Summer Jobs With Little Start-up Funding Required – Part 2

This is the continuation of the post on summer jobs for a college student that require very little start-up funding. Read Part 1 for items 1 and 2.

3. Work as a Personal Trainer

It may seem like a really prestigious or hard to get position but where I live I was able to obtain my personal trainer license by attending a weekend course and writing a final examination. You can work for a flat hourly fee at a major gym chain or you can pay your fees and work at a gym that allows you to obtain your own private clients.

It makes sense to get started with a major gym chain first because you need to meet some potential clients and gain some experience before you can venture off on your own.

4. Freelancing

Many of you are probably happy because I finally mentioned a job that doesn’t require a lot of physical effort. The other day I ran into an old friend and eventually he started complaining about how he paid some guy $300 to build him a website. How would you like to be that guy?

All of us are good at something (Yes, even Kramer! I just never figured out exactly what it is!?!) that could earn us some money. There’s people out there that would love to play guitar, improve their English, improve their tennis skills or even learn how to pick up girls (surprisingly there are plenty of professional pickup artists out there). The point is that there are people out there that would love to learn/have certain things done for them and if you possess one of those skills then you could use it to your advantage.

I have another friend that earns a decent income on the weekends by selling his services as a photographer. Obviously it’s not as easy as it sounds because it took him a few years of school and experience to gain a credible reputation. If you start in your early 20's there is no telling how much income you could start earning from your freelance work. You could even turn your freelancing venture into a highly profitable side business or potentially a full time job one day.

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  1. ArtieEvans says:

    When I was a teen I mowed lawns one summer. that cigar box full of $20s was nice. I still remember it.

  2. Aniruddha says:

    Thanks for the nice post. I will probably try freelancing, won’t let my programming skills go waste 😉