth time, breakout the pic-a-nic basket and blanket. Get some sun while you eat.

30. Go to a festival or county fair. Check out your community calendar and find free events in your area. h/t @2MinuteFinance

31. Volunteer. Find a local person or organization in need (it could be your older neighbor). Offer to help out for an afternoon.

32. Go fishing. Find an ocean, lake, river, pond, or puddle and start fishing. Borrow equipment or spend a little money to rent it from the bait shop.

33. Have a parade (or at least see one). Find a Memorial Day, Independence Day, or any other day parade to attend. Or, start one yourself and lead the way.

Your turn! What are your favorite free things to do in the summer? Add to the list by leaving your comment below.

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