Here’s Why You Need Travel Insurance

Are you planning your big vacation for this summer? As you do, make sure to include travel insurance. There are plenty of affordable options that can give you peace of mind on any trip you take. Read this article to find out which works best for you.

Planning a vacation is supposed to be fun, which means many travelers neglect to consider travel insurance. After all, why would you spend your time thinking about the possibility of travel mishaps when you could be selecting itineraries, mapping out walking tours, or deciding which tropical drinks you’ll be enjoying on the beach? But just […]

Progressive Auto Insurance Claims Review

Progressive Logo

Insurance.  It’s a staple within the realms of responsible personal finance, but one I absolutely despise. I hate the idea of insurance, the process of claiming insurance and generally speaking the companies which offer insurance. Every month I write a $600 check for my families health insurance, I grind my teeth on the way to and […]

How You Can Dump Obamacare and Get Started with an Affordable Alternative (MediShare Review)

Looking for an alternative to Obamacare? Medishare is a money saving alternative. Check out PT's review here to find out if Medishare can work for you and your family.

Update (Dec 2014): We’ve been on Medishare for roughly seven months now. It’s been a positive experience. In summary, we we pay a bit more for our doctor visits, but it doesn’t compare to the premium savings we’ve experienced. We also continue to use the same medical professionals we’ve been using for years. Lastly, if […]

Save Money on End of Year Auto & Insurance Purchases

Car insurance

Editor’s note: I love these tips because they’re not always the things people think about when shopping for car insurance. It’s more than just pencil to paper savings as commute time, driving habits, etc. do count! There are a number of ways to find affordable car insurance of which improving your FICO is one of my favorites. Why? […]

The Best Canadian Part-Time Jobs with Benefits (Updated 2014)

Canadian Part-Time Jobs

Canada offers its citizens a single payer health care system, which means that all Canadians are covered for basic health services. Knowing this, an American might be forgiven for thinking that employer-sponsored health insurance benefits would be redundant. But the operative word for Canada’s public health insurance is “basic.” The state-run system guarantees primary care […]

Pet Insurance Could Have Saved me a Small Fortune – The Shadow Experience (Quick Update)

Shadow Snow

SHADOW UPDATE – I wrote this post one year ago; at a time when Shadow had gone through quite a bit of injury.  Well, I’m back to give another expensive update.  Today, we learned that Shadow now has a torn ACL.   So tack on another $2,600 surgery and $400 worth of lab work, MRI’s […]

Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits—Updated for the Implementation of Obamacare

20 part time jobs that offer great benefits even with the implementation of Obamacare. Many employers shortened the work week to under 30 hours to avoid providing benefits. Read here what companies will still have quality benefits for you and your family

Now that the Affordable Care Act has officially launched, it’s a good time to revisit the possibility of finding a part-time job with benefits. Prior to the implementation of the health-care mandate, many big-name businesses such as Papa John’s indicated that owners and franchisees would have no economic choice but to reduce employee hours to […]

What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance for the Self-Employed

Disability Insurance for the Self Employed

Disability insurance is hardly a sexy topic of conversation, or even a common worry. After all, it’s not like most of us do anything more strenuous than checking our email on the average day, so how likely is it that we will need disability insurance? As a matter of fact, it’s pretty likely. According to […]

Don’t Forget to Max Out Your Health Savings Account: Annual HSA Contribution Limits

Health Savings Account Medical Symbol

I’ll be writing a couple of checks out in the next few weeks to my credit union.  This will bring our HSA contributions for last year and this year up to the maximum limits for each year.  The process is pretty painless (good people at that credit union), and I know I’ll leave with a […]

How to Buy Life Insurance in 7 Easy Steps

Happy Family Buy Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? Ever wonder what it’s like to go through the LONG process of researching and selecting a life insurance policy? I highly recommend you get life insurance, but I don’t necessarily wish the buying process upon you. It can be tough to navigate. That’s why today I’m going to share the […]

What You Need to Know About the Obamacare Exchanges

Obamacare Exchange

Update 2014: I just left Obamacare for Medi-Share. Read my review about this Christian medical sharing program. If you are self-employed like me and/or you need to purchase your own health insurance (either because you aren’t employed or because your employer doesn’t offer it), then you’ll want to pay attention to the opening of the […]

Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Premium By Several Hundred Dollars

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance. You don’t need it, until you need it. I recently reduced my annual homeowners insurance premium from $1,430 to $856.00 by not escrowing and paying annually, renegotiating my policy, and most importantly, raising my deductible. Here’s what went down… I’m a homeowners insurance newbie. Up until last month I hadn’t had to deal […]