PTM 025 – Start Your Own Sports Camp and Coaching Program with Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills

Part Time Money PodcastThe Part-Time Money Podcast is back, baby!

In this episode I speak with Jim Vitale, owner of Vital Hockey Skills (get it?), one of the premiere hockey
schools (camps and private coaching) in Toronto, and one of the fastest growing in North America!

Jim is a classic part-time entrepreneur, as he's a school teacher full-time and Vital Hockey Skills is something that he's developed on the side over time (since 1996)!

Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills

Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills

Jim's aspiration is to be able to potentially run the hockey school lucratively full-time and slip out of teaching quietly. Although as you'll hear in the interview, he's got plenty of reasons to remain a teacher.

The company has gone from losing $3,500 in their first ever hockey school to a six-figure business that now operates in affiliate partnerships, joint ventures and is prominent in SEO!

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Highlights from the interview with Jim:

0:50 – Jim's early experience with Eastern Bloc hockey skills led to teaching hockey on the side.
1:40 – Jim explains his full-time teaching career and how that relates to his hockey business.
3:15 – Jim's entrepreneurial background and what gave him confidence to do what he did.
4:30 – Packaging up your teaching skills into a sell-able service or product.
5:55 – Jim talks about his staff.
6:30 – The business started in 1996, but got serious in 2000.
7:20 – It's all about the branding. Jim's videos.
8:25 – Jim's website attracts customer from all over the world.
10:05 – The pricing structure of Vital Hockey Skills.
10:45 – Jim shares his revenue and take home figures.
12:20 – How Jim was able to go on after his first camp that was a financial failure.
14:15 – Handling scheduling and other administrative functions.
15:25 – Choosing to stay with his full-time job, for now.
16:45 – Managing his time (family/business balance).
18:20 – Moving into affiliate sales and joint ventures to scale/diversify his business.
20:40 – The keys to Jim's success.
21:55 – Thing Jim wishes he would have done earlier.
23:33 – Jim's next plans and what he's excited about.

Mentioned in the interview:

Google Hangout with Jim Vitale:

We're back!

After a year away, I've decided to bring back the podcast. I'm making it easy on myself this time: no fancy intro or editing (yet); I simply record the interview over Google Hangout, extract the MP3, and load it up for you guys. I'll also be posting a transcription with each episode. This will allow me to continue bringing you these great part-time money stories without burning out on the process. Thank you so much for listening!

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Transcription: Just click show

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