Debt Doesn’t Have to Be Forever – 6 Characteristics of Those Serious About Paying Off Debt

Debt doesn't have to be forever

Today’s post is dedicated to the Debt is Not Forever Blogger Crusade which is all about spreading the word that people CAN get out of debt! The crusade was started by Jackie at  The goal is to have 100 bloggers post in the month of January to support and get the word out about […]

12 Personal Finance Podcasts to Consider for Your Commute

Personal Finance Podcasts

I know a lot of people have rough commutes. After living in two major metropolitan areas and having to patiently ride out the commute to and from the office each day – I get it. 30 minutes here, 45 minutes there, and before you know it, you’re on the road for over an hour everyday. […]

How to Overcome Your Money Mindset Issues If You Grew Up Poor

Poor Kids in America

Everyone loves a great rags-to-riches story—but there is also a feeling among many of us that those stories are nothing but myths. You might think: Yes, it may be possible for anyone to become rich, powerful, and famous in America, but it’s certainly not going to happen to me or anyone I know. As it […]

How to Get to Zero Credit Card Debt with

ReadyForZero Review

Creating a plan to get rid of your credit card debt is fairly simple. First, list out all of your debts and rank them according to one of three methods: highest interest rate (debt avalanche method), lowest total balance (debt snowball method), or most emotional. Then, start aggressively paying off debt #1, while making minimum […]

There Is No Spoon: Opting Out of the Consumerism Matrix


It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s been 15 years since the film The Matrix blew everyone’s mind. In the decade and a half since the film was released, the special effects and stunts that gave the movie such an overwhelming visual appeal have become standard and even clichéd. But the idea behind the […]

3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Dealing with Small Business Debt

Small Business Debt and Profit Margin

Opening (and maintaining) a small business is a pricey endeavor. Most entrepreneurs have to take on some debt in order to get their business started or keep it afloat. After all, overhead, equipment, and payroll all cost money, and borrowing might sometimes be the best option to pay for it all. Unfortunately, debt can also […]

How to Lighten Your Debt Load Immediately—Without Making a Single Payment

Lighten Your Debt Load

This article is from Kate Northrup, author of the new book, Money: A Love Story. Money is a deeply emotional topic. Not that many financial or investment advisors talk about it. Bankers don’t keep Kleenex on their desks like therapists do. But in my opinion, they should. The idea that we should separate emotion from our […]

Win an iPad Mini Courtesy of Pay Off Debt App

ipad mini

Editor’s Note: Happy Friday! Beginning today, PT Money is participating in a iPad Mini giveaway being offered by Jackie Beck, friend and creator of the Pay Off Debt App. Note the giveaway is different than my newsletter giveaway. This giveaway is aimed at bring awareness to an update to Jackie’s app, which I’m a big […]

What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?

What Happens to Debt When You Die?

True or false: You assume your spouse’s credit card debt after they die? FALSE! Many spouses are living in fear and worry that they will be saddled with the burden of additional debt when their loved one dies. Adult children are also finding themselves concerned about their parents’ finances as well. The good news is […]

Going Into Debt for In Vitro or Adoption: Is it Worth it?

Roses Adoption

Having children is a luxury a lot of women and couples experience on a daily basis. However, for others it’s a difficult struggle. There are many factors why couples might not be able to have the family they long for, but one of the biggest considerations is the financial aspect. Most moms-and dads-to-be won’t have […]

25 Insanely Easy Ways to Manage Your Money and Get Back on Top

Manage Your Money - Insanely Easy Ways

Ready to manage your money and get back on top? It’s taken me 3 years to consistently stay on top of my finances. It’s not a simple task for sure, but most of the time we make it harder than it really is. Once you implement a few simple tasks, you’ll be on track. Below are […]

5 Pills of Debt Advice from The Matrix

Debt Advice from The Matrix

This post is from friend and blogger Ben Edwards of Money Smart Life. Stopping bullets with your mind is no easy feat. It took Neo quite a while to hack the laws of a computer program called “The Matrix” in order to achieve that outcome. In fact, he failed and nearly died a time or […]