Money Saving Skills for Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Money Saving Skills

This is article is from Charlie Cohn. He oversees’s blog. You may remember I did an interview with them recently. Here’s Charlie… Do you want to put more money in your savings? Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Not sure where to start? No matter how old you are, odds are that you could use […]

5 Lessons from an Etsy Entrepreneur

Kim Palmer

The following article from Kimberly Palmer is based on her new book, “The Economy of You: Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life.” When I first got the idea to launch my own Etsy shop back in 2011, I thought it was going to be pretty easy. I’d read success stories on blogs before, […]

Why Investing Women Rock and You Can Too

Men vs Women Investing

This article comes from friend and blogger Maria Nedeva. A couple of days ago I was browsing a forum on an investment-focused site. It was smooth reading, until I read: “…Women can’t invest because their heads are full of shoes and handbags.” My disbelief rapidly matured into growing irritation. Hold on a minute! I like […]

The Very First Thing You Have to Do When Getting Into Real Estate

Network or Team

This is an article from Anton Ivanov, long-time reader and fellow blogger with an interest in real estate and online entrepreneurship Here’s Anton… You can invest in the stock market without meeting or knowing a single person. You can research, buy, manage and sell your equity investments online in the comfort of your own home. […]

“I Now Pronounce You Co-CFOs” – Align Financial Interests with Your Spouse

Fidelity Love Birds

Three Cs can help couples align their financial interests to help make things better, not worse Women in America are earning more money today than ever before and a growing number are making more than their male counterparts. That’s the good news – not because it’s a contest, but because it’s progress that can help […]

How to Lighten Your Debt Load Immediately—Without Making a Single Payment

Lighten Your Debt Load

This article is from Kate Northrup, author of the new book, Money: A Love Story. Money is a deeply emotional topic. Not that many financial or investment advisors talk about it. Bankers don’t keep Kleenex on their desks like therapists do. But in my opinion, they should. The idea that we should separate emotion from our […]

4 Tips to Help You Break a Lease Without Owing a Fortune

Break a Lease and Move

Need to move? Read this before breaking your lease. Many renters find themselves in situations where they need to break a lease, whether it’s to leave a roommate, relocate for work, find more affordable rent, purchase a home, or locate a more responsive property manager. While it’s risky to break a legally binding contract, a […]

How to Talk About Money with Your Honey

How to Talk About Money with Your Honey

This article was written by Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning. My father is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and he’s been working with couples for over 35 years. Couples seek therapy for many reasons, but the two reoccurring issues he’s noticed have been: problems with money and problems with sex. According to Psychology […]

The Secret to Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign


Kickstarter, and other crowd based funding programs, are gaining popularity. What was once a small tool to raise capital in an unconventional way is quickly becoming a method for artists, creatives and even celebrities to jumpstart their business or product idea. According to Kickstarter’s stats, there have been over 107,000 projects launched on their website, […]

The Privacy vs Frugality Debate: Saving Money Costs You

Blank mobile phone screen

This is an article by Sam Lustgarten, a doctoral student at a midwestern university. We’re living in a surveillance society. Recent news and leaks from whistleblower, Edward Snowden, show that the American government has an intricate network — both foreign and domestic. The Washington Post recently reported that 56 percent of Americans approve of these surveillance […]

The Mythical Benefits of Buying a Home and the Case for Renting

Mythical Dragon

This is an article by Sam Lustgarten, a doctoral student a midwestern university. The real estate market is changing. After years of record-low rates for mortgages, the interest market is beginning to heat up. Homebuyers are suddenly second-guessing their decision to buy. NPR recently reported that many prospective buyers were quoted “3.5 percent” only weeks […]

The 5Ks to Running Frugal

Sam Lustgarten Running Race

This is an article from Sam Lustgarten, pictured to the right. Sam also blogs at Winter has finally abated and a powerful sun means summer fun. I’m dusting off my old running shoes for some healthy exercise. But contrary to popular belief, running hasn’t always been affordable for me. I started in middle school. […]